Thank you! 5 New Members! This upvote rounds on me! ;)

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Hats off to you! You haven't even seen the best part!


I want to take a moment and thank our newest members. The more we grow. The more upvotes will be available to members. How do you get in to our community? Drop an full power upvote and you are in for life!

Once we grow in collective SP, upvote reward shares will be allocated according to your contribution. While we are small, you get 100% everyday! This account will receive additional funds and powered up soon to benefit our members!

You will receive regular upvotes from all provisioned community accounts. We will eventually become a croudsourced curation account. Share the love!

As always, I say THANK YOU!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


We are an upvote group that provides daily votes to members as appreciation with more accounts being added as we grow.

We plan to become a full blown curation initiative later on.

What a cool initiative... I'm in.

congratulations to the chosen members

Thank you @grace44! You, too, are now a member!

thank you so much

Thank you @a2qmcvx! You are now a member of the club! Enjoy!

Thank you @abdullah67! You are now a member of our club! Enjoy!

Thanks @mari-lynn! You are now a member!

Congratulations you got resteemed! For more infos read our Vision & Rules and get your free Resteem!

Congratulation you also got a random upvote by @yougotresteemed!