Are Communities Part of the Problem? ( Video) Discussion.

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The OverView

In today's video, I briefly and vaguely touch on Communities & why I think having so many of them are part of the stagnation on Steemit.

I plan on doing a Deeper Dive video eventually, but overall the idea being presented is this:

The Problem?

Does having too many communities help or hurt Steemit? As of now I firmly believe that having so many small communities scattered all over the place hurts Steemit overall. I mean, maybe if the smaller communities were still using Steemit as Hub, but I don't think they are.

The Solution?

Get the leaders of the smaller tribes together and hold a meeting. Have those leaders offer incentives to their community to re engage on steemit, then branch out to their "Own Steemits & Discords." The idea here, steemit becomes the Hub.

Next Video
What Community I left & Why I think we need to Consolidate.

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I have many things say. But for once I'm just going to sit back and see what magic you can do.


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Hopefully magic can be created.

If I understand correctly, communities should function somewhat like sub-Reddits and members of various communities get access to the information they are most interested in a faster and more convenient manner.

Something like that, I would just love for people to use Steemit as their home base again and then branch out to sub communities while still using the steemit interface more.

I agree, too many tribes, too many tokens, and to many discords. We need to #reunitesteem!!

if you're talking about the Tribes... they don't scatter anything. The posts in the tribes still land on .. the discussions still land on ... a lot of people still post using or one of the other generic frontends and just use tribe tags to send the content to those tribes.

I suspect we're seeing a combination of some stopping posting because of the lower price when in fact they would do better to up their posting. Some are not posting in favour curation. If most or all of those were previously shit posters, then we all win on that.