As In Real Life So On The 'Social Blockchain': It's All About Building Your Network | Have You Found Your Tribe On Steem?

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We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people. It used to be, your connected group was really your immediate community, your neighborhood, your village, your tribe. The more we connect people, the more people know one another, the better the world will be. - Pierre Omidyar (Founder eBay)

Do you know how I describe the difference between social engagement on Facebook vs. on Steemit, if being asked?

On Facebook you mainly connect with people you already know, while Steem is a true network incubator.

That, to me, is one of the biggest assets of Steem.

During the past two years I have considerably expanded my network.

I can now meet surfers from everywhere without needing to travel the world, for instance. They show me their home spots, let me participate in their adventures and share their experiences with me.

On the other hand, I have found an audience for my own surf experiences and can share my stories with a large internet community.

Last but not least, thanks to the tokenized environment, I am even able to reward my closest companions for their inspiration and, like that, help them to grow their own network.

It's a clear win-win for all participants.

Have you already found your tribe on Steem?


Build your world

That was one of the very best recommendations I've ever received from a steemian.

I guess many new users struggle, since they don't know that connecting with other users in this network is actually no different from getting in touch with their neighbors or colleagues in real life.

You go observing the market, reach out to those that call your attention in a positive way, start out your first direct conversation and then decide whether you wanna repeat and go further or not.

After two years I can wholeheartedly say that I have found real friends on Steem who I am in contact with almost every day. And you need to know that I am generally very careful using the word friend.

Much of is gut instinct, and there is actually no magic in it.

Hook up with those you like, everything else is secondary.


Join the surf community on Steem 🤙

A couple of like-minded surfers on Steem are building up their own community project now.

If you feel that surfing, outdoors and other related topics are totally your thing, then let me know and I'll send you an invitation link.

Hang around like-minded people. Positive, good energy, you attract what you are. -

Also, remember that social interaction will become more and more important in the Steem ecosystem. The introduction of the concept of User Authority is just the beginning.

My UA score is currently at 6.533 (rank 144) - where is yours? You can go check it here via Steemconnect and learn more about UA following @steem-ua.


Happy Monday, steemians!

Much love,
Marly -
Steem Ambassador
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Yes I found my tribe - 500 red fish and minnows, and a few kind people that see value in what i'm doing :)

Hehe, as always you're extremely modest Mister Engagement :-)

Btw sweet new profile pic!

Thank you! I wasn't sure about it but was told it makes me look more friendly 😊

Yeah, it's more personal :-)

On Facebook you mainly connect with people you already know, while Steem is a true network incubator.

I had never thought about it that way. At least in these early early stages, I agree with that. Once STEEM becomes more popular (which we hope it will), it might be a bit more centred around connecting with "IRL" friends -- but for now, it's great meeting new people.

Excited about what you're doing to build community.

Hey Mark! Good to see you around :-)

I fully agree on your point, and of course we want Steem to catch up with giants such as FB in that context. Until then we enjoy expanding networks as early adopters.

Very glad you're part of the newly created surf community!! :-)

I've never really though about exactly how different Steem is to other popular social media until you compared it to Facebook where we interact with those we already know. Here, I built friendships just from liking their content and commenting. Also from going to a Steem conference... but where else does that happen? No one goes to FacebookFest to meet people they've only ever met on FB Messenger.
Yes, I'm finding my tribe. It's still growing and can't wait for it to rapidly expand at Steemfest.

No one goes to FacebookFest to meet people they've only ever met on FB Messenger.

Haha, that's a nice comparison and absolutely true :-)

I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that the whole crypto thing is considered to be a movement that is probably going to change (or at least alter) the established financial system, giving back power to the people, providing them with more control over their own assets and the chance to rebel against the establishment.

Being part of a social blockchain kinda is a commitment to that movement and vision, as if we all had a signature in our blogs saying: I'm part of it.

Such a truth... Steemit is a community, and in a community, networking, building connections, relationships with other people is key. Otherwise you are just the lone lunatic shouting to the pigeons on the street.
As for my UA-score, it seems I am just a lone lunatic shouting to the pigeons on the street ;-)
Too bad I don’t surf...

Hahaha, I don't think you are what you pretent to be, cause usually lone lunatics don't enjoy making other people laugh :-)

According to your profile, you joined Steem in March 2018 - so there is still plenty of potential for growth here. Also: notice that followership grows exponentially over time.

This article may motivate you in that context :-)

Btw: our community is not just for surfers. If you feel that the whole environment of surfing and outdoors attracts you, then I can invite you anyways. Just reach out to me on discord (do you use discord?): surfermarly#8679

Steem on 🤙

Ok, I admit, I can actually enjoy making people smile ;-)
Thanks for the article, I'll read it this afternoon! And I am pretty sure it will boost my motivation ;-) I am indeed not that long on Steem yet, and only started it rather actively the past few weeks.
But planning on "Steem-ing on" for a long time! (oh, and hard too! ;-) )

You're right, Steemit is a great platform and when you find your tribe is the best thing that can happen to you, you know people with your same interests and tastes.

Thanks for stopping by @teresah, and have a great day being surrounded by your besties :-)

Yes right steemit community is great platform and all are touch with each other but its really hard to get UpVote.
Your rank to Good congrats and good luck for futhre :)

Well, mostly you get the upvote when you least expect it.... So one of my favorite advices in that context is to not strive for upvotes but for connections.



Steem on!

@surfermarly can you send me invitation link please. 😉
Very hard to get upvotes, didn t post a lot but i think i have good surf videos to share later and hope i ll get some steem for that 😁

Hey @frenchfilmmaker! Nice blog of yours :-)
Sure, I'd be happy to have you on board. You can either text me on discord (surfermarly#8679) or copy your discord nickname here, so that I can reach out to you. Currently links are only given away privately.

Ok. Thanks.
Never used discord, will have a look at it.

Here's my discord surfvideofactory#2905

Awesome, I just sent you a request :-)

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