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Delivered to you: 30 May 2018

The team is at it again ... collating for you some of this week's gem posts.

TeamNZ Announcements

Our upvoting bot, HokeyPokey has recently lost some of her valuable delegation, which means of course that her voting power has dropped significantly.
One idea we've had to counteract this loss is to ask each member to delegate a small amount to the bot - e.g 10SP. A small delegation would not be a hardship, but if everyone was willing & able to do so then we'd have a good collective amount to work with.
Bear in mind that it all goes into upvoting team members, so please do think about how positive this could be for all of us. :)
(note: if you have SteemPlus installed, they now have an expedient delegation button function - handy-dandy.)

There is a new ANZUB update post to read here. Remember to make use of it in Discord, as that is the only place you'll find it.

I thought it might be useful to collate into calendar form some significant dates for us to be aware of as they might make great coordinated topics to post on (like the NZ Music Month which is coming to an end, but which has seen some really good posts highlighting our very own musical contributions over the years, and of course the ANZAC Day effort), some important, some I've thrown in for fun. Please let us know if you have any ideas to add to the list ...

10teddy bear picnic day
allnz book month (not official)
allfamily history month
13international lefthanders day
??nz fashion week
10-16maori language week
15-23conservation week
19international talk like a pirate day
19125th anniversary of women's suffrage (nz)
22hobbit day (as part of tolkien week)
13-14pet expo
??local history week
11100th anniversary of armistice day
19international men's day
6waitangi day
3world wildlife day
3-11nz sea week
8international women's day
21world poetry day
23world meteorological day
22earth day
25anzac day
allnz music month
4international star wars day
18international museum day
?anniversary of the first uni (otago)

I've also had in mind that we might do some fun challenges - friendly rivalry - like seen around Steemit, with our own kiwi spin on things (again, ideas appreciated). Such as ...

  • region wars - talking up your home, or favourite, place in NZ to live in
  • nz's best meat pie - (this may have been done recently elsewhere?)
  • photography themes

Suggestions that might spark even better ideas, at least. :)

p.s: @biglipsmama suggested that we kiwis might like to enter this contest, as we have so much greenery available in godzone don't we :)

The theme of this week contest is once again "Greenery". Post any Plant(s), Tree(s), Grass, Garden, Forest Pictures that is GREEN. Make sure the picture looks Greener. Posting Flowers are not considered as valid entry.
Be innovative with your images, you can post more than one image in a single post. The Greener it looks the higher are the chances to win.

Anyone spotted a paddock of green sheep lately....?

enter image description here

This Week's Selection

Post 1 by @flyyingkiwi

Yes, a post celebrating our humble kiwi cuisine.

enter image description here

Post 2 by @melissakellie

Appropriate for NZ Music Month is one highlighting some great kiwi artistic talent (even in Oz).

enter image description here

Post 3 by @conradt

Want to become better informed on ways to effectively utilise your Steem?

enter image description here

Post 4 by @cjsound

Another appropriate musical post and another opportunity to support great local talent.

enter image description here

Post 5 by @kiwioz

A video about women in crypto. Encouraging our wisdom in such matters is always helpful.
note: this post is closed for voting

enter image description here

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