Wishlist to replace the things I lost during Hurricane Florence

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@d-vine told me to make a wish list of things to replace some of the things I have lost because of hurricane florence damage to my roof and subsequent ceiling cave in in my bedroom and closet and roof damage in dog room 3.
Here is a list of things mostly clothing and bedding for myself ( and some beds for some of the pups ) if you would like to help with that.

I will have to wait with the roof repair until later on and will make a seperate ost on that I will have to et all the carpets ripped out ect eventually as well but for now getting some clothes and bedding will really help. If y woud like to help with the pooches and kittehs needs here is their list I know the dogfood is crazy expensive but a few of my dogs have meat allergies so feeding them plant based does not only go in alignment with my beliefs but is also necessary for 6 out of 10 of my dogs. Chewy has a cheaper brand but they do not have a wishlist so if you would like to get the cheaper kind for me please message me on discord and I will give you my address.

The past 5 years have been a little rough and I really appreciate the help I have been getting thank you for your support .

💜Alex and the furries 💜

(Image credit Dave Renike and a portrait of the fair jubilee made by myself turned into this here universal truth meme) 1146410_626398614061443_1547687283_o.jpg


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Artists & Musicians wanted for the One Project
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art courtesy of @PegasusPhysics




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this little girl was made for me by @barbara-orenya


oh I'm sorry. We all have difficult times many times, I hope you never lose the desire to continue, Life is beautiful. I like how you write

Thank you <3

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