I need help to create a project where Crypto can transform a community

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Hello there! I wonder if anyone here would help me to create a project where a remote community can learn the importance of blockchain technology and how the use of cryptocurrencies can actually help them to overcome financial struggles. I take care of a remote fisherman village, and the most important part of out project is the School; " we are empowering the school!". Kids are excited to get to school because they can eat, they can participate on excursions and they communicate their learnings using social media! Now, I have a vision that the school can start a tech-hub, to generate income through cryptocurrencies, such as steemit, or BAT, or any other mineable coin. Could anyone here please! please! help me to brainstorm; give me directions to write a project or maybe you know someone who has a similar idea....
It would be so important to have the school, rather than politicians or banks to dictate the expenses of a community, agree?
You will see from the pictures that the location is like a paradise, but sadly we don't have good politicians to look after our people. I am privileged that studies took me to Australia, and now I have a life-mission to give back to my community. I can potentially try to get the wind farms to power the "tech-hub" in the school...
I would be delighted to give you more info of our activities in Brazil.


Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 3.03.10 pm.png

Flecheiras beach - drone.png


Parabéns pela iniciativa! Lembro que no ano passado houve um projeto envolvendo estudantes: https://steemit.com/promo-steem/@hranhuk/project-teaching-students-about-blockchain-using-steemit O @markitoelias costuma publicar sobre energia eólica e solar de vez em quando. Precisando de qq coisa, é só avisar. Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!

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