Why @steemitbd is the best communication for Bangladeshi Newbie Users . (Find Out Here)

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Hello Steemians, Today I am going to post about Bangladesh Steemit Community. Before giving the details about our Community, I am giving some brief description about this community.

✹ Who is managing this community?

❱❱ The founder of this community is @azizbd, But this community have an amazing team who already proved themselves to steemit Blockchain and working for long-term gain. @azizbd well known BD user who running charity as known as @SchoolForSDG4 & @WomenEmpowerment.

✹ How this community helping bd users to grow here on steemit?

❱❱ The main reason to build up the community that there's a lot of Bangladeshi users who have lack of knowledge about steemit and they are blacklisted for copy/paste and plagiarism. Some are hacked by pishing sites due to lack of awareness. So Steemit Bangladesh started for helping these users with advice. I am very glad to say that, I got the chance to perform an important role in this community. Our Community is based on Bangladeshi Steeminas to support each other. We have also found many Bangladeshi steemians who write well but do not get enough support, and there's also those members who do not know how to write well and markdown.

✹ What kind of benefit BD users getting from this community?

❱❱ We are Arranging some competition which can motivate our users to write quality blogs. Right Now Community supporting three of the running program: 1) Daily Curation 2) Curation Competition, 3) Photography Competition & 4) Incentivize Writers for @SteemitBD. I will give a short brief about those competition below.

✹ What is our goal ?


❱❱ Our main goal to help youths from Bangladesh and empower them through steemit blockchain. Our plan to bring them on our discord channel and connect them to each other and bring support form the global communities. In addition to this, utilize internal community power to educate new members, arrange competition, community activities and so on.


❱❱ We receieved 100 SP delegation from @guiltiparties, 101 SP delegation from @jackmiller and 50 SP from @derangedvisions And our Community founder @azizbd Delegate 500SP to @SteemitBD recently. We appreciate their support and we look forward to supporting more Bangaldeshi users on steemit. For that we voted them as our witness from our community witness proxy. You can also join our witness proxy by clicking here

Right Now Community supporting Four of the running program:

1) Daily Curation:


The curation by @steemitbd is done by team. Three article got selected for 100% upvote in a day and many articles are upvote as support from @SteemitBD with our curation trail on @steemauto. We encourage writers to write original articles on steemit.

2) Curation Competition:


@SteemitBD curates three-four articles in a day to upvote 100% from @steemitBD and curation trail. It gives around $0.10- $0.16 to selected articles. @SteemitBD resteem the articles for more visibility.@steemitbd motivates members and support them to write quality articles. We select around 10 articles on Tuesday and Friday competition. Authors of the posts present the articles during the hangout and judge decide the three best articles to get upvotes from Bangladeshi high SP holders @anikaa @aafrin & @withsmn. You can find out more about that competition by clicking here. I will put This Tuesday curation winning post on below.

Winning article:
1st winning article: https://steemit.com/travelfeed/@hafizullah/84q7cp9e
2nd winning article: https://steemit.com/lifestyle/@rezoanulvibes/is-it-good-or-bad-to-compare-yourself-to-others
3rd winning article: https://steemit.com/busy/@king.hawlader/dmmxb

3) Photography Competition:


Every week @SteemitBD organize weekly Photography contest. This is our 2nd week we got almost 10+ amazing entries last week. Our last week winner was @mdaa51, here his entry. I will put that winning pic below. This Contest only for BD user . If you want to join this Contest Go to➛ Steemit Bangladesh Weekly Photography contest Episode #2 (Result 11 PM, Before official Hangout ) post and join according to the rules.

By @mdaa51

4) Incentivize Writers for @SteemitBD:


Steemit Bangladesh has around gives the opportunity to writers who are writing quality articles for @steemitbd. After approval receives from reviewers, the article is published by writing team. The part of the post rewards goes to the writing team.

Our Community recently Added service BD Exchange

BD Exchange


@SteemitBD introduced a custom exchange discord bot with the support of Bangladeshi developer and steemitbd support manager @reazuliqbal. The bot allows Bangladeshi steemians to buy and sell crypto through steemit escrow system. With a simple steemit Account verification, anyone will able to buy and sell SBD/Steem within our community. Most of the Bangladeshi face difficulties to withdraw their steem/sbd and they look for buyer on facebook. Many of them face fraudulent when the BD Exchange allows members of our community to get fund through steemit smart contract.


Most Trending things on our community at this moment is DISCORD HANGOUT. Every Tuesday and Friday. Through this, we will be encouraging our Bangladeshi Steemians and hopefully, our steemians will be choosen to create best content for able to grow in steemit platform. On this Tuesday, around 20+ Bangladeshi steemians join our hangout. That day not so far when we see 50+ BD steemians joining our hangout. Because of that achievement Our Community founder @azizbd Delegate 500SP to @SteemitBD .

None of Bangladeshi steemians has large amount 10K SP at least. To support the community, we need more development of the project. We need meetup and may other community work together here. It will be highly appreciated to have support from any of my followers here.

50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP


LOGO Credit @ishratamin

Informational Text Taken from @azizbd @ayasha & @steemitbd blog

If you are From Bangladesh, Join Our SteemitBD discordapp.


The post has been selected to be 100% upvoted and resteemed by @steemitbd curators . If you are from Bangladesh, Join the first Steemit Bangladesh Comunity on Discordapp server.
You can join our curation trail if you would like to support more Bangladeshi quality steemians.

Community is one of the good policy/way to grow up our Reputaion, Estimated account value and earn money from #Steemit

"Benefits of Joining in the Community"

Learningn:- Learning opportunities that are always open to all members of the community
Networking:- There is an opportunity to expand networks and connections. And of course the opportunity to get new-friends.
Sharing Experiences:- By joining the community there will be many opportunities to share/experiences with other\members. (best of luck @steemitbd community)

Your risk-reward trade-off might not be the same as the OPs.

More importantly: you have no actual idea of the punishment involved (or even if there is any)... it might be as low as a fine or this might be one of those unenforced "bans".

I would advise the OP to get more info from local sources familiar with the real legal situation.

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I think steemit is the best community for all

I agree with you

Really This is awesome post.
Steemit is great platform

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Steemit it's a very good place to connect with people and have good vibes. Thanks for sharing!

really interesting post keep it up... upvoted!
kindly check my blog thanks!!

i am from bangladesh as i am a newbee can any one help me

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Yes. Sure. You should join us in discord.

steemit gives user reward so its most popular

very well what you say steemit is a community is like being in a family we share what we see, hear, and feel thank you for sharing

Thank you for that input. We are trying to help new user to grow this community

sei post korcen vai

Thats Really A great Step To achieve a great success for bangladeshi
I am Sure they gonna have a great opportunities witout much compitition.
The only thing they have to do is to make a good contents and own contents..
Your team is amazing

Fantastic work with this one,kudos.

Seems like Bangladeshi brothers are more advance than India in steemit ...Keep growing .Good luck

Thanks bro for your Wonderful thought, As much as i know India also growing fast here.

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I am also a bengali and fell proud what you guys are doing for your community.

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