It was a wonderful moment when my friends and I ate together

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hello steemians all his healthy regards from me @murhadi9..



At the time of our cohesiveness then I and my friends can gather like this because with his steemit we can berkunpul like this then steemit is very useful and can melajani long distance relationships and also people we do not know then with there his steemit mak us can know each other we can get together like this because with there is a communion and often we shering-shering with other friends I am very happy when we can berkunpul like this and also we can eat together even though this is only simple hana then bagikami this is very luxurious,

So we can get together like this in the coffee shop because we want to know each other because we are not a residence or one of our cities come from different cities so we have only communication through steemit and also we often shering- shering in the media of communication after so long our communication then we make a plan want to gather the steemians all of his me and his other friends are also very happy because can get together like this and also we can eat together

So after we finished eating we also talked about conversations and talk about steemit we are very happy with this meeting and we also can exchange my mind with other friends I personally after I know steemit then I am very happy because it is very beneficial can be acquaintance with people who are smart and genius because in steemit this is very many people who genius

Thank you all to my friends for the time and
opportunity to attend our invitation, hopefully we will always be awake

By: @murhadi9.


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