Feeding Homeless Women, Children, Black, White...ALL Lives Matter

in #compassion4 months ago


For 20 years now I haven’t paid taxes followed statutes codes gotten permits...

I haven’t bought food at grocery stores taking vacations or bought pretty much anything from the store for that matter....

I’ve been living sustainably -0 carbon footprint...

I’ve been feeding homeless people, fireman, Single mothers, anybody that I come across that needs a helping loving caring compassionate hand....


I have people that call me a white supremacists, an arrogant asshole, A narcissist, blah blah blah...

Maybe you just feel bad about yourself and your whining and complaining and blaming me for your own problems.

Either way it doesn’t change the facts of the hundreds of thousands of free meals I fed. Do you all races all colors all ages all ethnicities.


Rather than complain judge and blame have a start being the change and be the solution.

Bless it be 🏵🙏🏼🏵







Soooo very many people benefit from your generosity @quinneaker---and simply your presence as well!

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