Blue Monday Competition Week #5

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The Competition

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So, what I want to know is what spoiled your Monday, what made you regret the fact that you woke up? This is a safe space to rant in the form of a comment, the comment with the most upvotes (not most $) will win the SBD payout for the post. Yes I know it is Tuesday and not Monday but unfortunately I was a bit busy yesterday and could not post.

I have taken a bit of a break for the last two weeks, hopefully I'm back for good now. I hope that as the competition gains traction it will make it worth your while. As you can see from the majority of my posts, I usually get about $2-$3 in upvotes, which means an approximate 1SBD payout. If it does not reach that amount I will pay it out of my wallet.

There is no resteem or follow requirements, but the more upvotes the better the payout will be. I just did this for the heck of it, I wanted a safe space for everyone to rant and I wanted to feel a bit better about my day xD.

The last few weeks there were only two to three participants each time, lets see if we can get some more people to join and make it interesting.

So have at it! The winner will be announced when the post pays out and the next weeks' event starts.

So My Monday

My Monday started off slow, I only had 6 hours of sleep after quite a tiring weekend. When I finally got the courage and left for work everything just fell apart as usual. I had a meeting which, upon arrival, they informed me were actually three meetings which ended up being 2 hours in total. This completely threw out my planning for the day and I ended up being late for my swimming training which I was looking forward to.

At work this is sometimes my lovely office:

Which makes it even better is the fact that it is scorching hot for no apparent reason:

So feel free to rant about your day, leave a comment and share it with your fiends.

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You know, yesterday wasn't a good day for me either.. I find this very curious, 'cause I can't get the situation out of my head...

MONDAY | The Argue

My day began normal as usual... I woke up, I actually don't remeber having breakfast for some reason... And of course, my mom yelling because me and my sister aren't good enough... I live in "Venezuela" so the last week of march is normally known as "Holy week" and there's not much that you can do, it's like a vacation week... So my sister and I cleaned the house and I got into steemit to see what's new... I was chatting with my bf, and some how he wasn't paying attention to the conversation... that happend the whole afternoon.. So, finally, at night we argue... I've never had an argue that long... That made me feel so sad the whole night, I couldn't sleep well...

Love, @akaem

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Well I was feeling blue because it seems lately that Steemit is harder. Yeah I have high reputation and some followers but it doesn't translate to earnings and engagement in my posts.

You spend more than 2 hours in a post and it returns with less than a dollar earning which is really sad. It makes me blue and think why do I bother.

Deep breath and then post again.

From Kryptonia with the same name.

Fell out of bed, one eye open into a small slit, peeping at the clock, Oh sucks it's already well after 07:30 am, I wish I could stay in bed.

Not often I sleep properly let alone feel like laying in that little extra, had to hit the passage and make the kitchen, coffee might be the answer.

Wake up my son, a task on it's own... his day needs to start, I know he worked late I heard him working on to two in the morning. Clients start phoning around eight, so must get moving.

Dumped a coffee in front of him in bed, mumbling loud about getting a move on.

Went to my office, sat in front of the computer sipping coffee and checking emails, like every morning, get that done first then switch it off.

Normally nothing of interest in the mails, grumped a bit more still wishing I were in bed.

I start every Monday with three meetings. And over time I have trained everyone to keep things, especially problems or bad news for these meetings.
The nett result is a Monday filled with problems. And bad news. Collected by everyone and kept safe to bring to me on a Monday.

I arranged this just in case my Monday could not find enough blue by itself. It is important to have a backup for everything...

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My monday is always a blue monday. Wondering why?!? Because i have to wake up so early to avoid the traffic. Isn't it so sad?! You spent most of your time in the road cause so many cars are filing up...i hate to wake up so early but you cant do anything or else you will be late. If you will be late, an NTE paper awaits you. Whats NTE ,a NOTICE TO EXPLAIN paper and I hate that...upvoted and joined by rubelynmacion of krypto

i couldn't describe it better.... :) ...but lets try to be optimistic!!

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Well here my monday was so intense, i live in a real MadMax city so its very intense, to get out and try to dont be killed by gunfire or others injury so, its hard to live in Caracas, but i try to smile every single day, for me all the days are the same, its dangerous to return too late to my home and i run into some no-lights streets to my house, its very an adrenaline "sport" issue, cause each day you will be damaged or killed or kidnapped, so i try to survive and be cool in the same way! Bleesings

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name. Every day is a good day for me if I wake and get to live it :)

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