MyEverDragon Competition [Get your design made into a digital asset!]

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“A Dragon is not a slave [to fiat]” - Daenerys Targaryen

At The Creative Crypto, one of our goals is to bring to our audience the best resources and opportunities that any creative professional can jump into, even without high familiarity with blockchain and crypto. Part of that will be sharing and promoting unique contests and competitions that we partner up with various blockchain initiatives for. Today, we’re excited to host and support the first contest with EverDragons!


EverDragons is an Ethereum-based game involving digital assets. Anyone is able to purchase an EverDragon egg which will hatch with various characteristics. Owners will be then be able to have their dragon(s) participate in various activities and games including races in which everyone can bet on a winner and win cryptocurrency. You can learn all about their plans on their website and even get involved!

As part of their outreach programming, the team is hosting a competition to get designed entries transformed into an EverDragon. We thought we could encourage our audience and more Steemit users to participate by offering some upvote crypto prizes of our own. The EverDragons team even offered to provide a unique prize for a winning Steemit entry! So without pause, let’s get started -



All of the official rules can be found here. To be eligible to also win your own EverDragon egg through this Steemit competition, you must follow the following steps -

  • 1- Draw/Design whatever awesome dragon you can imagine. It can be hand-drawn and should be vibrant and active.
  • 2- Post your dragon on Twitter, hashtag #WinYourEverdragon and include the EverDragon Twitter handle @4LDEverdragons OR post your dragon on your Facebook page with the hashtag #WinYourEverdragon and tag the EverDragons page.
  • 3- Create a Steemit post using the #winyoureverdragon hashtag and submit the image and link in the comments below.
  • 4- Submissions are due by Monday (June 4) 10pm EST.

These steps are specifically for readers with a Steemit account. We encourage readers to make and use a account to be considered for the following crypto prizes. Otherwise, you can follow the original guidelines and post through Twitter or Facebook.


The prizes will be as follows -

  • FIRST PLACE will receive a 100% upvote from @sndbox AND their very own EverDragon digital egg (which will ‘hatch’ into a unique ERC721 dragon asset)! The winner will need to provide a Metamask address through or email.


  • SECOND to FIFTH PLACE will receive a 25% upvote each from @sndbox

  • HONORABLE MENTIONS will receive 10% upvotes each from @sndbox

  • All winning entries will be featured in an article on The Creative Crypto.

Ever successful submission (following every step laid out above) is in the running to win the prize of having their design transformed into a digital dragon asset by the EverDragon Team.

Thank you to the EverDragons team for collaborating with us on this competition, we’re looking forward to the results!

EverDragons Project Details

Cover Illustration by Artist @carrotcake
Images taken from the EverDragons website

180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-07.png 180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-12.png 180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-08.png


Oh, shit @creativecrypto! I’m so doing this. Back in the day, I used to sell pencil sketches to Wizards of the Coast for MTG concept art. I’m going to have to flex those muscles again. Who doesn’t love drawing dragons, too?

Awesome @kommienezuspadt! Definitely go for it, the Everdragons team is excited to have talented Steemit artists get involved. Also, send some snapshots of your MTG sketches to @hansikhouse, he'll appreciate 'em =)

hey! wait for me... :D

Hi guys! I will also participate in your contest!
Keep my work!


Good luck to all participants! :)

Magnificent dragon!

oh, thank you!

my publication contains videos with the creation process

enjoy it

dragon (1).jpg

I would like you to read what I propose ... I look for help to emerge


Hi :) this is my entry for competition:

I was drawing first dragon when I got idea for another so I decided to draw both. I hope it is allowed.



If it is not allowed to submit more than 1 entry for this competition, please ignore this comment.

I can not stop drawing my weird dragons :)
This is not obvious but these two dragons are best friends:)


I added these dragons in my entry post

Thank you for the contest! ^^ My entry:
Lernum- a dragon manifestation of other's emotions. Once a dragon is born the living being experiences a peaceful trance. The dragon's color correlates to the emotion it was made of, but, it's personality will be the complete opposite. Hence, a blue Lernum is born from sadness, but the dragon itself is the most cheerful one.

My young Dracon for Everdragons.


He is but a young little dragon, but he’s already got a pearl… as well as a little belly for balance, a mane for dynamics and bright colors to attract attention.

Here is my entry for the contest

Hi! i'm a little late, but here is my entry for MyEverDragon Competition.

great post friends, I hope you also visit my blog @abrarleo.

I think it's great, so with these competitions they make users know other ways to generate cryptocurrencies, thank you very much for publishing this contest, although I am not very good with the drawings, I will try to participate.

How cool!

I actually have part of a gorgeous dragon I created wrapping her way around my body via tattoo. Unfortunately the drawings were lost or stolen. Grrr. She would've looked sweet digitally documented forever ;)

But I am definitely checking out the everdragons. Right up my program alley!

I am trying to tag my dragon on Facebook but not sure if everything working out . I change privacy setting and hoping it will be visible for others

Thank you for your votes, it was pleasure to participate in this competition! My congratulations to the winner! :)

Hi @creativecrypto. This is a really awesome contest. I was busy the past few days and only got some time recently to create the drawing. I did not make the deadline so this entry probably will not make it in the contest. Nonetheless, I enjoyed creating this dragon, and will be sure to meet the timeline of your next contest.
Have a wonderful day!