Art Prompt Writing Contest #13 Closed - Judging Underway



The latest art prompt writing contest ended yesterday just before midnight. Sixteen Steemians took part, each submitting a piece of fiction using this photograph - provided by @nubellorona -as inspiration.


These are the entries for this contest:

@celineaugustinee with A Tower Of Dark Secrets

@cizzo with The Watchmaker

@kutrulaju with Mysterious Old House

@seesladen with Gwendolyn

@jewlzie with The Shadowed Beasts

@mickyscofield with Shocking Fracas

@kd-neeley with 113 Archer Avenue

@stellastella with Our Haunted Ancestral Home

@samuraihedgehog with Family Reunions

@olakunle10 with Suffering In Silence

@cgedas with The Last Was The Silence

@seifiro with Be Gone!

@chinyerevivian with Our Lives

@sidequest with Hidden

@pyemoney with Playtime At Myrtle Stone

@jayna with Flying To The Sun

@thewritersblock will take the next week to read through them all and decide on the three winners, which will be announced sometime on August 21st. First place will win 20 Steem, second place will get 10 Steem and third place will receive 5 Steem.

Thanks once more to @curie for donating to our prize pool.

Look out for the 14th writing prompt art contest, coming soon.


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Good luck everyone.

Good luck to all those that entered!

I'm fairly annoyed I missed this contest. I'd been working too hard on my novel to think about shorts beyond that workout I messed up.

Any news? Or I've missed something?

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