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Today, a week ago @felander and I launched a competition to design a logo for our newly created witness @swisswitness. If you want to know more about our witness plans, have a look at this introduction post of mine.


For my May competition I have joined forces with @felander and we would like you to design a logo for us. The winner of this competition will earn 25 SBD’s sponsored by the both of us. If you want more details about the competition or how you can participate, then have a look at this post of mine from last week: May Competition. There is still time to participate as the competition closes on the 31st of May.

So far we have 12 entries. If your entry is not listed, then you have probably missed one of the steps as listed in my intro post. The entries that I’ve registered so far, without any communication about their quality are:

  1. @suheri
  2. @ aauthespian1
  3. @ kutedo
  4. @rosiconde07
  5. @suheri’s second entry
  6. @jo5h
  7. @soulart
  8. @marlon241982
  9. @cetb2008
  10. @iqbalridha
  11. @netcy
  12. @enderson49

If you think you can do better or want to create another entry, you still have plenty of time as the competition closes on 31st May.

Vote for me as your witness

If you want more information about what the witness is about, have a look at my post Swisswitness is Alive!

Please vote for us as your witness, the easiest way is to click on this link and click on 'continue'.

Another way is to go to this page: and scroll down until you see this box:


Type ‘swisswitness’ and click on 'VOTE'!

If you don't care about witnesses, give me your proxy vote and you will automatically vote for the witnesses that I vote for. To set a proxy, follow the same link and scroll until you see this box:

Type ‘wolfje’ and click on 'SET PROXY'!


Doron 🐺


Hello sir! here is my design!


Here is my link for the details

Good luck!

Good Day Sir! Here is my design for @swisswitness logo
All the colors and the sizes are Editable
My Post Link
Thank You!

THank you for entering the competition and good luck!

Should we submit here sir or on the original post? Im a bit confused thanks :)

on the original post please

will surely post there after I finish composing my entry :) Thanks for the reply

Thank you for joining our competition and good luck!

I'm also working on the logo. Almost done

Yes, I've logged it. Thank you

Yes, I've logged it. Thank you

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