Weekly Woodworking Competition #10 Winners

Hi and welcome to the tenth weekly woodworking competition's winners post.

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We had some really good entries last week covering a vwide spectrum of woodworking subjects.
And the winners are.......

First Prize.

Project: Casemod - [email protected] - Concept, product samples & prototyping by @theguymasamato

This is the start of a very interesting project using a whole range of skills.

Congratulations you win 0.305 SBD.

Second Prize.

A Desk I'm Working on Pin Stripping Part 2 by @mikeycinmountp

A really interesting use of paint, stains and finishing techniques.
Congratulations you win 0.153 SBD.

Third prize.

Building A Raised Garden Bed From Raw Logs by @binaryflat
A nice garden project using homegrown timber.


Well done to all the winners and a big thank you to anyone who participated.

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Well done to all the winners and a big thank you to anyone who participated.

You can see this weeks competition here,

Weekly Woodworking Competition #11

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Congratulations y'all. Those were some good posts. I especially liked the raised bed log one as it would fit well with my split rail fence.

Thank you for your comment! I was inspired a bit after putting this garden space together. Instead of buying wood, use what's available. These logs would probably have stayed on the ground unused. May try a building with logs one of these day.

Oh now I am going to have to find it. Another Homesteader posted a write up using round log construction and a lean too that the added to his barn... If you have the patience you can knock them into mortise and tenon joints then peg them together.

Thank you very much @woodworkcurators!
Two wins on here is an honor. 💪 Getting Stronger!

Thank you, I'll start thinking on this week.

Congrats Buddy! Good work!

🍟 Gave you some fries for a prize!

Thank you very much.
Please do continue your great work for the community.
It's a nice place to see other project and ideas.