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Today in "Phoenix is anal retentive passionate about his compost," we are faced with the question: are the bristles on a bamboo toothbrush compostable? I didn't think so, but I also didn't want to chuck the whole thing in the bin and have it creating methane in a landfill.


So what to do?


Saw the head off, naturally.


It did occur to me that here I am breaking out the saw to save a stick of wood from the landfill, and people right outside are chucking their single-use garbage on the ground, literally meters away from a dumpster...

On that note, one of the local taggers in my area actually spray painted near where I always clean up, "use your own damn dumpster," and he signed it with his tag. I LOLed. Solidarity, my friend. Me with my chalk and you with your spray paint, and doing #litterwalk -s in the same place for I don't know how long now can dream that other people might be prompted to give half a shit.

ANYWAY, I just had to share my amusing little task today. Earlier a prepared a pack with #ophumanangels gear so I can go on opping adventures with it later, so that made me happy. :) Last night I also started watching American Gods on DVDs from the library and I love it so far! What have y'all been up to?

Stay green,
Phe :)


And you got some exercise too! Lol!

I've seen mentioned that you can pull the bristles out with pliers. Or maybe with teeth...

Hmm, I'll have to try pliers. My teeth are not sufficient to the task, lol. Soon I will have a partial denture. :)

Yes, pilers work great for pulling them out.

That's serious composting :)

I'm dedicated. X3

That is awesome that your local "tagger" has the same idea and people need to not be so messing. I mean would they through garbage all over their house? why do it outside.

I have cross-posted this to the garden community

Right? I've literally watched people from my window clean out their cars in the parking lot by tossing it all on the ground and driving off! What even is that?!
Thanks for the crosspost of my little post. :)

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