My Computer Programming Tutorial Website is Getting 450K+ traffic every month

in #computerlast month

All the things started from when I was in college in 2016. I purchased a domain and start a blogging site to write computer programming tutorials.
I and my brother together continue publishing helpful programming tutorials on the various programming languages. In the beginning, there was no traffic. Then we become so excited after few months when we see our first 100 traffic in a day.
We can see our traffic gradually increasing. Now in this time, our tutorial website become so popular, getting almost 500k+ traffic every month.

The platform contains articles and tutorials on Python, Java, C++, PHP, JavaScript, and many other programming languages.

Now at this time, not only me and my brother but also there are a lot of students and programmers publishing articles on our site. The revenue we made last month is $1610. It is the revenue we made only by displaying ads on our website.
In the middle of 2020, our site experienced a major Google rank drop and lose almost 50% of traffic. But we are quickly recovering it and now we are almost back in terms of traffic at the time of the rank drop incident.

We hope, we can explore ourselves more widely around the world and we will get even more attention. Now, it is not just a website, it is registered as a company in India. We are hoping to register our company even in other countries.

This is my first article. I am soon coming with more articles where I will discuss more my tutorial website and share my earning reports and lots of more about me.