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Udemy offers free courses on many topics, Excel for example.


Too often I hear the same arguments on how the world is so hard and how people don't have access to the skills to help them improve their situation. In college I was forced to read a book called "". It basically explained how hard it is for people without skills to make money. I spit on that notion. Udemy Academy has thousands of free courses that anyone could use to improve their lives. Please take a moment and actually follow these links, not only look at the links I provided but search to see if there is something that peaks your interest. Please comment below and tell me what you think or any comment really. I love to have conversation!

Below is a few basic classes to help someone looking to improve their skills to market themselves to improve their situation.

Microsoft Office 1 hour 13 minutes:

Excel, 2 hours:

Microsoft Access, 2 hours.

Business Communications for Success:

Time Management 37 minutes:

Intro into computers, websites and staying safe.

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