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If you are one of the people who occasionally argue in a conversation, or are offended because they looked at you ugly, that you do not tolerate the opinion of others simply because you do not agree with what it says, if you are one of the people who get angry because they did not respond to your greeting or even because they can not do you a favor, and you explode with anger, you become red, If you want to improve your communication and develop assertive communication, I invite you to stop to read this post, relax it is time to give a good incentive to your mind, to find some effective tips and very necessary for you to learn the skill of ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION.

As it is well known, we all have the right to generate free expression, to give our points of view, in front of different positions or situations in life, what is not healthy for our interpersonal relationships, is the way we face a problem no matter how small it may seem, since we tend to focus on that problem and our sight and reasoning clouds before the various solutions we could offer. This happens because, since our childhood, we are taught to be competitive, in a certain way to be selfish, since we always seek self-recognition, we can not accept that other people have better ideas or are right in something that we oppose.
But don’t worry, if you are curious and you have reached this point with the reading, I will give you five tips or advice, which I have personally experienced, thanks to the application given in the action.

  1. Integrate daily meditation into your life. This leads us to interact with a higher Self or whatever we want to believe in, allowing our senses and mind to connect to adapt to healthy communication.

  2. Learn to know yourself. Analyze and reflect wisely about our life, our purposes, think about the why and what for what of things.

  3. Control your emotions. This is achieved or improved in the day to day, carrying out the above points (practice self-knowledge, daily meditation).

  4. Practice active listening. Concentrate on listening and understanding the other’s message and not simply listening to respond.

  5. Do not judge, be empathetic. Listen respectfully and accept that we are all diverse and that, just as my opinion is valuable, keep in mind that the opinion of others is also valuable (act equitably).
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Our essence, what we have built over the years, will accompany us for the rest of our lives, what we could do is modify, rethink our ideas, allow our mind to work systematically to find balance with the person on our side who thinks differently. Assertive communication also involves external features such as our way of looking, the tone of voice emitted, body language.

To conclude, I would like to do it with a personal experience that I experienced in the University, with the subject in question, with this I also seek to clarify more what I definitely want to capture in this publication.
Once, a professor said "assertive communication begins from the moment I rethink what I could do or say, so that this difference becomes multiple options of common benefit".

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