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I've been following "Q" for months now. The Website highlights so much insider information about future mass indictments and arrests of politicians and the like who are corrupt (Over 62,000 sealed indictments currently). Suspicion is that Q, or Qanon is Vincent Fusca. Who is Vincent Fusca? Check out his twitter page and you be the judge. Look closely at his picture and listen to his voice. Vincent Fusca seems to be a false identity. The real identity? John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.

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Go back and look at the news concerning John Kennedy Jr's so called death. Navy seals found the wreckage of the plane. His body of him and his family apparently were cremated and their ashes put out to sea. Not a photo of the bodies ever came to light.

Has Q, been working hand in hand with President Trump and Military intelligence to bring down not only the conspirators of his Father, John F. Kennedy, but also every corrupt politician and government worker out there?

We will all soon find out. I will be watching this Thanksgiving earnestly if he reveals himself to the World. Remember, John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22.

Kim Clement, the prophesied Trump to be elected as president, said there would be "another Kennedy" in the white house in 2024.
Just some stuff for you to ponder. Cheers.
(Twitter site of Vincent Fusca) Last post signed "Q".

(Youtube site of Q Tips on youtube) Kim Clement Prophecy of JFK jr.

For those that think I'm a conspiracy buff then you are probably right. Conspiracy errs on the side of Truth, while the so called Truth is truly conspiracy in its worst form. (quote by Me, @crowe on Steemit)


Interesting stuff....I'm not into the whole "Q" phenomenon, but wouldn't this be fun!

Hey Crowe, yeah my SAT tokens vanished, from Sphere. Was there some kind of conversion from SAT to SPHR tokens? Keep us posted. Thanks again, Crowe.