Chemtrails- It's worse than you think. Here are the facts.

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The truth is finally coming out.

A high level inside official has now revealed that based on scientific research and unverifiable evidence the source of contrails must be Russian airplanes.

Because of the sensitivity of the revelation he must remain anonymous, but the evidence speaks for itself.

  • A Russian plane was reported to be seen in the vicinity of contrails.
  • Russian airplanes do not follow our high standards of emissions and fly without a catalytic converter.
  • Some of them even fly with the already internationally banned Diesel engines and produce an extra large carbon footprint.

Julian Assange confirmed in an interview with Anderson Cooper last night on CNN that flight plans of Aeroflot are scheduled to be published on Wikileaks soon, revealing the extent of the Russian attack on America.

Donald J. Trump reacted to the breaking news with the tweet

"This is huge!"

Wake up, people!

We must take immediate action! This has to stop!

Isn't it enough that they already interfered with our democratic process?
Now they are causing Global Warming with their dirty airplanes!!!

We need to nuke Russia from preventing them to cause further harm. No way around it!


apparently, russians were also involved in the russian revolution of 1917, the battle of stalingrad in 1941, and are even rumoured to be behind the world cup this summer. beware!

LOL. Yup. The rabbit hole goes very deep!

Damn. I heard a rumour they were also involved in a little skirmish in Crimea back in the day. And poor Napoleon was suckered into leading his men in to Moscow with the promise of some salacious gossip about the king of England.

not to mention the bloody weather! and selling us the gas to protect us from it! those russians have their hand in almost everything, don't ya know.
except for bbc tv dramas played out as news events.

Syricide Syricide tweeted @ 17 Mar 2018 - 11:38 UTC

@ShoebridgeC I found the episode and extracted the clip.
Is the UK govt for real or are we all watching a reality……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Great story, nice post. Thanks for share bro @herrleeb

The Russians sure fly a lot of planes around the world...Them damned Ruskies., never can trust a Bear.

So we are blaming chemtrails on russia now? this is absurd

Right! What will they think of next.

thanks for sharing this photos. when i am 10 years old, i was always saw this view . many years passed , now i am again see this photos. i can't see that because i am always busy for my works. thanks again to sharing us.

Oh them sneaky ole Ruskies...Give em a few swigs of cheap Vodka and there they go causing havoc throughout the world again...

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