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RE: The Ongoing Crisis in Venezuela and the "Petro Coin" continues!

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My suspicion is that ANY crypto-currency will experience high volatility and eventually function as a tool to transfer wealth UNTIL for our own good and to our rescue, a crypto-currency issued by the Fed will save us. Of course one which is highly regulated and world wide, all others will eventually become illegal to protect us from terrorists. Does not mean some of them could not be good short term investments if one has the brains to bet on the right horse. I don't...I stick with my $20 worth of STEEM :)


You could be on to something there... after all they have mentioned FED Coin. Crypto-currency is a extremely volatile market and some people believe it will lead to a one world currency and the mark of the beast.

Rothschild's magazine from 1988. The plan was made 30 years ago...

This was going to be one of our next articles but we need just a few more dots to connect before going into full explanation of how blockchain is not new and actually we have been using this system our entire lives.

Looking forward to reading it!

La mejor inversión es... No apostar.

Totalmente de acuerdo contigo... Esa gente es perversa, son malos y miserables, ademas los recursos de la nación no se pueden dar así por así al mejor postor... RT: La mejor inversión es... No apostar

@isaac007 It is horrible what the people there face.

@johanna Right. If you want something that is 100% no risk, dont invest.

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