We should start using steemit in a meaningful way.

in #conspiracy4 years ago

Let's face it. We are not going to wake up anyone by posting more facts and evidence on steemit.
We are preaching to the choir here. The truth is out there. For centuries. And nothing happened. Nada. Crickets.
All we accomplish is to feel more helpless and angry.
And even if we succeed in waking up one or the other, it will be too little, too late.
We are a small, ridiculed crowd, pushed into an insignificant little corner on the internet.


We could use steemit as a platform to generate ideas. There are plenty of smart cookies already in our community. We could come up with plans to beat the system as good as we can.
We can use their strategies. Subversion, sabotage for example. Like the French Resistance in the Second War.
If we put our minds together, we could come up with good strategies to fight the fuckers.
Plenty of brilliant folks here. We could do it. We might not be able to fight the chemtrails or stop the wars.
But we could start with something that would be the easiest target, the most promising and then move on from there.
We might not win, but we can make it harder for them. We can spit in their soup.
At least we did not go down without a fight.

Instead of whining and complaining, instead of trying to reason with morons, instead of producing another “fact” to the indoctrinated we could use our energy and minds to do something to make a real difference. And if it's only to stifle their progress. If it's only to make it harder for them.

Let's rock the sinking boat!


Good to see you @herrleeb- it's been a while!
That is a good idea to focus on creative ideas for a better current time and future. Thinking of the law of attraction: That which we resist we attract. That which we focus on we attract.
So- we need to get rid of the private central banking model and then focus on freeing up energy. Once energy is freed up we can create abundance on earth.
Here is a nod to Galen Winsor for addressing this energy subject:

Good to see you too, @sunsquall. Yup, I had to take some time off, did not do so well. But now I'm back, let's see what happens :)
For some strange reason I seem to attract chemtrails, nanoparticles, wifi radiation, fluoride, gmo's and morons whether I focus on them or not, so the law of attraction thing is pretty lost on me.
I am in physical and mental pain. My air, water, food and environment is poisoned. I am surrounded by idiots. My free speech is censored. My money is being stolen. My mind is bombarded with idiocy every day.
I have given up hope for a change to the better. The moronic masses will not wake up in time and neither Jesus nor Q-Anon nor the aliens will come and save us.
All I want is to have a little fun while I am getting fucked. That's just fair.

I think the biggest thing any of us can do is to extract ourselves from "the system", as much as possible. Stop using big banks, stop relying on government, and stop supporting the mega corps. who work against us.

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