Why don't we fuck with them a bit?

in #conspiracy4 years ago

I have recently come across a website which analyses data from facebook. Illuminus.com

They claim that they can correctly analyze your personality after only a few “likes”.
I checked it out and it is frightening. They truly are extremely accurate and what's even worse, they have a sinister slant. It is not only for exploiting your personality to sell you more crap. It goes much, much deeper.

I am classified as a “High Risk Individual” because they – just based on my “Likes” on facebook they determined that I am open-minded and extroverted.
Being open-minded seems to be a positive and harmless characterization.
But not so much if you put it in the proper context.
Open-minded individuals might also look into information deemed politically incorrect.
They might question the dogma. They might have thoughts of their own.
This way they become “High Risk”.
Check it out for yourself and get ready to be amazed.

Now, this data is already on the web. I think it is pretty safe to assume that there are more entities gathering data out there. More data than just your facebook likes. Everything you do connected to electronics.

I think the only thing we can do about this is to fuck with them a little bit.
Screw up the data. Take a big fat dump into their punchbowl.
It might not do any good, but at least it makes it a bit harder for them and scramble the AI brain.

The idea would be to start liking random shit on facebook. Liking Walmart or Target.
Follow CNN and post moronic, politically correct comments.
Search on Google for “Why Hillary is the best” or “Gender Transition for Octogenarians”

This way we can have at least a little fun while we are being fucked. Only fair.


I tried it too, and it's scary to what ends this can be used, or is used I should say. For those inclined to mess with their algorithms, I wish you success, truly!

We are being poisoned, robbed and lied to. The least we can do is to spit into their soup wherever we can.
It's not going to be a success. I see myself rather as a black sheep who upsets the flock a bit so it get's harder for them to heard us into the slaughterhouse...At least I'm not going quietly :)

Damn it's really accurate okay I need to fuck with them a bit as well. From tomorrow on I will fuck with them even I don't use FB much but to have a little fun by fucking with them I am willing to be a bit more in FB then usual.

LOL. Cool that I'm not the only one :) But FB is not the only opportunity. They gather data everywhere.
Everything is tracked, stored, analyzed. We could fuck with them on any platform and it would be completely safe. Writing stupid but politically correct comments on youtube, on the Washington post.
This way we cannot get censored or persecuted for "Hate-speech", but their data about YOU get screwed up. Using Google as a tool for disinformation about yourself. Make them think you are a liberal, religious, a Trump or Clinton supporter, whatever is the opposite of your true believes, anything to make their data useless and wrong :)

Damn right that is what I will do from now on and google is the perfect tool to do it but as you say FB, youtube ect. will be used as well to fuck up there data about me.

I have told that just a few mins ago to some of my friends and they are in it too ;)

Btw thanks for sharing this with us have a nice day and a lot fun by fucking up there data my liberal, religious, Clinton supporter friend lol ;)

LOL. Right on, my friend. Let's ROCK THE SINKING BOAT!!!

Lucky I am a good swimmer lol :)
I am rocking that boat for a very long time now and will rock it till the end stuff like you told me is a big help to keep rockin it ;)

I like the cut of your jib!

That's a TRIP

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