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RE: The Ongoing Crisis in Venezuela and the "Petro Coin" continues!

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The creation of the petro has been viewed skeptically by critics and members of the Venezuelan opposition parliament who consider the petro a fraudulent currency that could help Maduro avoid sanctions and Trump banning American's citizen from buying petro will surely make believe everyone that it is fake, scam and not good for investment. I think its a good initiative to use national cryptocurrency to solve national crisis but all medias and countries are ignoring Venezuela's problem and giving thumbs down and spreading false rumuour about the petro coin.


@leoumesh With crypto we learned the hard was to stay away from ICO, but when we researched what was going on in Venezuela and heard about the Petro, to be honest we wanted to buy in. No one can say for sure it is a scam, like with any investing it is a risk. My personal thoughts are if it helps the citizen of Venezuela, I am all for and would invest. We agree with you that it is a good initiative to help with the crisis they are facing. We hope that a Venezuelan would see these post and shed some light on the matter. We all are outsiders looking in and can only speculate.

People started turning away from investing in cryptocurrency and the increasingly-pricey US dollar as their preferred medium of exchange. They need a crypto currency to help them escape the issues of their failing currency and then they are thinking now as a scam coin. Don't know why Venezueleans are not supporting Petro itslef? Heard on many news headlines.

En el clavo.

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