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in #conspiracy4 years ago

We know we have been indoctrinated, brain-washed, manipulated, chemically sedated, lied to and socially engineered for many generations.

How can we assume we are smart and informed enough to know what is going on?
Where do we get the arrogance and audacity from that we know ANYTHING?
How come everybodies intelligence and judgment is above average?
How come everybody knows the truth?


well, we all have access to the truth. our own experience, but the social programming hides it from us. So anyone that steps outside that programming, can see the truth. But the truth is a multilayered thing, there is much deprogramming that needs to be done, and at different steps along the way we can see more and it invalidates what we thought we saw earlier, but we had to go through those steps to get to where we are.

I've watched my understanding of the truth evolve, it involves having an idea, then living by that idea and interacting with others. having more experience, then coming up with another idea.

I think that left without diversion, we'd arrive at Truth very quickly.

It is all around us.

The truth is, false realities never were, if only the flashylight box didn't teach us their lies as reality we wouldn't be in this mess, imo.

Almost anything can be seen as a lie or the truth ' from a certain point of view' as Obi Wan would say. But then he was a lie as he was never real.... or was he a lie? His 'character' did speak some truths......hmmmmm. There are, however, certain hard truths and knowings such as the need to eat, sleep, toilet etc if we want to live.

But to make it a little easier, I think most of nature is true.
Everything else should be treated with a healthy skepticism.
As for intelligence, well, I think we can only grow that by seeing things as they are from our own perspective and working on improvement.

As for your statement though, everyones intelligence and judgement is probably above average because we are treated as though we have none, so its only up from there!

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