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The political theater unfolding right in front of our eyes tells us more about ourselves than about the actors or about the plot.
It tells us how stupid and naive we are. A gullible, dimwitted, easily distracted and mislead audience.
We are watching a marionette-theater with a ridiculous plot and laughable, nonsensical dialogue.
We are on the edge of our seats, watching a sub-par performance of mediocre actors.
But we hold our breath in suspension, following their actions.
We hope that the good guys will win and the bad guys lose.
Paying for theater suitable for morons and children.
We want to see what is coming next.
We pay for it with our taxes .
We take sides.

And after the show, we go home, deeply vacant and a little bit dumber than we were before.
Waiting for the next episode, not realizing it is a rerun of the previous season.
Ask yourself, is the not the audience the measure for the quality of the play?
If the theater is full of breathless spectators, the play is successful.
A lousy play in a lousy theater will sell no tickets.

Did you buy a ticket?


Democrats vs. Republicans is always quality entertainment. Beats Hollywood...

Wow...nice one!! I recently learned that around 67% of americans had a negative view of Martin Luther King shortly before he was killed. I absolutely think what happens on the world stage is a reflection of the people and they treat it like a sideshow at a carnival. They don't see that their denial is causing the problem.

MLK is a very interesting character indeed. Scratching on the surface of his official image reveals interesting connections and personal behavior...Nothing is what it seems...

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This is a very bitter reality..... and we are chained to the rythem

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Brilliant. Reminds me to keep my attention on what I want.

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