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We have to be...
We have to be tolerant.
We have to stay positive.
We are the truth seekers.
We need conclusive evidence.
We have to stay open minded.
We have to take the high road.
We have to convince with facts.
We have to question everything.
We have to consider all the facts.
We have to listen to the opposite side.
We have to make an effort to understand.
We have to focus on what we want to manifest.
We have to support free speech, even if we disagree.

Do you honestly believe a youtube video can compete with the Main Stream Media?
Do you honestly believe that the sexual revolution was a grassroots movement?
Do you honestly believe that decades of indoctrination had no effect on YOU?
Do you honestly believe you can counteract social engineering with reason?
Do you honestly believe that decades of indoctrination can be reversed?
Do you honestly believe turning the other cheek is a winning strategy?
Do you honestly believe you can stay clean if they throw dirt on you?
Do you honestly believe bringing a knife to a gun fight could work?
Do you honestly believe you can reason with an ANTIFA operative?
Do you honestly believe that people are getting smarter?
Do you honestly believe the cabal fights a fair fight?
Do you honestly believe that the good guys will win?
Do you honestly believe they did in the past?
Do you honestly believe...

How many people laugh at you when you mention chemtrails, vaccinations or fluoride?
How many people are informed about microwaves, transhumanism or nano particles?
How many whistle blowers, journalists and truth seekers have died?
How many people have read the works of Kissinger and Brzezinski?
How much good evidence has been published in the last century?
How many people will vote for the right person next time?
How many Ted Gundersons do we need to get credibility?
How many people believe fluoride is good for your teeth?
How many people stand in line for the newest iphone?
How many people believe voting makes a difference?
How many of you grew up in front of a television?
How many holistic doctors have committed suicide?
How many people believe we live in a democracy?
How many people give ipads to their infants?
How many people believe in Global Warming?
How many people listen to Anderson Cooper?
How many people have never heard of WT7?
How many people listen to Alex Jones?
How many people support our troops?
How many people get their flu shot?
How many people actually know?
How many people actually care?
How many people like Oprah?
How many people...

We are ALL indoctrinated, manipulated, fluoridated and dumbed down.
We are only a few frantically bleating sheep in a mostly docile heard.
We are not taken seriously and make no difference in where we go.
We are preaching to the choir, heard by the few.
We live in a reality bubble.
But I am negative.
I apologize.

How many people will read this? 10?
How many will understand? 5?
How many will agree? 1?

I hope...

Because...there is no place for defeatism.
Gotta stay positive, right?
Hope dies last.



Your reverse psychology worked on me, I had to read it. Well said. There is a way to outflank the government and give people enough time to work out their problems. A new frontier with no people or other life to displace. But sadly, humans can't see whats right in front of their eyes.

Glad you liked my post. So, I got one as I hoped :)
The downside of keeping a positive attitude is that we neglect seeing the big picture, ALL of reality.
If we ignore a big part of reality, how can we possibly win?

Yes! Hope is best applied when feeling hopeless, and if need be, let it be our last thought. I love this quote, it always lifts my spirits when feeling jaded about it all:

“Hope means hoping when things are hopeless, or it is no virtue at all... As long as matters are really hopeful, hope is mere flattery or platitude; it is only when everything is hopeless that hope begins to be a strength.”
― G.K. Chesterton

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