What is wrong with the world...

in #conspiracy4 years ago (edited)

... your devout lexicographer ponders when he lies awake in his humble bed. 

So he made this little list of topics which keep him up all night.

Any of these fascinating subjects is worthy of further exploration, a gift that keeps on giving. 

The list is not complete, by any means. 

But a start to bring some "Ordo ab Chao".

A  Agenda 21, AI, Alistair Crowley, Albert Pike, Antarctic Treaty

B  Bilderberg Group, Bayer AG, British Crown, Bohemian Grove, Bolsheviki

C  CFR, Contrails, CIA, Cern, Chabad Lubavitch, Clinton Foundation

D  Depopulation Agenda, Darwinism, D Wave, Dulles Brothers

E  Eugenics, Einstein, Evolution, Erdogan, EMF

F  Federal Reserve Bank, Frankists, Frankfurter Schule, Freemasonry, Fractional-Reserve Banking

G  Geoengineering, GMO, Global Warming, Gender, Goldman Sachs

H  Health Care, Hollywood, Hemp, Hiroshima, Haavara

I  IMF, Illuminati

J  Jesuits, JP Morgan, Jekyll Island

K  Kissinger, Knights of Malta, Khasars

L  Lehman Brothers, Laurel Canyon, Luciferians, Lusitania

M  Monsanto, Morgellons, Microwaves, Mao, Maurice Strong, Moon Landing, MK-Ultra

N  Nano Dust, Nuclear Energy, Nagasaki

O  Operation Highjump, Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods, Oklahoma City Bombing

P  Pedophilia, Prohibition, Pyramids, Pearl Harbour, Putin

Q  Q Anon

R  Rothschild Family, Rockefeller Family, Rosicrucians

S  Satanism, SESAME, Sabbatai Zevi, Stalin

T  Trilateral Commission, Tavistock Institute, Tesla, Transhumanism, Tonkin Incident

U  United Nations, US Corporation, USS Liberty

V  Vatican, Vaccinations, Venetian Black Nobility

W  World Trade Center, Walmart, Warburg, Woodrow Wilson

X  Xi Jinping

Y Yale University's Skull&Bones Society

Z  Zionism


You forgot
F - Fuckupashima

P - Politicians, People, Pollutants.

You are right. This list is far from complete. And it keeps growing daily.

yep, and as it gets longer the list of what was being done right grows shorter.

A Brief Conspiratorial Declaration Enlisting Facts Gets Hardly Inculcated

Jesuits is an interesting one.

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