The Duality Of Technology & Rewiring The Brain Of Humanity

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The Duality Of Technology

It’s my belief that our education system; the construct of our society and indeed to an ever increasing degree the technology we use to learn and interact with each other, is altering our neural processes and gradually reconstructing the essence of our humanity. This post is not a tirade against technology but simply a recognition that we need to become streetwise to it’s inherent duality. Indeed by birthing an idea (i.e the internet/technology) into existence it becomes held within the laws of duality, a law that we are each an expression of.

In terms of technology it's not so much the tech as the intent behind it. Our technology is currently driven by the need to generate an ever increasing income for the multi-national companies that are draining the lifeblood from our world. Indeed the majority are at the mercy of clever propaganda campaigns and complex algorithms that seek to create a technologically induced consumer addict. Sitting atop this system we have an interconnected power crazed cabal that are intent on using technology as a means of subjugation and manipulation. From this perspective the vast majority of the problems technology has brought to humanity arises from a nefarious intent.



On the flip side, there is now arising a new breed of technologically savvy individuals that are seeking to use open source code as a tool to decentralise economies and free humanity from the monetary and perceptual shackles that have been placed upon us. As dark as the world can sometimes seem; by understanding the law of duality, we can also understand that those that seek to use technology as a driver for their own dark agenda are actually driving our increased desire for decentralisation and emancipation.

So yes whilst technology does indeed have the power to enslave and disconnect us, that agenda is also feeding our hunger for freedom. I feel over the course of the next few years these two ideals are going to be involved in a race to the finish line and that's why I feel our choices as a consumer are going to profoundly affect the direction we take as a species. Freedom or technological enslavement, the choice is ours to make but in order to make the right choices we must first become both streetwise and aware of the inherent dangers we currently face. We need to utilise technology as an aid and a tool of decentralisation, not become it or indeed become controlled by it!


Rewiring The Human Brain

The term “screen culture” encompasses a vast array of informational inputs and technological outputs. An oft neglected fact is that our brains are in a constant state of reformation and flux. From this perspective our ever increasing use of phones, computers, games etc etc are altering our neural pathways. Our brains are dynamically evolving to accommodate new methods of learning and conversing, even relaxation involves a barrage of externally created visual and informational inputs.


I wrote about how this process could be manipulated in a previous post where I stated the following lines. Based upon the information that enters the brain the neural pathways of the mind are in a perpetual state of reformation. These pathways become set according to daily patterns, habits and thought processes. Equally, new pathways can be set by both our intent to change and through subliminal manipulation. You can train your brain to accommodate different patterns of thought and behaviour and equally external influences can enter the subconscious and redirect previously set neural pathways. Within the subconscious (external) reset of our pathways we begin to accommodate the views and perceive the world through the perception of outside influences. Indeed in this age of technology and social media there are an increasing number of people whom have never experienced an original thought or idea.


Information Overload

We are hurtling into an age of information overload and as such it’s an age that carries much inherent danger. The overload is destroying our concentration spans, empathy and our ability to contemplate and engage in uninterrupted deep thought processes. As we scan through our computers, our eyes picking out relevant information and facts, our thought processes begin to mimic the computers we’re using. Yes, within certain areas of society I.Q’s and grades may be increasing, but the quest for information and the repetition of facts is a wholly different beast from knowledge and wisdom.

In using our digital umbilical cords we’re increasingly connected to a global hive mind that is altering the way we think, read, learn and remember. How many hours do we spend entangled in the web? Searching for curiosities that leave our minds as soon as they’ve entered them, does this make us happier? Does it make us more intelligent? Where are we going and who are we becoming?

Memory & Cognition

The pioneering research of Stanford universities professor Clifford Nass (rip) focused on how humans interact with technology; it showed that long term overuse not only impairs memory function, but equally exasperates our increasing inability to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information. Technology and it’s associated information overload also impairs our capacity for deeper thought processes. Indeed by being in a state of perpetual distraction it becomes increasingly difficult to retain sole focus on the task at hand.

Again I must highlight that an ability to relay facts is not the same as the knowledge required to understand them. In our never ending quest for information, I feel the younger generations are in increasing danger of missing the nuances and understandings that can be derived from placing unconnected facts into a larger framework and narrative. In danger of missing the value of deeper thought processes and indeed the wisdom that is derived from them. This is the age of repetition (yes education system I am looking at you) an age that will create increasingly robotic thought processes. For me, reflection, contemplation and empathy are the path to wisdom and as such are the nature of true intelligence, evolutionary intelligence.


The Regressive Progressive Thought Process

It’s sobering to note that 55% of communication is signalled via body language and so by increasingly utilising the internet as a tool of communication we’re also missing these imperative subtleties. Equally, by absorbing and relaying facts without an ability to understand the context and inherent nuances; we’re creating a generation of literal thinkers, a generation that’s increasingly ripe for manipulation. Without context and indeed out of context, offence is often taken from what would have previously been seen as innocuous comments, entire arguments and cyber meltdowns created out of thin air.

In many ways you can see this process playing out around us, manufactured hatred and self censorship appears to increasingly pervade our education systems and social media thought ghettos. Yes I understand the ideologies of the Frankfurt School and associated cultural Marxism have their part to play within this increasing perceptual schism; but as we begin to withdraw into ourselves are these first steps in a gathering momentum that is building towards something larger, something deeper?


Repetition Destroys Creativity & Individuality

There is a drive to enrol children into the school system at an increasingly younger age, in France it’s now mandatory to attend from three years old. Once at school and alongside regular testing and homework, children’s main examinations occur at a six, eleven and then through secondary education. The prevalence of league tables and examinations are not only used to ascertain the success of a school, but equally the worth and value of the children attending them. Children that don’t fit the narrative are often left to fall through the cracks in an education system that is increasingly monetised. Within league tables, children are treated as a commodity and those that fail to realise the value of expectation are often deemed worthless and cast to one side.

As I’ve written about extensively and in a previous post, life is a play of balance and this balance is found within the construct our own minds. Unfortunately the dogmatic and league table driven nature of our school systems almost exclusively cater to the left as opposed to right hemispshere of children’s brains. The education programme favours repetition over creativity and conformity over individuality. Indeed it could be said that people with left brain dominance tend to be more clinical and cold in their judgments and problem solving abilities.

I fully accept that portions of society tend to be more left brain dominant and in terms of a cohesive and balanced civilisation that’s understandable. Unfortunately with a school system that seeks to stifle the right brain in favour of the left this is leading to a societal imbalance. With league tables and examinations adding stress and worry to younger and younger children the value of repetition has never been more exalted. I believe this is leading to thought processes that are becoming more cold and analytical.

Empathy & Social Media

The research carried out by Sarah H Konrath from Michigan university portrays a long term downtrend in students self reported empathy, with the last ten years highlighting an extremely steep decline. As empathy wanes narcissism rises and in many ways this is being fuelled by the construct of social media. In psychological terms social media entrains our brains to a risk/reward cycle of repetition, a cycle that rewards narcissism and draws us ever closer to the addictive mindset of the gambler. Even the former facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya has recently gone on record to state that “social media is ripping apart the social fabric of society” and “eroding the core foundations of how people behave”.

Once placed within electronic thoughts ghetto’s people are far easier to control; complex algorithms cushion reality to the point that when stepping outside of their echo chambers users can find they’ve been increasingly nudged towards the extremes of their ideologies, chasms of division grow ever wider. Debate and protest are replaced by likes and virtue signalling; giving the user the impression that their opinion counts and makes a difference, when in reality it simply disappears into a monetary driven algorithmic sea of information. I have written about this process extensively so I will leave it there, but I have attached some of my previous posts at the bottom of this article.


A Long Time In The Planning

The Feudal technological control grid that's currently being assembled around us has been a long time in the planning, indeed in his 1969 book "Between two age's: America's role in the technotronic era" Brezinski states:

"More directly linked to the impact of technology, it involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific knowhow. Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control" (Between Two Ages, pp.252-253).


Machine Brain Interface

In previous posts I've explored our push towards a synthetic evolution and connection to the internet; today I'm only going to briefly touch upon this subject as a way of showing where I believe this evolution is intended to head. If you stand back and follow the current evolution of technology and communication, our future connection to the web becomes an entirely logical conclusion. Yes to a degree this is arising from our own volition, but equally I also feel that we’re being manipulated and gradually prepared for it. I feel social engineers are profoundly aware that if we increasingly live our lives through the computer; our neural pathways begin to mimic the way it operates, as such it could be considered an engineered evolution as opposed to an organic growth.

Interestingly our education systems and many other aspects of our lives also appear to be gently nudging us in this direction. The apps themselves are gradually enslaving us to the clock, turning our days into a succession of allocated timeslots. In a world of a million shades of grey, the rise of Alexa slowly draws us ever closer to the age of black and white answers. So yes by all means lose yourself in a multiplicity of inane choices and 71 gender preferences; but as we move towards the hive mind and collectivisation of thought, matters of consequence will only have one answer.

Here is Google CEO Eric Schmidt saying the same thing

The Synthetic Evolution

I hear all these stories about how wonderful it’s going to be, how we can all live to a 1000 years old and banish disease to the dustbin of history. We may very well be able to cure some diseases, equally by connecting ourselves to the web how long will it be before computer viruses are either manipulated to or indeed evolve to jump between the cyber and physical realm? With a modicum of imagination the concept of untraceable downloaded assassinations becomes a frightening possibility. For every payoff there is a price to be paid because that is life, that’s the way it works! Certainly not all the people that are leading the transhumanist charge have a nefarious intent in mind; but whilst they are incredibly intelligent they are also compartmentalised, caught up in their own hubris and often lack the street wisdom to see both sides of the coin.

People can give me all the assurances and promises they like, but the thing is I’ve lived a long enough and a colourful enough life to have heard it all before. Equally it should never be forgotten that the funding for much of this new technology is coming from military contractors such as Darpa, do you trust these people? Do you trust them with dominion over your minds and bodies? Do you trust them with A.I? What is A.I? You see there is a big difference between freewill and intelligence and so intelligence without freewill is directed intelligence, but who is directing it?



Before the advent of mobile phones I could remember the phone numbers of scores of friends, now it’s less than a handful. An entire generation are now losing the ability to read a map .. what happens if the Sat Nav system goes down? In the future people may very well be using their brain chips to answer questions, to do their thinking for them. But will this aid or stunt the growth of their brains? Indeed, what happens if the chip is removed or corrupted? Will we have a populace that is unable to think coherantly without the use of their technological crutch? Even now where is the first place we go when we have a question? How many of us spend time using our brains trying to remember that illusive answer that is on the tip of our tongues?

It's my profound belief that we're being deliberately held back from realising our full potential and that with the correct dietary advice, education and indeed technological aids we're capable of acheiving far more than we ever thought possible. The agenda to connect ourselves and every facet of our lives to an increasingly intelligent internet is not about making us superhuman but subhuman, ushering a feudal technocracy from which there will be no escape. My message is simple and it's not a call to stop using technology, indeed embrace it's potential with both hands but also be aware of it's inherant dangers. Understand that for every advance there is a price to be paid and as such with each stride forward, it would be wise to pause and ponder if the price is worth it? Equally be aware of who is behind the fast approaching 4th industrial revolution .. in short tread carefully and keep your eyes wide open.

Thank you for reading, until next time I will leave you to ponder who has the perceptualflaws.




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The less educated the population are the more compliant and dependant they become. It’s a simple plan.

It’s a sad irony in the age of the internet when everything that has ever been written is at everyone’s fingertips all the time and most choose the vapid pastimes of reality tv, gaming & social media.

The last 10-15 years have brought about a cult of mass stupidity that is glorified within society, it’s how we’ve ended up with so many moronic ‘cultural icons’ like, the Osbournes, the Kardashians, Joey Essex, Jade Goody and a litany of dumb down halfwits posing as role models for a vast section of our youth.

People are being educated down to a point when they’ll be just smart enough to go and collect their UBI and microwave a bowl of soma but never to question authority.

What is the point of being surrounded by technology that has the capacity to set you free by helping you to educate yourself about the way the world really works and how to combat it?

I believe a massive percentage of society will accept their enslavement willingly as the tools will be disguised as the latest trendy tech and won’t be able to stand the thought of not having something all their friends have, in fact they’ll queue in the street for days to get it when it’s launched such is the credence given to 1st adopters by the masses.

We are never going to be allowed to reached our full potential unless we fight for it, we were created as slaves afterall, we’ve become too uppity for our masters who are now setting in place a control grid that if successful will guarantee enslavement for ever.

Entering the grid is a choice though, most will choose to enter......

Not me.

Hey my friend, thank you for the epic comment and support .. as always, it's greatly appreciated. I couldn't really agree more with everything you've said, we have the vast sum of all human knowledge at our fingertips .. hell in our back pockets, and yet the majority use it as an extension of our imposed, vapid consumer culture. It never ceases to amaze me what people are prepared to fill their minds with. When you begin to understand the way the brain works, the way neural pathways are formed .. you then realise the impact of cause and effect,indeed we should become wise custodians of our minds.

In terms of the Kardashian's and Joey Essex! I'll rewind that back Joey Essex!!! :D I think you hit the nail on the head there. It's something I've very much noticed, in fact I should have added it to last weeks post. Indeed as I wrote in a poem .. this is the age of the dumb ad obscene, with disagreements reduced to an internet meme. The virtues of stupidity and idiocracy have never been more exalted, it's now a badge of honour .. I've never been a huge fan of pop culture, but you only need to go back a generation to see just how much it's changed, how low it's fallen .. can it fall any lower, yes I think it can!

Yes I think there is certainly going to be an element of choice within all this .. the funny thing is and like you say, pop culture will ensure that people will be sleeping outside shops to buy their own enslavement. I will concur with what you said.

Not me.

Thanks again @tremendospercy

Fantastic article, and one of the reasons I have zero internet at the farm, not only that my phone signal is bad to unusable, and I love it, I have to travel to put effort into getting these technologies, when I want them like now, also on the farm I am surrounded by hundreds of trees, and the peace and tranquillity is beyond compare with any city or town. I also have no tv at the farm, and only listen to music, so we can step away, if "we" really want to. Have a fantastic week my friend.

Hey @deliberator thank you for stopping by and lending your support/comment .. I really appreciate it. That is very wise my friend and I feel the best way .. in a way our access to technology is too easy .. to easy to lose hours of your life trawling through trivialities within a cyber realm that appears to quicken the pace of time ;) I think technology is great but I also think we need to find a balance and I feel that is increasingly missing. Man that farm sounds like heaven!! Have a great week also my friend, although I'm sure I'll catch you before it's end. :D

get ya butt over, and bring the family, I am going to out do the local council laws soon, and build some houses that are not "fixed" in position to give people some free holidays, you are way up on my list in the top 5.

Thank you my friend, I may have to take you up on that ;)

That’s awesome your signal free at the farm!

You went over some of this
But check out the study here that talks about how many physical sickness/symptoms we can get too!

Always a good read, we share many of the same thoughts.

We are hurtling into an age of information overload and as such it’s an age that carries much inherent danger.

All this information we carry we use to replace the mystery and wonder that once stood right in front of us. We pretend we know things when all we've done is assign intellectual details that we combine to define or box something, then all we see is the image we've created. No one actually knows how their heart keeps beating, but it does.

It's my profound belief that we're being deliberately held back from realising our full potential

I absolutely agree, if we view the world as being vibratory, everything in vibration, then what I see happening is imbalance in our systems from an intake of vibratory substance that is out of resonance with our natural vibration. Things like altered foods, fake foods, chemical agents, dirty air, EMF and other radiation, unnatural light and sound frequency, etc.

We're being knocked out of balance, but it's time for us to realign to truth. Wise up everyone, pay attention to yourselves and how certain things make you feel. I remember back in my video game addiction days I'd always be moody, lethargic, and oblivious to the outside world at times. Everything affects us, choose the positive effect imo, limit the negative whenever you can

Hey @jakeybrown thank you for stopping by and leaving a typically awesome comment, I really appreciate it. And yes I couldn't agree more, we have minds bursting at the seams with information .. some relevant, some not. Equally some of the most profound wisdoms and lessons this life has to offer are often learned in the most simplistic of ways .. I'm very aware that I feed a multiplicity of thoughts and ideas into this world, but that is just one aspect of who I am .. I also understand the inherent value of not overthinking, of simply being at one with the moment. Indeed whilst held within the warm embrace of nature it's easy to see that life can be as simple or indeed as complicated as we make it .. every stress, anger, worry is a construct of own own mind and if we didn't project this onto the natural world it would carry on regardless, you see we need this world, we need it's food, it's water and it's beauty makes our hearts sing .. equally it doesn't need us, and so I wonder how we became so arrogant, so full of our own importance.

What technology gives with one hand it takes with another and I profoundly feel we need to awaken to this fact .. sure use technology, embrace it .. but also embrace the beauty and majesty of the world around us, care for it, cherish it, love it, love the trees, know their names, care for the animals .. that is what I fear for future generations for I can see it playing out in children that care more for computer generated worlds than the one that they inhabit .. it's so important that we get hold of this and spark childrens interest in the natural world for they're are the ones that are going to be it's custodians. That's the main reason I wanted to make with this post, to point out this is both a time of profound promise and inherent danger. Thanks again @jakeybrown

We are definitely living on a razor edge between worlds, we have so much potential yet we seem to take our gifts for granted. Great response, not much I want to add to it

I like the part about repetition. I know from experience, repeat self-loathing talk to yourself and you will feel ill and weak and bad emotionally. Repeat self-empowering statements, and your whole vibration changes. When your vibration changes, you can be efficient and feel good about yourself and accomplish a lot.

When I was with the abuser, he hated when I felt good and he knew how to get my emotional and vibrational setpoint low. If ti's low, then we as individuals can be controlled more easily. If our vibration is high, we cannot be controlled. Psychopath abuser, or psychopath government, it doesn'T matter who it is, when someone wants to control you, they will put you into fear, self-loathing and despair. They do not want to see you self-empowered, happy, and determined or motivated. They don't want you to fight back. They want you to obey.

Hey @binkyprod Thank you for the support and thoughtful message. Sorry for the delay in replying but I was out all day yesterday and I've just been dipping in and out replying to messages. I very much believe that we are each capable of raising our vibration and in doing so we open ourselves to the possibility of expanding our perceptual awareness and intuitition.

Whether abusive individuals or abusive institutions, they are akin to psychic vampires and in reality that displays that they are weak. You are strong, you are power and because of this, they seek to manipulate and control you, drain your energy and drag you down to their level. At a subconscious level they are very aware of their weakness, indeed their need to control, bully and abuse is an outward projection of their own inner hatred. But you are far more than their limited perceptual capacity can can ever hope to comprehend .. they are weak .. you are strong, and you matter, your opinion matters .. indeed we matter far more than the majority of us can comprehend. Thanks again my friend.

So very true :) They are weak because they need to feed on us. Whereas, while they think we are weak for being vulnerable, we are strong for being true and genuine and surviving despite that draining.

Exactly my friend

Such an epic article as usual. We certainly are in for a slippery slope of technological mastery. That book you mentioned, is the literal bible of the modern establishment, and one of the most important books anyone can get their hands on and read. Thanks again...

Thank you my friend, I really appreciate the eternal support and kind words .. yes the book is an absolute must read .. in fact I must read it again as it's been twenty years (give or take a few ;) ) and I would like to bring it forward into a modern context. Equally if you've yet to read it I would highly recommend Caroll Quigleys tragedy and hope .. Bill Clinton's mentor. It's a tome, but equally essential reading. Thanks again brother

I remember remembering every phone number I needed. Even people I hardly knew
It was so easy!
Now I don’t know any besides my own. I’ve recently started trying to remember some but for years I didn’t even think about it! U breakdown this exactly and I’m with ya 100%!
I use my iPhone for everything
And now I realize the radiation let alone the social harm it’s just insanity! I’m awake now👍

Hey @geneeverettshow thank you for the support and awesome comment. Equally sorry for the delay in replying but it's been one of those weeks!

Actually you've just reminded me that I don't know my own number! It's scary how quickly but equally how insidiously this has crept up upon us all. Many of these changes I've personally noticed in both myself and others around me so I know there is validity to these observations. Now more than ever we need to excert willpower and find some form of balance wthin our use of technology. Use technology as opposed to it increasingly using us .. indeed I fear this is the direction we're heading in. Thanks again my friend.

Totally agree. Pretty good encapsulation of what I think as well where the human race is heading, almost there. I intend to read your associated posts.

Sometimes I have to check myself when looking at this screen to not skim words and why am I interested in whatever subject I am looking at? Trying to be more productive/constructive with time online. I don't have a phone or TV so it is my only "sin".

Have you looked into the rolling out of 5G technology yet?

I was also just re-reading Brezinski yesterday to see if he predicted USSR fall correct.

Have you seen The Stanford Prison Experiment movie?

Hi @lIzzynoel Thank you for the support and great comment, I really appreciate it. In terms of the subject, I feel that other posts allow it to be absorbed into a broader context.

I really agree, I've noticed certain changes with the way I absorb information, like you say skimming through posts, subconsciously multi-tasking and flitting between the pages I have open. I am aware of this so if I find myself doing it I immediately pull myself back, indeed that is one of the reasons I wrote this post .. so that people can pull themselves up if they notice any associated changes. We just need to become wise and make a conscious effort to alter these subconscious behaviour patterns.

In terms of 5G, yes I have spent a considerable amount of time looking into and so I understand all the concerns ... one of the posts I linked covers that .. plus I wrote about some non steemit ideas about 12-18 months ago which deal with 5g, the internet of things and how every aspect of our lives is being quietly linked to the control grid, I will have to try and dig those out and add them .. I've just been waiting for the final piece of the jigsaw to fall into place .. which happened a few weeks ago. I read Brezinski's book about twenty years ago so it's high time I re-read it .. equally if you've yet to come across it I highly recommend Caroll Quigleys tragedy and hope. Yes i have seen the Stanford Prison Experiment film .. plus the tests they carried out to see if people would follow orders to electrocute each other .. the Milgran experiment. Thanks again.

Another seriously thought provoking post my friend! We evolve slowly physically, but our minds and peptide receptors can change rapidly within one generation. Throw in tech augmentation and genetic modification and I think we get to a Sigue Sigue Sputnik video coming to life!

Thanks for another great read!

Ah man "Sigue Sigue Sputnik video coming to life!" that's a great line :D .. I don't think people realise how easily manipulated their perceptions are or indeed how maluable the brain is, we should certainly be wise custodians of our own minds. Thank you my friend, I really appreciate all the support you give me .. I'm still just getting warmed up ;)

Curated for #informationwar (by @truthforce)
Relevance: Understanding Thought Processes/Progressives

Thank you #informationwar @truthforce .. you're doing a great job!!

Excellent post, as usual, perceptualflaws! I'm grumpy tonight, though, so you will have to deal with a contrarian perspective. I'll preface by saying that I think I do understand your perspective on the duality matrix and I agree with it for the most part. What I'm going to say is what you're describing in all your posts are machinations of The Demiurge and its archons who want to merge humanity into them via their A.I. smart grid tech. It might not be so bad if it wasn't, in fact, a prison cell!
Okay, so that's the overview. On the micro scale, I'm going to challenge the perspective you espoused on decentralization. But first I have to use a crude analogy which shouldn't be taken literally. It's never gonna work to say I love you to someone after years of raping them even factoring Stockholm syndrome. This goes to the claims of the archons setting up this system: everything is going to be free! Bullshit! Think about it: they are milking us for every dime they can get right now (rape) to set up this grid with the promise of a love utopia! Which brings me to crypto and decentralization: there is nothing about this movement that is any different than fiat! Created covertly behind closed doors; a hidden cabal created it (both fiat and crypto); both have a central cabal controlling it (the minors in crypto); both are pyramid schemes. Given the fact that if they are creating a hi-tech prison matrix then it's completely logically consistent that the blockchain intention was brought into existence for the sole purpose of creating the largest tracking system in the known universe and it will be inescapable once implemented.
Now let's look at these blockchain websites: set up for the EL-ites; vetted by the El-ites; pyramid in function and design; premised on economic Darwinism; echo chamber/propaganda machines for the El-ites. Yet, I'm supposed to believe it's new and benevolent? This isn't a personal attack on those involved in these technologies but it is possible they are as naive as the original west coast tech hippies.
Now, could decentralization become what it's claimed to become? Sure, but I'd be a hell of a lot happier if it actually looked like an improvement now! It really doesn't from my view which is admittedly gnostic. Factor in the J.Q. and we got us a ball-game!
I have a deep respect for you so please don't be reactive to this. Anyway​, awesome post no matter how things turn-out!

Ah man, how could I ever become annoyed or reactive with someone as well thought out and as eloquent as your good self @andrewmarkmusic .. The funny thing is I don't actually disagree with anything you've said. I'll use a crude analogy, for me human history, our evolution of thought and understanding is akin to to a russian doll .. or a box. Each time we break free from one box it's replaced by another that's a slightly larger size, but we're still in a box .. a prison for the mind. Equally perhaps the control grid is a recognition that we're subconsciously attempting to break free of our perceptual chains .. but that's a topic for another day ;)

One thing I've spent a lifetime harnassing is an ability to jump into the mindset of other people and from that perspective, I've spent a lot of time exploring the mind of the manipulator, the shark. I understand how they think, I know how they pick certain people out. Equally I know how to create a subconscous impression in their minds so they give me a wide swerve, even on nights out or in rough areas of towns .. there are certain ways you can put yourself across be it body language etc etc, it's a play on the subconscious.

So there has long been an agenda that is slowly greasing the skids for a move into digital currency. If they came out ten years ago and told everyone "were going digital" there would be riots in the streets and so if I here a manipulator I would repackage the concept and sell it to the populace as something else. I would ensure that the people that would have most vehemently opposed me would be the ones cheering it on! Once everything is in place I would pull the plug on the economy (which is completely unsustainable and the debt will can't ever be paid back, in fact they're simply keeping it afloat long enough to buy tangible assets with) and then revert to a blockchain system, probably gold backed to instill confidence. So people didn't oppose me too much I would allow them to keep their individual crypto's but I would have a centralised crypto sitting atop it all, the mother blockchain. I would then set up some form of barcode system which people would have to sign up for if they wanted to access their money .. the barcode would then track every aspect of our lives. The minions of the El lites barcode would instantly render them above the law and usher in a feudal technocracy.

That said, I also understand the psychopathy is an expression of the archontic mindset and so this hints at a weakness .. arrogance. So for me the opening stages of this masterplan also represent a window of opportunity, in that humanity finds a way of beating them to the finish line and using the blockchain as a tool of emancipation and equally to spread knowledge. Indeed there appears to be a crossover between the blockchain concept and the introduction of many ideas/truths/philosophies into the wider collective .. they appear to be powering each other and have the potential to awaken the sleeping giant .. before it's too late. The potential is there, will it be realised in time? I don't know .. but I do know that in these dark times people need some hope and promise to cling onto .. something to work towards. Thanks again my friend .. the respect is entirely mutual.

Thanks! A few more thoughts on this: have a listen to Mario TVC on Youtube. He quite often repeats the words logic and reason over and over in some of his vids like it's some kind of enchantment spell. The fact of the matter is there are only two or three conclusions about western theism if you actually apply logic and reason: that God doesn't exist or is evil (or perhaps Deism). Obviously, I sit on the Gnostic side of the fence for many reasons mainly because unlike most atheists I don't dismiss the J.Q. The point here is how many in the crypto space are acting like MarioTVC? I would say the overwhelming majority. Got Tulips?
Think of Fiat as Yahweh's enactment of a currency and think of crypto as Yeshua's (the guy who is going to punish and torment most people who have ever lived forever and ever) and from a Gnostic perspective it all starts​ to make sense.
Here is the thing with the demiurge: it really does love us! But that love is kind of sick and toxic. A good analogy is humanity is the battered wife of the Demiurge. ( Think the Jews here, too).
I'll look forward to more of your posts.
A note: once one factors​ in The Veda's and Buddhism the deconstruction​ of religion and God becomes more complicated..I have gone through that process, though, and I still maintain that the Gnostic view is adequate as an explanation although I identify as an Agnostic Gnostic for many reasons.

I can't really add anything to the excellent comments that have already been left. I should have commented last night when I read it 30 mins after it had been published ;-).

Great work as always. It's a translation of the thoughts and feelings I have into words but just better than I could do it.

Thank you @jimbobbill No problem my friend, I'm really glad you liked the post and thank you for the kind words

Thank you so much for raising awareness about our unseen plight, really makes me want to just shut my computer and go for a walk RIGHT NOW!

Hey @lyndsaybowes Thank you for the eternal support and kind words my friend, I went out for a long walk and came back seven hours later, it helped write my upcoming post .. nature supplies such bountiful and indeed beautiful inspiration. .. look forward to catching up with your blog tomorrow and seeing what you've been up to :) And I must get my spring #walkwithme post done .. although I'll give a pre warning, I do love my flowers!!! :D

OOooh yesssss I love flowers too and I can't wait to see what you've been taking photos of!!!

Also really looking forward to what you were inspired to write <3 <3 <3

Wow. I read this with great interest and I think you are spot on about the changes to our cognitive functions. I was a very late adapter of social media and smart phones and felt I could actually see the changes occurring in friends and family.

Lately, I have been drawing hope from the idea that members of the generations after me seem kinder and more inclusive, however I take your point that who cares about that if you're losing larger human rights.

Lots to think about here. Thanks!

He @kittyandcheese thank you for taking the to time to stop by and lend your support, I really appreciate it! Yes, once you begin to grasp the way the neural processes of the brain work and then understand that many people are spending eight hours plus per day in front of some form of screen, then you begin to comprehend how our brains are adapting to these tools of information and communication. I've personally observed changes in memory recall and concentration span, how the mind increasingly multitasks and flits from one idea to another .. how the computer draws you in for one last check of your messages etc etc .. this aspect is akin to an addiction and as time moves on I feel people will be increasingly treated for this addiction. Kindness is a virtue that needs to be nurterd and grown, I always find animals are a great way for children to discover their humanity .. although I'm biased as I love animals! :D Thanks again my friend!

Every day I find the general public more and more removed from humanity, people whom have never experienced an original thought or idea. How many times the words “just plain stupid” comes to mind as an oversized truck fly’s past me on the road. Perhaps it is easier to look at them and say with humor... “Another One Bites the Dust”. Some have little intellect to begin with and what little they have is quickly being replaced.

Resteemed and thanks for a great read.

Thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support @walkthisway I really appreciate it. It's scary to think that in a world of perceptual illusion/ smoke and mirrors many people are a walking collection of other peoples ideas, but who's ideas and to what ends? Now more than ever, these are the questions we should all be asking, to challenge our preconceived dogmas and ponder where they've come from? Now is the time to help people reclaim their lives .. one mind at a time ;) thanks again @walkthisway

I agree! Plus the other dangers like getting sick and bodily harm from the radiation from our phones. It’s crazy also

We can seek to assert our autonomy by deliberately disconnecting from the web every once in a while (a "Sabbath" of the mind, if nothing else). Whenever I go out with my wife, for example, I make it a point to leave my cellphone at home or leave it turned off for as long as possible. Meanwhile, I enjoy my wife's company and we take pleasure in whatever we are doing at the moment: hiking, dining or just sightseeing.

Net addiction can be overcome!

Oh yes I very much agree with that statement, indeed there is nobody pushing our arms behind our backs demanding we stay online .. it's entirely of our own volition. I think the key is use the technology and don't allow it to use you, we need to become wise to it's inherent duality.

Very interesting. I'm just wondering whether worries like these have been part of our history before. That when script and printing first became mainstream, that people worried we wouldn't remember things as well because there was less need for it, as books would contain our memory.

Somehow I feel life will move in the direction it's planning to. Look at a baby animal growing up - it just all happens the way it is supposed to. Just because we humans do a lot of reflecting on how we move along, does it mean our doubts are grounded?

For much of the research you refer to ('The pioneering research of Stanford universities professor Clifford Nass (rip) focused on how humans interact with technology; it showed that long term overuse not only impairs memory function, but equally exasperates our increasing inability to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information.'), I feel there is a lot of subjectivity included. Who is to say what information is relevant or irrelevant in the first place? Maybe the increased availability of entertaining versus news report contents has made us more appreciative to 'information' that makes us laugh, happy, enjoy our time.

I'm not saying I don't see your point at all. Just that my personal opinion would be a bit less somber. But need to say - you found real awesome images to support your story, and it's a great read, so thanks!

Hey thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I very much appreciate it. I feel you may have misunderstood the post though, it's intent was not a tirade against technology or indeed a way of displaying my fear of change but simply to become streetwise to it. What I also intended to show are the gathering forces around technology, the accumulation of ever greater power into ever fewer hands. When print became mainstream a literal handful of companies didn't own all the books or all the papers, but the internet is increasingly heading in that direction .. equally print did (I feel) alter thought processes (for good and bad), with aspects of the public becoming a reflection of print culture and external perceptions .. but that's a huge topic for another day. In modern terms, print and media both now herald a dangerous power .. with thousands of papers, production companies and TV stations owned by literally three mega-corporations, if you stand back it's easy to see that this is the way the world is heading and it's heading towards a singularity of control .. who can be trusted with such control? .. Indeed as the old saying goes "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" .. I don't think that is the direction we want to be heading as a society, indeed it's dangerous to the very concept of society. And so I feel it's wise to at the very least ponder that those nudging us in a certain direction may not have our best interests at heart. Since the dawn of humanity man has sought dominion over the world and their fellow man, when do you think they gave up?

I have no problem with technology assuming it's true evolutionary position and direction but I don't feel that is happening, hence I feel through open source technology and decentralisation we need to bring it's inherent power back into the hands of the people and not simply sit back and watch it all unfold, every generation faces a challenge and a test, this is ours .. we need a voice and a say in the direction our future is taking, as the 5G grid is being bult around us multiple scientists are voicing very valid health concerns, writing papers about it, speaking out .. and yet the system are intent on pushing it through with zero health checks, where is the choice, the debate? ..indeed when military contractors like Darpa are leading the charge .. you surely have to wonder where they want to take us?

In the longterm I'm very optimistic about the future of humanity and I have written about this extensively .. indeed as I stated at the beginning of the post, the more they exercise control the more it drives us towards our emancipation. Equally this is a pivotal moment in our history and so as much as I want to embrace the future I'm also aware that there are forces that want to drag us back towards our feudal past. I've personally noticed memory impairment and lower concentration spans amongst children, and equally many are increasingly disingaged with the natural world around them, entire families now spend their evenings in silence each plugged into their own personal nirvana, is that a good thing? .. I've watched this happen with my own eyes so I think it has some validity. The social order is indeed both changing and becoming increasingly divided, I can see it and I can see how social media is driving it. It also stands to reason that if you're constantly bombarded with 24hr news and social media .. it becomes increasingly difficult to pick out the relevance of a million stories .. a few months ago many people we're scared thinking the U.S was going to attack N.Korea and spark WW3.. I was always saying watch Iran, in light of recent events which was the more relevant story? Indeed whilst the worlds eyes are averted elsewhere, what more relevant stories are being missed in the center pages of papers or at the end of news programmes? Thank you for the exchange of ideas my friend, your thoughts are respected and taken on board.

thank you for the post. It reads like a contemporary version of 1984 except that it’s all coming our own volition to boot. We just have to understand this and raise our kids to understand this unfortunate reality as well.

Thank you my friend, I really appreciate that you took the time to read and comprehend the message I was trying to put across .. we need to understand that it is both our own volition and indeed our support that is enabling this system to incrreasingly consume and manipulate every facet of our lives .. this system needs us .. the funny thing is .. we don't need it!! Thanks again @cmplxty

Thanks! I wish I could spend more time commenting but I at least try to find the time to read the whole post, even if it’s not right away. I like your blog, it’s rare to find someone who will try to read and acknowledge everyone’s opinion; I saw you commented on nearly everyone who commented on this. Surely going to read, upvote and comment on your prior materials over the next few days!

Hey @complxty thanks for the support and great comment .. it's humbly received .. equally sorry for the delay in repyling but it's been one of those weeks! I always at least try to reply to every comment .. if someone has spent their valuable time reading, supporting and commenting on my work then I feel they deserve a decent reply. Thanks again and any questions just ask.


Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

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