Flat Earth Theory - Fact or Just a Conspiracy?

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***The most hot topic discussed today is the emergence of a widely debated theory that is Flat Earth Theory or Flat Earth Theory. Not a few who believe this theory, but many also embrace this theory. Is this theory a fact or just a conspiracy? Here's an X-File Anomaly review.****

****Let's get to know History first****

The idea of ​​a flat earth is suspected by an organization called FES or the Flat Earth Society (also known as the International Flat Earth Society or the International Flat Earth Research Society). This organization is an association that has the conviction that the earth is flat, contrary to scientific facts that indicate that the earth is round.

The modern organization was founded by a British man, Samuel Shenton in 1956, and later led by Charles K. Johnson, who made his home in Lancaster, California, the organizational base. The organization has not been active since Johnson's death in 2001, but recently the Flat Earth Society organization was re-emerged by its new president, Daniel Shenton.

A modern hypothesis that supports flat Earth theory was initiated by an English inventor, Samuel Rowbotham (1816-1884). Based on his interpretation of certain verses in the Bible, Rowbotham published a 16-page pamphlet, which he later developed into a 430-page book called Earth Not a Globe, outlining his views.

Under the Rowbotham system, which he calls "Zetetic Astronomy", the earth is a flat disk centered in the North Pole and surrounded by Antarctic ice walls, while the sun and moon are about 4800 km (3000 miles) and the cosmos is 5000 km (3100 miles) on earth.

Rowbotham and his followers, such as William Carpenter who continued his work, gained public attention by conducting public debates against prominent scientists. One of his debates, involving the eminent naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, concerns the Bedford Level Experiment (and then led to several lawsuits for fraud and defamation). Rowbotham founded the Zetetic Society in Britain and New York, and circulated more than a thousand copies of Zetetic Astronomy.

After Rowbotham died, Lady Elizabeth Blount, wife of Sir Walter de Sodington Blount, founded the Universal Zetetic Society, published The Earth Not a Globe Review magazine, and was actively involved until the beginning of the twentieth century. An Earth Flow journal, Earth: a Monthly Magazine of Sense and Science, published between 1901-1904, and edited by Lady Blount himself.

In 1901, he repeated the Bedford Level Experiment started by Rowbotham and photographed its effects. This sparked correspondence in the English Mechanic magazine with some opposing claims. Later, it became famous for fraud involving dental practices. After World War II, the organization gradually declined.

****How to Believe Flat Earth?****

Belief in flat earth can be seen in this vidoe:

****How is this theory rebutted?****

Reactions emerged about this theory as well. One rebuttal through the explanation of physics.

****The Concept of Gravity****

According to the earth adherents flat, in the concept of flat earth there is no gravity, there is only the specific gravity.

The object will not fly, provided the specific gravity is heavier than the air density. What is the specific gravity? Is the weight per unit volume, the unit is Newton / m³. The weight is the gravity of the earth against the object, indicating how much force the gravity is holding the object.

The weight formula is mass (m) times the acceleration of gravity (g). Value g = 9.81 m / sec2. It's the concept of gravity to describe sinking / not in water. Can be analog water into the air.

According to flat earth theorists there is no GRAVITY, but the concept of HEAVY TYPE must include GRAVITY.

****The concept of day and night****

The second rebuttal, the concept of day and night. According to flat earth theorists, the sun is always above the flat surface of the earth. The sun is always "floating" above the earth's surface. At night, the sun only away. So that certain areas are not irradiated (night) and other areas are irradiated (day). Less is more like the picture below.

According to flat earth theorists, the sun is seen to be buried by our perspective. Just like the city lights.

The farther the city light (solar analogy), it will be seen approaching the horizon. It's like going down. According to the concept of the earth round, the sun sets because there is "behind" the earth, not visible because "closed" horizon, not because it is too far away so it does not look like on flat earth theory. So according to flat earth theory, the sun never sets "behind" the horizon. If using a telescope, the sun should still be visible.

If the earth is flat, the sun should still be visible if using a telescope. Because with the telescope, we can see very distant objects. But not for closed objects.

When looking at the moon, we can not see the sun after the maghrib. Because it is "closed" horizon.

Based on the above rebuttal, we think flat earth theory fails to explain the concept of gravity and the concept of day and night.

Here Some vidoe rebuttal:

****Episode 1****

****Episode 2****


True or not Flat Earth Theory, we submit to our own thoughts.

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