Altered Carbon made me rethink life as we know it.

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Im assuming more than half the population vaguely knows about the new Netflix series Altered Carbon  

which is much like the Popular Blade Runner franchise but unique at the same time, based off on a book published back in 2002 of the same title, the first season seems to have kicked off to a great start, lets just hope they dont kill it in the upcoming season(s). I'll try not to drop many spoilers for the people who are yet to watch it.

Coming back to the subject of this article, what if life as we know it is just a well fabricated lie, rather a partial truth. We have been lead to believe that no intelligent race has predated humankind, at the start of schooling and education we've been thought about the timeline of our solar system, the earth having been inhabitable, slowly cooled off, metamorphed, then life just "Happened" on the planet, and a one in a gazillionth of a coincidence that our planet also happened to support said life. A supposed timeline science helped us map of what was and what is thus far happened and it's all just a perfectly woven story with approriate scientific evidence to support it. 

But what if a superior species predated us? Hypothetically speaking of course. What if we are just another interstellar social experiment that got put into motion ages ago by a superior group of beings, they may of may not have intervened from time to time and erased evidence of their existence to an extent that it was impossible for us to scientifically deduct or explain the existence of said beings, I mean if I were to observe a colony of ants in a controlled laboratory environment, I'd probably limit my intervention to a point where they aren't consciously aware of my existence and do not become dependent in my intervention, the observations in such a case would be very inconsistent and inaccurate, right ?


There are so many things science can't explain even with all the said advancements with time, we have self driving cars, but we still can't completely map the functioning of  a human brain to an extent where we could possibly have rock solid solutions to counter Mental health disorders. We have advanced but we have an infinitely long  way to go.

Hypothetically speaking of course, what if all scientifically documented proof of any intervention of any superior beings or race have been erased/adulterated to an extent that, now we only view them as very elaborate and well scripted stories that form the basis of religion, all the mythological works speak of beings beyond fathom, ones with supernatural powers, inhuman strength, capable of achieving feats that probably require heavy machinery to be done. They speak of lost lands, of mysteriously self sustained means of transportation.What if these said beings are all proof of a superior intervention way back when the human race was in somewhat of an infancy stage and someone had to set foot among us and lead us in a direction that made us the arrogant incompationate all knowing race that just wants to consume till there's nothing left of our own existence?

Maybe they destroyed evidence that would prove their existence or the Human brain was far too stupid to conceive the reality of that and had to document it in whatever feeble and inaccurate form that we read today as mythos from different lands. There are a lot of similarities in the said fables of the old "Gods", one can draw lines between the stories told in Christianity, or Hindu mythology, the chinese and japanese mythos, the Njord Fjords, so on and so forth, either the documentation is far too inaccurate or they were deliberately Deemed that way to leave us no proof of such an existence. 

Hopefully someday they intervene again,make their presence felt, remind humanity how insignificant we are before we walk right into our doom, hypothetically speaking again. Because we already know the earth can exist without us, humans are just another dumb race of animals that will be a dot on the timeline of earth.


Good game 💯💯 altered carbon is the best, lord Shiva was just op superhuman!
Love the post!

-hands you a blunt-

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