Pandemic restrictions are unconstitutional.


There are many lawsuits challenging the authority of Governors to shut down businesses and push people around, but it's just a disorganized start. These efforts could use more help from nonprofit organizations offering legal counsel in defense of individual rights, including property rights.

As U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV found in a Pennsylvania case, capricious "executive orders" from Governors can't be allowed to violate fundamental constitutional rights for months and months simply because the Governor declares an emergency.

Mandates to essentially confiscate business property without compensation are not even laws - enacted by elected representatives in a state legislature. Yet these royal edicts have been enforced by armed police, such as shutting down small businesses by force. How can people be fined, imprisoned or bankrupted for breaking a law when there is, in fact, no such law? Governors are facing some serious legal challenges, particularly in New York. It's about time.

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