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what do you need to make better quality content.?
make a post about it just like me, mention me in your post so that they can throw their needs in my comment section.

dont be afraid to tell what you really need to make better content.

for me. it is.
not in particular order.

1 better laptop. something with modern i5-i7 would be good that can render 1080p video with 2tb of hdd, and min 16gb ram.

2 video camera, a camcorder, or action cam, that can shoot video 1080p at 60fps (cos movies needs to have a slow mo yo) image stabilizer or a gimbal needed too. a lavalier mic, and a shotgun mic.
or a dslr with a record option, camera who can do good in low lightning. make that two cameras so its x2

3 desk. and a chair. and another two chairs.

4 private space where to work on the footages. and to record shows.

5 lightning for the studio.
6 soundproofed studio.

7 sound recorder, for audio needs.
8 better phone


9 food.

10 tripod

11 few monitors for the edits.

i dont dream about lambos and other nonesense. i dream about things that could step up my content creation game up. so that i can help people.

i know that with inspirational content we can reach souls. and inspire them to do better in life.

so what are your needs? they can be more than mine.

please resteem this so i may reach out to more people on this subject

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