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What is your favorite season of the year? Why? ?

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I love autumn because this is the most beautiful season of the year. Autumn weather is very cool, sky blue and beautiful. I always like to wear fashionable clothes and walk the streets. Hanoi smells of milk flowers ... If you travel Hanoi in the fall, you can see 36 streets of Hanoi, look at the Guom Lake and enjoy many delicious food ..
The streets are flooded with yellow leaves, the sky is blue, the sun is golden..... Hanoi suddenly becomes gentle and romantic after the heat of summer.

It is interesting to see Hanoi at night. At this time, Hanoi put on a new face: no more noisy, no car horns, only silent night on the streets and nowhere in the sound of the early market.

Coming to the Old Quarter, visitors not only admire the special architecture of the house but also enjoy the famous sidewalk pavement dishes such as Pho Ly Quoc Su, bun cha Hang Buom, cake rolls, ear nem, fish fry La Vong ...

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Dear @a-alice!
My favourite season of the year is summer. it is not my personal choice but I choice for those poor people who survive their life anyway. I do not like winter because in this season the poor people have no enough woolen cloth so they have to face shiver cold as well as rainy they have no proper house to live and protect from rain.

@a-alice I love spring. For me, it means rebirth, growth. Everything that once seemed dead, now comes back to life. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes showing it's beautiful new form.

I love the rain that comes with spring. Not the dark heavy rain, but that rain when it's not too heavy and the sun shines through a little...making the drops on the leaves look like sparkles of light, like diamonds.

All of the animals that were hiding away for winter, come out and meander around. Bringing new life with them in the form of their offspring.

Spring to me is the promise that no matter what, there is no true death. Life is a cycle and we're apart of it. Although all seasons and life is beautiful to me...spring is by far my favorite.

Spring makes me happy. Thanks for reading and for yet another great contest! :)

What is your favorite season of the year? Why? ?

My favorite season of the year is Christmas season here in the Philippines.


Just simply because on this season you can feel the spirit of giving, the people here in our country is very generous in times on this christmas season, and this one of our culture/tradition here and one of the reason why we give gifts to the needy and even in our friends, just simply because that is the way of showing our gratitude, love and thanking God for the blessing that give on us. And one of our inspiration to do this, Because God give himself as a gift to us,to forgave our sins..as a sign of our faith also. Everyone of us has a different beliefs, so i do respect what is your faith.😊

Have a nice day!🙌

Hi,@areuspicy from japan.
Ilike winter.because sky and air is clear(^-^)

i write blog about spice.
if you are intrested ,please look it!

hhahahah can you write contest ? :D

I live in a country where seasons aren't very different from each other. We just have rainy months and sunny months. Venezuela. We have caribbean shores, but the storms from the sea rarely reach us. We have an eternal summertime, even in rainy days. I'm a summer person, and blessed to live next to the Caribbean.

Season in my country is not divided into summer and winter but rainy and harmattan season.
I like the harmattan the most because i can sleep without fear of heat and every place is always neat and dry

I love this competition, in my country only two stations we have winter and summer... my favorite season is winter, and is that in my I love to sleep and with the winter I spend hours mostly sleeping when it rains the weekend that I should not go to College and on the other hand the winter makes that all plants to be green and flourish, that to me is fascinating!

My favorite season is summer, might seem strange because I like the heat, but I enjoy the sunny days and is better to go out shopping that in winter it out you need an umbrella and you should go with shoes that cover your feet well instead in summer I wear sandals and walk with light clothing, in addition to that we can go to the beach or to the field without any problem... that's why I love summer!

Quienes ganaron la ronda anterior?

Hola como estas.
Mi temporada favorita es el mes de Diciembre que otoño pero en Venezuela no se dan todas las estaciones pero en otoño es muy lindo es navidad es mi cumple de paso pero ese mes es hermoso para compartir en familia, los adornos navideños, las canciones las comidas un tiempo de relexionar


Is my season preferred by the rain of blessings, is the rain that makes the magic of watering the productive land, is vegetation reverdecida and renovated to provide a beautiful greenery to enjoy nature, is when the waters bathing with blessed water from it to the to, is to know that animals can go to streams, where the field man expects is season to sow and reap rewards!

I was in Hanoi during the winter. I can only imagine what it would be like in the spring.
I don't have a favourite season. I love each season for different reasons.

Hello! In my country we only have two seasons in winter, where in some states it rains a lot for six months and summer is where we can go on vacation and have a fun time on one of the beautiful beaches, but for me the best season is in December because it is when the whole family gathers, where we can exchange experiences and anecdotes of our childhood, it was the best time because we had our grandmother, who told us those stories that we will never know if they were true or alone created in her wonderful mind, now only we have to remember her and laugh as much as she liked in his honor. This is the life of remembering, of living and enjoying every moment of life.

My favorite season is the autumn, because it coordinates with my birthday and I love how everything acquires as orange tones, the landscape really combines with that color. The falling leaves are also adorable, because they symbolize the closing of a cycle and the hope of a new birth. Although I live in a place where the four seasons are not present, since childhood I have always been familiar with the image of autumn, hoping some day to visit a place where I can see it in its splendor.

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Hello greetings from Venezuela
My favorite season during the year is autumn. This season I love why the leaves of the trees change color, and with the help of the breeze the leaves fall, that is, the plants go through changes in temperature and humidity.