Wednesday – August - 7 - 2019 - Earn 1 STEEM from the General Culture Contest Learn and Win

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Contest Rules

  1. Answer 5 correct answer questions
  2. Write the answers in a comment
  3. Subscribe to my account
  4. The first person to answer all correctly is the winner
    5.good luck for all

The first question
Who is the oldest football club in the world

Second question
How many lion names in Arabic

The third question
What are the three largest oceans in the world in terms of breadth

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The fourth question
15+9 *10 - 5 *0 +25 =

The fifth question
What is the name of this anime

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this is the last contest

The winner is @evanstinger


............................................Answer questions

The first James Rodriguez from Real Madrid.

The Second painter Vincent van Gogh.

The third question answer is 3, Octopus have 3 hearts,

The fourth question answer is 5.

The fifth question answer is One Piece.

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*Sheffield Football Club
*more than 300 names
*Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean.
*Fullmetal Alchemist

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