[CONTEST CLOSED] Altcoin Fantasy + EventChain 10 SBD Giveaway! (Guess the price of "Bitcoin")

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Win 10 SBD by guessing what the price of BITCOIN will be by JUNE 9, 2018 (6:00pm PST)

What will be the price of Bitcoin by June 9, 2018 6:00PM PST?

• Participants must follow, upvote and resteem this post to qualify.
• Leave your price guess and your ACF username on the comment section section below. (No ACF username? Head over to Altcoin Fantasy and get yours now!)
• Guessing is open until June 9, 2018 (12:00AM PST) ONLY - NO EDITS AFTER THIS TIME!
• The first 5 persons to get the correct price (without going over) will win 2 SBD each.

The actual price of Bitcoin will be taken from coinmarketcap.com on June 9, 2018 (6:00pm PST). A new post announcing the winner will be put up on our Steemit blog shortly afterwards.

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Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📉 7d
SBDSteem Dollars1.736$2.15%-1.65%

Acf username: cheekah

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7501USD, ACF username: stalemkl



Thanks @altcoinfantasy!

ACF username: apple96
Bitcoin 9/6/2018: 7590 $

Precio BTC 7640 $
Nombre de Usuario ACF: luisport

Usd7,520, acf username reginacarlo921

ACF username: nguyentrung

Guess: 7537

7550.88 usd, My username ACF: rachelssi

7790USD Username minimining

ACF username: Louzam
7,580 $

username -coach2390

ACF regina80

user: greo

Price: $7,600.00 USD

ACF Usename: onefatindian

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