May - 4 - Forex - Contest - Result – Question - Friday

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EUR/USD closed: 1.19585

GBP/USD closed: 1.3526

USD/JPY closed: 109.101

• Congratulations to all winners!
• If you are the winners, just leave a comment such as: “EUR” or “EUR, GBP” or more if you win more than 1 or 2 contests.
• If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me here!

I will stop running these Forex contests, so if you are the winners, just leave your comments below to claim your rewards.



I am a double winner!

Congratulations! You are the winner of the previous contest!
next time you can type: "EUR, GBP" or "STEEM, Bitcoin"
Good luck again!

Cool! What luck!

Cryptocurrency contests are still running everyday!

I am just crying 😣😣😣 about this. I grown up to this level because of you are the key to my success dear😍 . Are u adding any cryptocurrencies to compensate these forex?

Congratulations! You are the winner of the previous contest!

That is great question and also what I am looking on it. I am thinking about Bitcoin cash, EOS and SBD. How do you think about these?

Yes it will be good but my idea is ripple or dash inplace of above anything you mentioned.
I would like to make a poster for your contest if u want as u helped me a lot its my pleasure to give you something

Sounds great! But will that poster works for all contests?
It would be hard when collecting Ripple numbers, I passed it! I will take Bitcoin cash instead of dash b/c its popular and volume. But not for now. Updating new rules very soon. Thank you!

Yes u can change date everyday remaining will be unchanged

That would be great! changing date and cryptocurrency name too.
Thank you in advance!

I made one hope u will like it.

The format must be rectangle format!
Predict Your Price = Predict The Price
We need to test it later. Just take your time!
Thank you in advance!

Amazing! Another one!
Congrats to every winner :)
Thanks Angelina

Congratulations! You are the winner of the previous contest!

USD/ JPY! Why will not you continue? : / Thanks for your contest, it's very good!

Hi @louzam,
The crypto contests are still running every. I did not see that many forex traders on our Steemit site yet. I have seen one used multiple 3-4 accounts and gave some impossible price such as "1.024, 2.2145,.." with EU contest some worse with GU contest too. Might get back with these later when our platform get ready. Will update new rules soon to get rid something, just want to make the game fair to everyone.

Congratulations! You are the winner of the previous contest!

I won twice. I’m very thankful

Hi @propane, just let you know that the crypto contests are still running.

Please don't stop the contest, its a nice one

Hi @cherylsonty,
I still keep running those cryptocurrency contests everyday!

Okay ma, better


I had the chance to win 2 times since I knew your contest (recently) :D
Very good, thanks for the contest! :)

PD: You should in the future take into account, only the accounts with reputation level greater than 35 or 40! to avoid the use of multiple accounts.

This is great idea, will thinking about it. Rep at or between 35-55, how about that?
Thank you!

This idea has its advantages, and its disadvantages. There are also new users below level 35, who are honest and do not abuse.

I have observed that users who have multi accounts: They have no profile picture! (There are exceptions)

PD: Viewing the contests yesterday, users with multiple accounts, have a reputation greater than 35 :O

Totally agreed with you. Lets see what I can do. Under 35/40 should go around to learn the platform first... ;)
I dont want to see the very new one get up to 35+ with 2-3 wins from these contests.
They can hate me but I think they need to spend time to learn our platform.

umhm, that's not the good news for us. I hope you continue this contest for the cryptocurrency. This contest is great opportunity for the minnows.

Hi @lawlees,
Yeah, those are still running!

Oh wow I won on May 4th, May the 4th be with me! hahaha


Congratulations! You are the winner of the previous contest!

in as much as you want to stop a portion of the contest..i personally will appreciate you on the value you have added to me personally as a fresher on steemit and as a new trader in the currency market...i have benefitted from resteeming your post and upvoting too even if i am yet to win any of the past contest. all the same dear you have added values to the live of steemians in one way or the other. love you and cheers always!!!

thank you for the contest

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