INVENT A FUTURE MEMORY - Steemit Contest, 50 SBD in Prizes

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It is an imagination exercise, it is a Steemit contest, or challenge, or game...
and there is money to be won!

The Rules

  • Write a short story describing a future event from your life.
    Describe what is happening, how you feel, get into it! Remember, it has already happened, in your future. Now you are merely writing about it, and sharing the memory with others.
  • Dark or bright, anything goes, any genre, any storytelling style, but.. focus (and write about) an event you want to see in your future (whatever that is)!
  • Include a piece of music to accompany your future memory.
  • Tag your entry with #futurememory as the first tag, and include a link to this post at the bottom of your entry.
  • I don't want any contest entries completely lost out there, so please post a link to your entry in the comments section of this post! (That's important!)
  • Optional:
    • Include a drawing, painting, or a photograph of the place, or event, or feeling of your future memory.
    • Resteem this post.

👉 The Deadline: May 31st 2018 👈

The Prizes

The 5 top entries will receive 10 SBD each.

The winning entries will be chosen by me. I have no idea what to expect in terms of response and participation, so I'll adjust as needed. In other words, if the response turns out to be overwhelming, additional volunteers may be needed. If there are 5 entries total, I'll be able to heroically handle it all by myself! :)

Judging Criteria

Flexible. The overall experience counts.
There is no telling what you will come up with, so why limit the possibilities before the games even begin?

The most important of all:

Have fun with it!

Sabina Nore

whether you are participating or not!


Ok, I've done one :

Even if it's disturbing to me, because I've first searched a song in my VERY little list of songs, and thus found then my idea about what to write ; but when I listen to Muse, I usually don't want to understand the lyrics, as I take the voice of the singer at the exact level of a pure musical instrument.

But this is a detail.

And so it begins!
Yours is the very first entry... :)

Did you know that Lisa Gerrard, from Dead Can Dance uses her voice exactly like that? Lots of people assume that she sings in some foreign language, but it is not a language at all. She uses her voice as an instrument.. and it's a marvelous one. Here is one example.

I just got mine out!! Hope you like it! :D

And I didn't forget to resteem this post when you got it out ;)

...and infused with magic, I expected no less!
Mama Inspiration was worth waiting for. :)

And I didn't forget to resteem this post when you got it out ;)

That I remember! :)

Irrelevant, but now that I remembered, I watched a scene from the Fifth Element (I haven't watched the whole movie) and this creature reminded me of your Conflux

Here is my entry to this amazing contest. I hope you like it.

I hope it is not too late to submit an entry...but its better late than ever. Here is my entry
I apologise for submitting on the last day.

Of course it's not too late!
Today is the last day for submitting an entry, so it's all good.

I am glad to know i didn't miss the deadline. Thank you.

great idea!! I have no time now to get into this but will do in the near future! ;-)(as I´m writing.......I imagine myself lazing around reading good books, and having time to write and reflect! nothing of which I can do at the moment unfortunately !!!hahahaha! )

Haha!!!! There is plenty of time until end of May!
Your comment also reminds me of this little drawing... :)

hihihiii!!!oh yes!

This is excellent and it is similar to my "A day in the future" series.

Here is my entry

Here is my entry... It is a feeling that I have gotten in the past, in the present and future. I never tire, I am consumed by it. Thank you for putting on this project @anibas

I can't resist. I'm writing it now.itself.
Just a suggestion, you can rename the contest to 'Days of the future past' after the famous xmen fantacy movie series. Will sound more classy.

Super Idea, Sabina! I do not know if I'll join, but I'll follow the posts. I'm resteeming. :)

Great idea! I am in!

This sounds like fun. Expect an entry from me soon.

Interesting idea to say the least, I will give it a go. I am not the best writer but have a great imagination or so I'm told. You have a new follower... resteeming

Nice idea. Very innovative. I'll write it over the weekend.

Hi there! Welcome back :)

I've been away for past 3 weeks (short holiday) and finally im back :) Loads of catching up is awaiting me now.

I checked your profile and im glad to see that you're still very active on steemit.

How have you been doing?
(I upvoted number of posts today so my voting power is runnig very low. For that reason I cant upvote your post today but i will be following you closely)


amazing contest! Im will try to join

"include a piece of music" how will that be achieved? Via YouTube or related?