General Knowledge Quiz Contest (200) - Participate By Giving Answer

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Hello friends,

This is General Knowledge Quiz Contest No. - 200.

Test your General Knowledge, participate by giving answer in comment.


In 1919, Rev Philip (Tubby) Clayton founded which organisation as a club and church for returned soldiers?


  • A
    Returned Servicemen's Association

  • B
    Toc H

  • C
    Chelsea pensioners

  • D
    British Legion




Play fair, do not search answer on google. :)

I will post correct answer next day.


Best Luck from @annadoll





Correct Answer: B - Toc H

Clayton started Toc H as a way to perpetuate the fellowship developed in Talbot House, a soldiers’ club which he started and ran in Poperinge, Belgium, under the name Toc H from 1915-1918. (Toc was the contemporary radio signallers' symbol for "T".) The organisation's aims include to "seek to ease the burdens of others through acts of service" and to "promote reconciliation and work to bring disparate sections of society together" - summarised as "to love widely, to build bravely, to think fairly, to witness [the Kingdom of God] humbly". It is headquartered in the UK and has branches internationally.

B. Toc H

i am good in multiple choice when i was in first grade. heheheh

A - Returned Servicemen's Association

Toc H. ---- B

The answer is B-Toc H

My entry: option: C

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