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RE: May - 4 - Forex - Contest - Result – Question - Friday

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I had the chance to win 2 times since I knew your contest (recently) :D
Very good, thanks for the contest! :)

PD: You should in the future take into account, only the accounts with reputation level greater than 35 or 40! to avoid the use of multiple accounts.


This is great idea, will thinking about it. Rep at or between 35-55, how about that?
Thank you!

This idea has its advantages, and its disadvantages. There are also new users below level 35, who are honest and do not abuse.

I have observed that users who have multi accounts: They have no profile picture! (There are exceptions)

PD: Viewing the contests yesterday, users with multiple accounts, have a reputation greater than 35 :O

Totally agreed with you. Lets see what I can do. Under 35/40 should go around to learn the platform first... ;)
I dont want to see the very new one get up to 35+ with 2-3 wins from these contests.
They can hate me but I think they need to spend time to learn our platform.