Help my sister out LOGO CONTEST 35 SBD

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Help my sister out

Dear Steemians! One of my beloved sisters asked me for help with her logo. I really want to do her this solid, but although I'm an artist, fonts and logos aren't really my talent... So I instantly thought, where better to turn than my Steem family? There is so much talent here, that I'm sure I can get her a proper design by doing a contest!

So here goes, this is the sketch she send me.

kblegal.jpeg My sisters sketch

What is my sister looking for?

She would like a sleek and modern design. She wants a modern font (she mentioned modeka, achi, parley, metria, arenq, qg) and letters overlapping in a creative way. She mentioned she would like the K and Legal in one shade, the B in another, and she would like the B to pop out 3-d style. Honestly, I trust your creativity though, so you can create a logo based on these parameters and/or also submit an entirely different alternative conveying KB-Legal.

In terms of colors, she prefers one of the two tones to be a shade of blue, and the color combination to portray calmness (she doesn't want purples or pinks), the font and Logo should be easy on the eye.

small banner 2.jpg

How to participate?

-Make a logo design for KB-Legal (up to 3 participations, all eligeble to win and get honorable mentions)

-Make a post including your design and tag KB-legal <-important you use KB-legal as one of your tags so I'm sure to find all the participations.

-Post link in the comments below <- Again to make sure I don't miss any of the participations

small banner 8.jpg


The winner, decided by my sister, will receive 25 SBD

Our next ten favorite participations will win 1 SBD and an honorable mention

If the participation is overwhelming, I'll up the amount of Prize money and honorable mentions

small banner 3.jpg

Your help is much appreciated!

Thanks a million fam! I really hope I can do my sister a big favor with this one... Your participation and creativity are very much appreciated.

Hupa-indian-circle-with-signature-S (339px, 25fps).gif


I actually made five different designs but these are my best two!

Here are my entries for the contest


If you like what you see, pls upvote and give me your thoughts in the comment section below.

Hello, greetings to the steemit community. This is my second presentation. I hope you like it.

kb legal 2.png

kb legal 2 varios.jpg

EYE catching!

Hello, @artzanolino, Thank you for doing the contest with the designers of the steemit community. I hope you like it.

kb legal 1.png

logos varios.jpg

Dear @artzanolino,

This is KBlegal logo design from me:




My best regard, @muf

Logonya sederhana, tapi bagus ya, terutama yang hitam 👍🏼

Dear @artzanolino, I’m interested in your contest and I have sent you my design. Hopefully you and your sister attract with it. Thankyou



Dear @artzanolino, this logo for your sister is Oke ☝️ Best regard from me


I try entry


My entries


Joe's (1).jpg

Hi @queenhelelncute this very nice your contribution I really like you I wish you good luck

Here are may logo entry hope your sister likes it. =)

Hello friends, this is my contribution to the KB-Legal contest. I hope it is what your sister is looking for. Thank you for allowing me to participate.
My first entry let me know what you guys think

My entry for KB-Legal I hope your sister loves it


Congratulations for your post....

Hey @artzanolino I know that your sister prefers a green, but, I really like how it is with the black, I hope that you like it too(If you sister want I can change the colors ^^)

Logos KB legal.jpg

muy bueno! exitos!

¡Muchas gracias! igual para ti.

Hi stemians friends with pleasure I leave you my participation in this logo design for the sister of @Artzanolino good luck.

kb logo.jpg

These are two logo design for your sister greetings.LOGO.jpg

Kb Legal.jpg

wow i think its creative sketch .....its look like simple but creative...

Thank you for your great support friend, I never tire of saying it because thanks to you my life has changed. Hugs and I always follow your art.

Thanks Hermano! Keep up the good work ✊🏽

Ты лучший, вне сомнений!!!

Спасибо, но это ничего не гарантирует.

Сначала попробовал сделать так, как хотела заказчица, но все фигня какая-то получалась - это, в принципе, и сразу было понятно, но думал, можно как-то вырулить. В итоге вот две буковки изобрел :-)

Hi @artzanolino, this is my logo design for KB-Legal. Hope you like it. Make sure you read this post for detailed the logo. :)




My second option:


Here is my logo, i hope you like it

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Hi. These are my proposal. Regards!

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The logos are not mine either, but if I could help your sister I would gladly do so! I hope you find one that you like, luck to the participants

Gracias!!! hace poco tome el reto de aprender arte digital, solo me familiarizaba por pintar sobre papel o lienzo, te animo a que lo intentes!.

Hello artzanolino, this is my entry #1. Thanks!!!

hi! @artzanolino, excellent initiative, help comes soon haha, until when is the deadline to deliver the proposals?

Working on this. What is the deadline ?

Till the post payout, so a week still :)

designing the logo the first time I do something like that!!

Greetings @artzanolino, I join this challenge of being able to design a good logo for your sister

Hello, good initiative, I am already working on the design of your sister

well .. I will try to do logo design as you suggest. thanks @artzanolino

only creative people like you make short sketches but meaningful @artzanolino

Hi @artzanolino. creative design is very easy to understand I think that's the best because it is easy to see

hello @artzanolino, here I leave my participation. I hope you like it. Regards!!

this is my entry @artzanolino , I hope you like it my logo design for your sister.... thank you

what is the logo for? is she a lawyer? is she a rapper?

A lawyer indeed!

Really this sketch Look like simple but something is different.

Good day @artzanolino. My second entry to the contest. I hope you like it. Regards!!

I am resteeming this post so that my friends can see and participate.

How can i do it my idol @artzanolino

Hey Edin, by posting your partcipation with #kblegal and/or posting in the comments 😊

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My participation: