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UPDATE: Post and payout rewards in this post are burned to help make the community better. I am still hoping for the future #SPORTS tokens and somehow in this way, I could help. Good luck to all the participants and lock in your predictions for the team to win.


Matchup details to aid you in preferring which team to choose.

  • Clippers on a 2 game winning streak, 14–10 on the road
  • Lakers on a 1 game losing streak, 16–5 at home

The result from:

  • Predict and Win SPORTS #88 - Rockets vs Nuggets:


Last round, there are 15 participants, so far the number of participants is increasing, I look forward to seeing more and engage in the contest, you can check the previous contest here:


So to recap the mechanics for the game, please do keep this in mind.

  1. Upvote the post (post rewards will be added to the prizes) then comment below your favored team to win. Since the main goal of my initiative is to gain engagement from other #sportstalksocial users.

Note: It is not necessary to vote the post at full power, voting the post is a way that I could check if you had staked some SPORTS tokens since my main initiative here is to support for the betterment of the community.

  1. After you had chosen a team, predict the SUM of the total scores of both teams.


  • Lakers - 210 - The 210 here is the predicted total score of both teams. Next time, please do it this way so it will be much easier to judge.

The one who predicts the correct team will have the chance to be ranked according to the one closest to the total combined team scores and those who have not predicted correctly the winning team will be given a consolation of 15% upvote for joining the said contest

UPDATE: In case of a tie on the prediction of the sum of the points, the predicted sum of the scores below the correct prediction will be ranked first.

Example: Lakers - 215

Prediction A = 214
Prediction B = 216

Prediction A will be ranked first since it is below the correct prediction score.



  • 1st Place - 100% Upvote from my account, I currently have, 1,000,000+ SPORTS POWER + 900 SPORTS TOKENS
  • 2nd Place - 75% Upvote + 600 SPORTS TOKENS
  • 3rd Place - 50% Upvote + 300 SPORTS TOKENS
  • Participant - 15% Upvote for joining the contest

The initial post rewards additional to the prices will be varied accordingly. You can read about my full introduction of the contest here.

The matchup of the competing teams will be held at:

  • American Airlines Center Dallas, TX at 7:00 PM ET

Note: Please do enter your comments before 7:00 PM ET to be eligible for the contest. You could check the current eastern time here.


Goodluck, lock-in your predictions and earn some rewards in SPORTS!



Since, this match is postponed due to the recent unfortunate event, I will be closing this one and will be voting your entries at 20% for your participation. Stay tuned for the next one with updated contest details. Thank you and my best wishes to all.

Hiii @baa.steemit this match is postponed due to the death of Lakers legend 'kobe brynt' . So check the schedule and edited contest with another upcoming match.

SPORTS Burning? Where is the burn?

You haven't burnt a single token in over 8 days yet in the same period you've made 6 posts claiming that you would burn the post and payout rewards.

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 06.24.08.png

You've never done that either. Instead you've burned tokens in order to promote your own posts. There is nothing wrong with doing that but there is a problem when you deliberately mislead the community about the mechanics of the contest you are running. Either start doing what you've said you will do or otherwise change the contest.

Furthermore, requiring users to upvote your contest post has always been considered tantamount to vote buying not just on sportstalk but within the steem community as a whole. You risk getting flagged and/or blacklisted within multiple communities if you continue to demand an upvote.

Just to let you know that, I have been very busy lately to update things and all, okay as to your demands I have no problem changing the mechanics for you if asking for votes is not allowed. I had been posting this contest for months now and it has come to be the 90th. About the burning, as you can see from my past burning, it has been more than the payout of the posts. I have stopped burning through promoting the post for a week since I had been very busy and this 90th predict and win post had been postponed due to teams postponing their games. Thanks for your heads up and will surely update my contest with new guidelines on the 91st one.

Also I would just like to clarify that voting doesnt mean to give your full vote. Even 1 percent will do just to let me know that the person who joined had staked some sports tokens. I had seen some others who are using this method to check for tokens stakes that for you guys is a form of vote buying. If this violates you guys, I have no problem changing the mechanics of my contest but please do make sure to also get the attention of others who are doing so. Thank you.

We have already contacted other contests who are requesting upvotes and the same rules apply to them. If you find any that we have missed, feel free to contact us in Discord. Thank you.

Thanks for the response, I will update the rules of my contest now. Thanks for doing your job.

You're welcome mate and best wishes with the contest :-)

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