💰💰💰Congratulations to our WINNER @baharoba who won the contest of 2017 ICC Champions Trophy Finals – INDIA Vs PAKISTAN Cricket Match! 💰💰💰steemCreated with Sketch.

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Congrats to @baharoba for winning the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Finals Contest!!!!

Pakistan won the ICC Champions Trophy 2017!!!!!

Pakistan won by 180 runs!

Contest Result:
Winning team – Pakistan
Winning score – 338 runs
Closest bet made – Pakistan, 321


Pakistan won by 180 runs.jpg

@baharoba predicted the winning bet to be "Pakistan, 321" which is the only closest one to the winning score of 338 runs!

Rewards amount of 30% SBD will be paid out after the contest payout!

Thankyou for each and everyone who participated in this contest!


Upvote, comment, resteem and follow for more contests!


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