A Bit Curious Contest #2 100 SBD in Prizes - 7-10-18

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There were a lot of great replies, and a lot of feedback, thanks to everyone who participated. When I started to go back through the comments and send out the prizes to the winners I realized that there was so much engagement I decided I'd spare a little more than 100 SBD.

10 SBD Winners:

5 SBD Winners:

1 SBD winners:

I will continue to go through the replies and I may possibly send out a little more! Thanks again to everyone who engaged!

Contest Information

I will attempt to do contests weekly, if time permits I will do them as many times per week as possible.

I learned quite a bit with my last contest from all the users who participated on the subject about why they use Steemit. With the plethora of engagement that the previous contest received, I've decided to find out what it is about Steemit that users dislike. The contest will last 24 hours and winners will be chosen then, may the best responses win!

Contest Subject: What do you dislike most about Steemit?
Contest Prize: 100 SBD

1st: 10 SBD
2nd: 10 SBD
3rd: 10 SBD
4th: 10 SBD
5th: 10 SBD
6th: 10 SBD
7th: 10 SBD
8th: 10 SBD
9th: 10 SBD
10th: 10 SBD

The rules are simple:
#1 Comment on the post about the contests subject.


People that have an absurd percentage of self votes and never "spread the wealth"

I'm curious as to what do you mean by self votes? Those who have a lot of SP and upvote their own posts instead of upvoting others?

Everyone should upvote their own content, but the ones that only do and will comment on others without any vote given (like/hate - let them know). When you use a site like steemworld.org and the self votes for someone are in the 70% and up, how does that encourage others?

Everything is broken, you have million+ SP accounts delegating only to bots, you have people with lots of SP only voting for a few friends with similar SP, and so on. And then you see them vote trading even in the comments section, people try to vote for notable/already wealthy people to get support back in popular threads, it's all pretty disgusting.

I didn't know about this, I guess running this contest will be a good learning experience. In a way it sounds like it mimics real world economics where the rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle to make a dime.

I didn't realize that voting is basically monopolized here by the SP wealthy.

You'll probably get a good perspective on how users who need the money experience the platform.

It does, it really does, wealth concentrations in crypto are terrible across the board and we're no exception to the rule. A handful of accounts own most of all the SP that's powered up, and singular votes can make or break someone's chance to be a top 20 witness.

Because of the not-so-elaborate pattern of the thinly veiled vote-for-vote players with similar SP levels here, small SP players just get by trying to enter as many contests and creating content for any of the curation orgs/dapps they are able to. It really doesn't help that only a 0.02 STU vote or above cashes out at time of payout, anything below that is rounded down to 0, and with over 300 SP I barely do 0.03 votes at max power so unless minnows were more coordinated it's harder for them to help each other out with their starting 15 SP.

The last major breakdown of whale voting patterns I've seen showed it was kind of split, where some whales just power themselves up, and some whales vote or delegate to community projects. But everyone seems to be cashing out at least a little on the side as a hedge as the price falls.

Do you know that initially, 15SP used to give $0.01 upvote? Suddenly everything has changed. With 300sp you can barely give $0.03 upvote. That is bad news for those of us who are way below that.

Our chance of growth is pretty slim. We just have to keep doing what is right.

Yeah when I started it was around 0.01 to zero depending on the day. It really is, they need to make it so it doesn't round down to zero, it is really discouraging for everyone. It used to take more steem to create an account as well, now it's only 0.1, used to be 0.5, and was even more before that.

Ah I haven't heard of steemworld.org, I'll look at it shortly. I can understand that, only upvoting yourself and not upvoting others can be discouraging for your followers and those who upvote your content. When I first started I tried to upvote everyone who commented on my contest / introduction posts. Though I shortly found out that you actually have a voting power meter that's refilled over time so your votes are worth more.

Since then I've been trying to vote less so I can give more to those who engage in my content.

I dislike here in steemit that mostly people created multiple accounts and manapulate the main cause of Steemit. Mostly witnesses and big whales are the owner of bots and also effected the reward pool by voting their multiple accounts.

Actually I'm fine with the multiple accounts thing as long as you're posting different genre of articles.

For example, you can have a channel solely for artwork or for photography and your main channel for all kinds of other stuff. It's like how YouTubers have a second channel for vlogs and stuff. It's the same idea, just a different application.


Thank you for making this contest here I will leave you a list of things I hate about steemit.

What bothers me the most about steemit are the few possibilities that a person with little steem power has, that no matter how much effort he uses to make original quality material he never receives votes or adequate remuneration.
I am also bothered by people who are responsible for discrediting the work of another.
I am annoyed by people who are in charge of making contests and do not pay what I agreed in some cases I have denied others.
It bothers me sometimes to pay bots and that they give smaller votes than they should be.
I am bothered by the healing accounts that with the excuse that they help some people, the great economic benefit is left by a small dome of managers.

First I would like to commend you for running a contest with simple rules, a good distribution rate and generous awards. If I had the ability, I would be more generous with 'my' contest awards too. These contests are a good way to keep people engaged here on steemit, learn about the platform and increase their earnings.

What most people seem to complain about on steemit, is 'mostly' related to 'earnings'; and the various methods we might employ to increase them. e.g. bots, curation trails, auto voting, vote trading etc...

Though I used to dislike those things which appeared to be just 'a club' type thing, as time goes on, and I learn a bit more about how these things may benefit 'anyone' in time (with consistency, and effort) I no longer am against such mechanisms to grow our accounts here.

What 'does' bother me still is the continuous rules in place here regarding 'how' rewards are paid out/distributed. They are certainly discouraging to everyone, not just newbies. One of the worse is something already mentioned here by charitybot regarding the 'rounding down' of .001 and .002 minnow votes to 'ZERO'

That is certainly one BIG slap in the face for 'all' members with less than .003 in VP...and greatly discourages posting, commenting and retention on the platform.

@dustsweeper has emerged as a method to help combat this great loss to newbies, but even their help is limited to 'your' votes to others...not both ways unless the person who votes on your post is also a @dustsweeper member.

That's about it for now. Once again, thank you for this contest.

I appreciate your comment. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to give such generous rewards, technically speaking I can't really afford it, but I'm considering it a paid learning experience. So in the end the benefits outweigh the costs for me.

One of the first things I looked into / saw on Youtube was a video about bid bots and how to earn a % return with them. Which is one things I'm currently testing. Through testing this I also realized that they offer not only a potential return, but visibility. For me this is what many would call "killing two birds with one stone".

If I can actually earn any % of return from a bid bot, then I'll reinvest a percent of it to grow, and give a percent of it away like I am now.

The rounding of votes worth can be problematic and discouraging for many, especially from a psychological standpoint. Getting a $0.00 vote kind of makes you, in some ways, feel the content you posted has the same value as that vote.

Thank you for responding @bit.curious with your input. Good luck with the 'bot' experiment, and best wishes in your journeying.

I really dislike how hard it is for your posts to get noticed among all the spam posts and how posts that aren't very unique or original are making lots of money when they're essentially plagiarized or don't have any (what I consider, at least) real value or don't engage people to communicate and share ideas/thoughts more.

Beyond that, I'm new to steemit, but I'm liking it so far. I just feel like I'm gonna have a hard time getting any recognition in the massive loads of posts that pop up. I suppose maybe that's another dislike for me, how chaotic the different pages and tags and topics are and how hard it is to sort through the stuff you don't care for, to find the stuff you DO care for.

Just my two-cents.
But hey, I'm new, what do I know? :P

I also think this is a good way to get people more involved. I feel as though the posts that ask other people about their own opinions/feelings/thoughts about things, are the ones that are truly valuable, as it invites people to express themselves!

Thanks for reading my comment!


the only thing i dislike here in steemit is that most people are just here for the money. they forget how to really connect and interact. others may have paid BOTS to do voting and replies just to earn badges and increases their power. we become less of a human, slave under technology. plus the voting mechanism here, most are selfish. they couldn'y even give 100% of themselves and yet those that have high powers who give/share less are the ones who wanted the biggest shares of payouts. i wonder where exactly EQUALITY can stand. some could not afford bots, so they settle for what is left, they settle for what is less. they get things the hard way.

but this is not a lost case, i believe there maybe light at the end of the tunnel.

I didn't even realize that badges were a thing here, I thought it was just some bot that had posted them on my previous posts. In general many do not know how to connect or interact, even when it comes to person to person physical interaction. In part technology is to blame, and another is that we live in disposable societies. When government treats us as basic cogs in their machine, and disposes of us as if we as humans hold no value, everyone else follows suit.

The loss of humanity is largely due to how you put it; everyone is a slave under technology.

Yeah true.. in my own little way, i try to connect and be part of something. Im glad there are still like you who write makes appealing topics that gather interest in people. Somehow creates interaction through argument or a mere talking out loud some insigths. Keep it up sir!

First, the constant unending spamming bots that go commenting everywhere.

They do seem to be quite the nuisance!

I think what I hate the most about the platform is it's inability to filter out original content creators out from the whole bunch of other people including spammers and scammers.

Minnows are forced to either use dirty tricks to get their content visible, or simply join another minnow support group where the chances of their development are still low considering the fact that those places are usually filled with other minnows who are fighting the same problem.

On the other hand, the spammers and scammers take advantage of flags and downvotes to intentionally make others' (original/quality) content less visible just so that their spams can be broadcasted to even more people.

The worst part? Minnows can't do anything about it personally. Their only option is to complain to whales or steemcleaners, because if they start flagging spams, they risk getting their own content flagged by the whole group of spammers which they worked really hard for.

Thanks for the contest, @bit.curious!

You make a valid point. A system to filter content other than just selecting a tag would be helpful. I'm just curious though, and I'm not sure if you'd know the answer to this, but do most minnows reinvest into growing their account?

If they go through the means of using dirty tricks or support groups as you say, do a majority of them take out every cent they make, or do they reinvest it into gaining more visibility, etc?

As from a personal experience standpoint, anyone who struggles to earn any form of money, tend to always take what they earn and not put any back in. For the most part they do not have an investors mentality, but a survivalist mentality as they have to struggle to make ends meet.


At this point, it's a little tricky to answer because there are two different types of minnows:

  • The first type are the ones who are just in it for making some quick cash (if they can) or just to simply check out a rather new website and play around with it.
  • The second type are the ones who are in it for the long run who reinvest back into themselves, and are looking forward to make things better for themselves and for others, by constant efforts and dedication.

But then again, you can't help others if you can't even help yourself.

You first have to learn how to stand on your own feet, only then will you be able to help others walk.

Can't speak for others, but im pretty new and plan to keep reinvesting until I start making enough to impact my lifestyle.

It may be very strange if I have to comment on things I do not like in the steemit app, because I really like this app.
But I have one thing I do not like about steemit: lack of upvote by steemit or upvote successors from steemit users who have steem power above average

I can't stand the "search bar" in browsers. There is no filter to choose between "User", "Post name", "Tag" etc... On the mobile app it's much better created.

Thanks @bit.curious for running this contest. A bunch of people have already commented on bots and selfvotes, so I'll leave those two alone.

Overall I'm having a very positive experience on Steemit. In terms of suggestions, mine is easy: you have to make the platform easy for grandma.

Steemworld.org is a great site, but why should I have to leave the Steemit platform to learn what's going on in the Steemit platform?

Similarly, Discord is great! By why is it necessary for Steemians to leave the platform to connect with one another? Why drive traffic away from Steemit.com?

Until we're able to do things like see when we're mentioned and connect with others on Steemit itself, we won't see the platform really take off.

Bottom line - devs, please make it easy: REMEMBER GRANDMA!

Remember grandma is a good saying, though at the same time are most Steemians elderly, or are they still in their 20's to 50's? I'm not really sure of the primary age groups that actually use Steemit yet. With that said, I do feel that communication should be slightly easier, as not everyone always wants to post a comment or leave a message by donating SBD.

I assume many turn to Discord as Steemit lacks the ability to converse privately.

But sincerely, I think it would make far greater sense if the steemit developers can create channels to serve all these useful purposes right here on steemit.com. Some of us here do not even know about steemworld.org and so many other channels with useful services.

Exactly! To get more people to join Steemit, all services should happen here!

@bit.curious - by Remember Grandma I don't necessarily mean actual grandparents :)
I mean for Steemit to grow, it needs to be more simple, so that anyone (including grandma) can use it with ease.

No hours/days/weeks of study and as great as sites like Steemworld are, the average user isn't going to want to mess with one site to check their voting power, another site to send a private message, another for notifications, etc.

These services are going to have to be integrated into the platform before we can expect Steemit to really expand their user base.

So as the devs work on the platform my advice would be to always REMEMBER GRANDMA when building the site :)

That makes more sense now, I guess I was looking at it from a different perspective. :D

Yup yup, just keep remembering grandma and KSS (keep it simple, steemit!) :)

good afternoon, one of the things that really bothers me about steemit are two things:
I think it is very important to note that despite the large amount of money, the great confidence that is on the part of users, this social network, is still in beta, is very much think and generates distrust at the time to invest.
I think that maybe the prices of sbd and steem could rise from us to this beta phase that in my opinion is slow to happen.
Another thing that bothers me about steemit is that despite the great amount of time it has, they have not bothered to develop any part that expresses notifications of the functions of steemit, such as votes, follow-ups, delegations, there is only one section for comments and does not even have a section for when a person makes a response in a comment.

Thank you for completing this contest @bit.curious, a greeting from the charity account in Venezuela @oneopportunity.

Dropping post without getting upvote have low steem power is what i dislike most

Great contest @bit.curious. I personally dislike the fact that there is no equity in reward distribution. Those with high SPs have multiple accounts and upvotes themselves at the expense of those who put time and effort into writing great articles and earn nothing.

I dislike the fact that flagging is not regulated. No procedure to follow for flagging. Anyone can flag you if they don't like your face.

Hi @bit.curious, Thanks for the contest and question.
What I dislike most about steemit is that I spend a lot of time preparing or writing quality and content post but often, not even anyone sees it. During those days I see that other people write just simple and short articles and they get a vote. I wish my articles or posts get view by others. Thanks @honey-pot

I am a newbie and once I signed up here I have posted a few articles and then I have found, there is no upvote. I was clueless and then some generous guy explained me about the trail concept and how I should invest and delegate my voting power to him to get some upvote in return. I was still confused. Then I started checking some youtube videos and found out about bot and I still feel there is a lot of mystery left for me to resolve. Overall, I felt the operation here on steemit is quite complex and there is no simple guide for a new comer to understand. This is something I am not liking about the steemit.

What bothers me the most about Steemit are the contests that do not respect their own rules, those that just for creating more publications or for wanting to force a winner put extensions, conditions or deliberations that were not stipulated in the rules at the beginning of the contest.
Also the dictatorship of those who only took advantage when the platform was on trial, mined steem with CPU and accumulated a large amount of SP, these act as Steemit police giving flags and in some cases harassing other users just because they do not share their opinions

The most important problem I see is the volatility of the prices of Steem coins, the basis of the system. In one month, the price of STEEM and SBD can be doubled or reduced by half, so the same situation applies to your income.

Another problem is the need to learn too much to use the environment properly. It is not reasonable to expect the end user to make such an effort to learn a platform.

Additionally many complain about the domain of the investors in the system. Thanks to the high power of STEEM, there is a select group that can distribute a large amount of rewards and become popular along the way. Of course, it is important to bear in mind that those who invest in the platform are aware of the great financial risk they acquire.

Some invest in the Steemit system with money and others with our work. So we'll see how much we can recover in the future. Perhaps the trip itself is as important as the final reach. For now I enjoy this trip in the first row.

Thank you very much @bit.curious for creating this contest.

The things I dislike here are many but since you said the most: it is what some big players here call help. Some will put a minnower through a rigorous process only to give him $0.01 after all the effort. I bumped into one so-called minnow support project that made me join their discord. They asked me to register with them by filling out a Google sheet. I did! They asked me to proceed into voting a particular witness. I did! They asked me to create a content on steemit and post the link to their discord. I did! Then they said congratulation, your post has been upvoted. When I checked, the only value they added was $0.01. Then I'll have to wait for a day to qualify for another upvote. That was a real turn-off for me.

Post their user name, so we all know not to waste out time with them in the future, please.

Wow that's absurd! I can see how that could easily anger anyone. It's sometimes sad what people put others through in order to gain a follow, a like, or registration. One would assume with all that information and effort you'd at least be tipped some SBD or something!

My apologies for that experience. My votes aren't worth much as I am no whale and try to spread them out to most of everyone that engages in my posts, but $0.03 is better than nothing!

The shitty posts in the 'Trending' section. Period

Well, obviously not talking about this one. I already upvoted it :)

Haha I appreciate it, but I can understand what you mean about shitty posts that were boosted by bid bots. My last contest was called a shitty post in trending regardless of having over 300+ comments of lengthy user engagement.

hahah no not like that, but i am talking about 1 photo and 4 lines post :D

And, thank you so much for lovely gift of 1 SBD, that was a good gift :) Cheers mate

It's my experience that newbie can not get votes easily. Some of the are given to them by bots. Their too much hard work bring hardly 0.01 to 0.1 (it's my experience). Whereas, the people having high voting power don't give votes to others (Not everyone, there are some who also vote people with less power).

Who have high voting powers, they also give 1% which also worth low.

And then, they comment on that post giving some dollar upvote to their own comment.

People resteem and like post of others having more steel power and comment there in order to get more citation rewards and comment there in the hope that may be the author also upvote their comment.

And the posts of authors with low followers remaines clean (no comments, 2 to 5 votes from boss and their own).

I seen the post with $1500+ and when I checked the people who upvoted the content was his own vote and I think other one was his partner ($800+) (was written in the comment below).

They save the power for their own benefit.

And as a newbie It hearts me.

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When you upvoted my comment then I got notification. But when I opened you post spent 5 minutes finding my comment.

I remember we started the same day and I commented in your post. But you invested and made good steem power. And I am still at 0. 100% vote is worth 0.001 or 0.002$.

Also hate this one. 😭

Hoping to try bot when I'll get something in my wallet.

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Hi..the most i hate here on steemit is someone who flag me...that time i decided to stop and give up ,i want to revenge him but revenge is not good so...i ignore it..i pray him in fact his reputation or his flag is not affected to my account.

Another thing i hate here on steemit if when i post a blog ,then no one like it..maybe i think they dont like my post..so thats why i try to my unique ideas.

Thank you @bit.curious 😀👍💖


Followers dont upvote or make comments on post.

I dislike the current interface and navigation system. Difficult to sort through the topic. Difficult to handle communication with other Steemians (no built-in message system and hard to keep track of all the comments spread-out over a great number of posts). No communities or groups. It feels like a very raw beta version – which, of course, it currently is.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

what do I dislike most about steemit?
  • The flagging issue, everybody knows whales have the power to flag whoever they want for whatever reason. It's really annoying.

  • The password non-recovery: So all I'm hearing is if I lose my device with my password unsaved, it's gone with all my steem and Sbd. I guess steemit should allow user to create their own preferred password. It'll be better that way even if there is no recovery.

  • It really annoys me when I see people advertising to me through wallet and there's no way to delete those transactions or I don't how.

Hello, everybody, I would like that in steemit we could communicate through the same page (Like on facebook) without having to use the discord.
I do not like it when I see people insulting themselves in public, I think they should air their problems directly with each other without making embarrassing shows. Especially when it comes from people who have some relevance or importance in this network.

I don’t like editing limited to seven days: in the nature of things, nothing is forever: why should be statically eternal a post?

Fortunately, I found that things are changing:

Once the 19.10 release is deployed to production nodes (by the witnesses and RPC node operators), the blockchain will allow changes past the seven-day threshold. After that, it will be up to individual UIs to support unlimited content (or not).


What do you think about? 👍🏼

To be honest I would have preferred the limited editing, as it can hold people accountable for their actions. Say someone says some really horrible things, but has the ability to alter this at any point in time, do you find this to be fair?

We cannot always undue the harm that words can create, why should you be able to go back and change those words far into the future?

Someone made a valid point in a previous contest I held about this very topic. Since posts at the time were limited to editing only to the first week, a lot of people who used racism, hate speech, etc. would be held accountable for it as it was eternal on the blockchain. This allowed any potential future employer or person to be able to possibly find these posts, and see who this person is behind a screen. Giving users like that the ability to alter their words in the future without limitation is basically granting users the right to censor their own selves at any given time.

I understand your point of view and I approve it!

However, life is a flow and I have experienced the truth of impermanence.

I think it is very probable that even the worst of the racists, or those who spur words of hatred or behave badly, will sooner or later evolve for the best: it is in the nature of things.

Or maybe I'm too much optimistic? ;)

A hug with joy from @amico!

well, I have been a part of steem for a year now and have been diving deep into the whole matter. I like the blockchain as a whole but there are some things that bother me. Now most of those have been covered here but one that is kind of personal to me is witness voting.

Every steemian has 30 witness votes and they are free to use. But its seems that its like in real life.

People do not vote but then they are not happy with who is president.

If you voted you might have changed it. I am part of a group running a witness project here on steem called @swisswitness and we are struggling to get some more votes in from people that do not realise they even have these votes.
Even you... I do not know if you knew you had the votes or did and did not vote...
Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 13.56.26.png
my last post on this is here:

A way to make it easier to vote for a witness is through steemconnect so you can just follow the link below:


or if you do not get all this witness stuff but trust that I do, you can proxy your vote to me through this link


I dislike that there a quite a few people only posting copy paste news/content. I know every single post brings activity, but at least be creative a bit or give a source when copying 1 to 1.

That is a hard one for sure because there is so much to like about the platform. I guess if there is one thing that I dislike is all the spammy accounts that say things like, "I upvote you, please upvote me." The almost humorous part is that they never leave an upvote.

Reminds me a lot of Twitter where everyone posts on popular accounts asking for follows, offering to follow them back, and never doing so. Either that or they click follow to get your follow then unfollow you.

I guess it doesn't matter which platform you use, there will always be those who ask for but never give.

Yeah, I guess you will get it from every site. They are not bothering me to bad, so you eventually learn to live with it :)

Buy me steembasicincome shares and I'll match them for you. LOL

What are steembasicincome shares?

It's from @steembasicincome, which for all I know could end up being some weird pyramid scheme, but if it was they're really doing it wrong, because they seem to be working as intended instead for now.

Basically you send 1 steem to them with someone else's username in the memo (with or without the @ before it), and then you and they are enrolled. Enrolling in the program gets you a share in one of their voting pools, you can have more than 1 share, some people have hundreds.

You get bonuses to the vote they give you if you vote on their post updates, up to 100% bonus.

Your shares entitle you to a certain amount of their voting power every week, you need to make at least 1 post a week to get that voting power for the week, if you post more on average they reduce the vp to balance it out to be the same in the long run.

They buy delegations with the steem which is why you can't buy them with sbd.

I've been giving people SBI shares because I lack a sufficient high-powered voting base on my posts and want my account to be self-sustaining at a high level of giving, and to give others a little something extra on their posts past the amount my voting power alone would be able to afford. I will feel very bad if the steem price totally craters and the votes are worth near-zero, at which point I'd have to buy more steem and buy more shares to get them all over the 0.02 level, if the program still exists.

Also, if the total amount of SP your followers has exceeds a certain amount, it's worth it to post from busy.org, because their bot will vote on your posts (for a few cents up to a few dozen cents, depending on your following and random other factors I don't know)

It's from @steembasicincome, which for all I know could end up being some weird pyramid scheme, but if it was they're really doing it wrong, because they seem to be working as intended instead for now.

LOL I kind of want to use that as our promo quote.

Ah I see, so it costs 1 SBD per share? I went ahead and got you one share to test it out, also sent a few other users from this post a share too.

Oops, sorry it's 1 steem a share, don't worry they'll refund you those sbd, though they do a lot of things manually so it might be a while, including the sign-up process when you send them steem.

Many users when they register on this platform spend hours to write a good and interesting post and often their work has very low rewards and this causes to them a lot of frustration.
Many other times, I see a shit post (maybe a picture with two lines of description) that has earned a lot of money.
This creates a system that favors those who have money (to invest in bots) and disadvantages those who write quality content and new users, thus eliminating almost all the seeds that would later become valuable contributions in this platform.

Bid bots.

Trending + Hot posts got dominated by people that spent a lot of money on bid bots. No matter how good or bad their post quality, as long as they pay a lot of money to bid bots, their post will become trending.

Meanwhile, people that doesn't use bid bots won't get anywhere on steemit without help from some dolphins or whales.

I mainly used bid bots as a tool on my contests to get visibility and a lot of community feedback. At that same time, I am also giving away a generous amount of SBD in doing so.

I can see where abusing this can also cause issues as some are just in it for the return and nothing more. Which in turn can push down the visibility of users who can't afford to use bid bots.

OK, this is really stupid, and lots of other people have big-deal things that they want to see changed, and I get that.

But what I really hate, what I really really hate, is when I'm not sure if I'm following someone, and I go to their main page, and it shows me the "follow" button and I hit it and it unfollows them, because there's a little lag in updating the button and I didn't wait long enough.

And then two minutes later I see it in my Steemworld notifications and go "that's not what I meant to do" and go back and follow them again.

And every time I do I think about whether they get follow/unfollow notifications and what they think I'm trying to do over here.

I've run into that issue, didn't know if it was just me or if others had encountered it.

I think if Steemit did give notifications of follows and unfollows, a lot of mindsets on the platform would be different. Small things like being followed, likes, unfollows, etc. can easily uplift or break most people on the interwebs.

I'm actually surprised there isn't a rant tag.

I'm actually surprised there isn't a rant tag.

It's #steem.

Oh, and for what it's worth, probably switch to SteemPeak.com now before you get too used to Steemit. It's a new and much better front end, you see and do all the same things, but it has nice things like notifications.

I'm trying to switch but my old brain is really used to doing things here and resisting.

Thank you @tcpolymath for the SteamPeak recommendation.

Thanks for the heads up, I just bookmarked it to browse it a little later. Is SteemPeak created by the dev team for Steem, or is it just another service?

The dev team for Steem mostly builds the Steem blockchain. They also run Steemit but the blockchain is their focus. Every action you take here - posting, commenting, voting, managing SP - is a blockchain action. Steemit the website is just a way to display them.

There are other people who have built other ways to display the same blockchain, and SteemPeak is one of those. (So are busy.io, d.tube, and a bunch of others.) They're basically all skins for the same system.

Ah that makes more sense, thanks for the information, I appreciate it! I'll look into the various other skins you've mentioned and what their added benefits may be. :D

Funny...I have had that happen to me as well, and it drives me nuts...especially problematic due to my 'button' being partially obscured!?

Wow I thought I was the only one who experienced this. There was this one time that I pass through on one friend's account and his profile shows "follow" I pretty sure that I followed him then after few secs it shows that I unfollow him. Then I realized that it was because of the site's lag. I didn't mean to unfollow, i mean it was unintention but i still felt quite sad.

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I think what's most annoying is how difficult it could be for newbies to climb, and then some whales/dolphins with shitty contents just keep on upvoting themselves, and raping the reward pool. If only something could be done about that.

Sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire. Though at the same time if everyone had the means to do what the whales / dolphins do then there wouldn't be much in the way of earning. Sadly I'm beginning to gather that there's some form of monopolized voting system which in turn hurts the minnows.

Indeed. Hit the trending page, and you will see some copy and paste material with expected huge payouts... Maybe 4, 5 from the same author.

Thanks for context

About Steemit I hate that 0.001 SBD in wallet by bots

I feel it must be at least 0.01


And on serious note, it makes wallet a mess, can’t sometimes find actual transactions

So I feel for 0.001 SBD there must some other way to put on


Real Info

I forgot about this issue! that gets ugly after a while, but hopefully all those .001 SBD add up over time :)

I agree, the 0.001 minimum SBD can create an ease for spam posts in users wallets. A filter system for your wallet history would be beneficial in this case.

Yes somewhat like in binance, we can hide small assets

So we can easily watch our actual transactions

I use one of steem tool to calculate my actual transactions

Thanks for reply

hello bit.curious great idea your contest, the truth is that it puts me in a bad mood when I see that in an article you get people asking for a certain amount of sbd so that these supposedly promote it, they want to earn what others cost a lot with only saying that they have 5000 followers and that you are going to resteem the publication,

I get that quite often so I know the feeling.

It's very scammy, but best to ignore them, warn others about them, and be happy with the free 0.001 SBD.

And sadly, most times, those their followers are predominantly minnowers like us. They don't upvote people and even when they do, those votes are valueless.

Thank you @bit.curious for this contest.
One thing i don't like about steemit is the fact that, as a minnow you spend days and nights just to create good content and you end up not getting rewards or rewards that is far below your effort.

I can understand that, at the moment I'm trying to grow my minnow pond of followers and attempt at helping them earn something. I'm also trying to contribute to their growth by holding contests like these and giving away SBD. I can understand the lack of visibility can be discouraging, especially if you took the time to try and produce good content.

The choice of growing, or cashing out is in their hands.

True @bit.curious, contest like this can really go a long way in helping minnows.

Obviously, the right attitude will make steemit grow faster. If the big players will replicate what you are doing, definitely, that will boost confidence amongst minnows. What many of them fail to understand is that those minnows they ignore are also part of steem lifeline.

That is true, minnows are a huge part of the steem lifeline, but at the same time whales have a strong enough foothold to not have to worry about them. Considering they can easily make money without them...sadly.

Greetings my friend ,,, It is interesting your contest, because you are reaching the heart of this community, every word that I see that comes from a user, says it with the heart, and the truth I see this very positive, I love this type of Attitudes, besides creating endless questions,

Answering your question; It bothers me that many here have already responded, that a user arrives saying that he is going to vote and follow you, if you follow him, it is absurd that, if a person decides to follow someone is by own merit ,,, greetings to all post participants and I hope to be among the happy winners,

To understand any community you must go to the root, which a majority root of this community is just everyday users, not whales, etc. So as you said, you have to reach the heart, it is there that you'll find truth.

If I had the typical mindset of someone who asks for follows, I'd make it a rule in my contests to follow me. I don't ever plan on asking for follows, if someone follows me I hope it is due to the fact that my posts have something that interests them.

Which at the moment, this post gives users the potential to earn SBD, so I can understand some of the follows. For me, contest like this allow everyone to have a voice that will be seen by many, if even momentary.

Hello @bit.curious, Thanks for the question.
Haha, this question is very good. I love It!. Honestly, what dislikes me most is that sometimes I spend a lot of time preparing quality publications and, often, not even others see my publications. During those days I see that other people write with spelling errors and without formatting, and if they value and vote, which I do not think is fair. It seems that there are curators with a very select group of people who often vote for them.

Regards.... @dulce85

In theory, using bots is bad, but they exist on the platform, so if they shouldn't be used, why do they exist? So there is a negative flag war going on because of that, but those who have the bots seem to be very powerful and no matter how much they fight against them, nothing happens.

In general, you must to have a lot of money to have or buy influence ( any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence)

In short, there is a power struggle, where the one who has the most is the strongest, regardless of whether he is right or wrong.



The way you wordered it, you've made Steemit sound like a dictatorship with the top being the majority shareholder and his underlings who continue to keep the top, on the top. In many ways this platform reminds of me a pay-to-win MUD. If you're unfamiliar with the term, a MUD is an old school MMORPG which was text-based.

Its EXACTLY that...and kudos for the old school analogy...those were the days!

I'm not really familiar with the term you mention. But I think I scared you, and I'm sorry, maybe I was too harsh.

In this case I am pointing out to you only the negative things, observed in my short trajectory, to answer your question. Positive things it's got too.

I see Steemit as real life, there's a sea of opportunities and a sea of vices. Just learn to survive as honestly as possible and focus on doing your job well. Actually, we minnows have nothing to lose (only time, which is also valuable).

For example, there is something called circle jerk, it is a group of 10 people who delegate a significant amount of SP and use it to vote only for themselves, obviously in this circle is not important to publish quality content. For things like that you can see, for example, a stepshot image, with a huge reward.

I think the problem is in the reward system. You have to make a big investment in order to generate decent rewards, but in theory you shouldn't vote yourself, so how do you get back the investment? And even if you vote for yourself, it's a long way off. There is also something called curation, in which you win by the votes you give (which should be the strength of the platform) but when you look at what you perceive by giving, it is not very attractive either. Naturally, users are looking for ways, whether ethical or not, to see a return on their investment.

Little by little you will discover both sides of the coin and from what little I have read about you, you will do your best.


I hate autovotes and 'curation' trails. Upvoting your mates without even reading the post in return for your mate doing the same makes a mockery of the platform, and its always the greedy older members and their 'old boys' network. No newbies, however good, get to break into this inner circle.
If rewards were paid on actual eyes on page, and number of comments it would be a much better system.
I also hate how most of the small boys club barely engage and never upvote theit commenters, again because theyre saving all their to upvote their mates.
Finally, I hate the general greediness and lack of compassion and charity here. Sell some badly drawn trading cards which cant even be played with yet and people spend millions buying them. Attempt to raise funds for a good cause and.....next to nothing.
You hit the nail on the head in one of your previous comments. Steem totally reflects the general real world economic model. The rich get richer and the poor feed on the scraps. There is absolutely no great empowerment or freedom on this blockchain. Its used as an ATM rather than a new style social network and the whales and dolphins encourage the minnows and plankton to work hard..thus lining their pockets.

True, true, true, andddd true.

The way old vests acted really killed the platform from the start, imo steemit and steem are completely dead if tether kicks the bucket, steem's price has never risen on its own independent of price manipulation by the exchanges+tether. Can't have anti-social people dominating what's supposed to be a social network and expect it to thrive.

I don't have a lot of SP, and at 100% it's only worth $0.12 per upvote, regardless of this I try to spread it out and give high votes on occasion, or spread it out through votes of 23% that give $0.03 per upvote. It isn't much but I try being fair and give as many people who engage on my content votes without running my voting power meter into the ground.

I haven't actually read any posts by whales, or looked into them. At the moment my main concern is engaging with those who want to engage, and take part in earning something for engaging with me. Whether it be a whale, dolphin, minnow, or shark bait, everyone is the same to me.

We are all but words on a screen.

The amount isn't important. The fact is you read, engage and discuss. Even if its 1% on your slider and worth dust, its the engagement that matters and the manners in acknowledging someone taking time to read the post and commenting thoughtfully. Again, whether you agree or disagree with the comment isn't important, its the debate and engagement.
I like to name names, so take a look at this, the comments and the list of upvoters and compare to all her other posts. The people who big upvote never comment, her general fans that do, no upvotes for them. Its exactly this kind of 'member' of the old boys network Im talking about.
People will engage with you, perhaps cos youre running competitions but then it gets personal. We maybe words on a screen, but the fingers that type the words are flesh and blood ;-)

Ah I see your point of view now, personally I try to read and reply to everyone who engages, as they are taking the time to come here to engage. They are giving me a part of their limited resource, time, the least I can do is give them the same in return.

Thanks for the link, I'll look through her blog a little later once I'm done reading the new comments on this post.

Haha yes I can't argue with that, there is a physical being behind the words that a lot of time, people overlook or pay no mind to.

What I don't like about steemit is the headache it posses for registration most especially the aspect where you have to wait for two weeks. There two of my friends who want to be on the platform but have not received the pass keys for over two weeks the system promised. It's frustrating, really.

Yes that can be frustrating! Which is a downfall because you can pay to instantly get access, but if you register for free it can take weeks.

I am guilty of paying to get instant registration to Steemit.

After 520 days playing, I finally got my first rainbow from a daily summon. I am sure that I did way more than 400 daily summons.

I know that I may be an extreme case, but I think that it shows how important a pitty timer is. The only reason I didn't give up on dailies is stubbornness.

Before the 3% rate I had only 2 rainbows, Ramza (of course, useless for a looong time) as the anniversary free one and Olive as the free compensation.

Nowadays I have a good number of rainbows and it is way more fun to play.

I'm not sure what rainbows are, I'm assuming it's part of the badge system that other users have mentioned? I have yet to do any research on it.

greeting, without a doubt one of the things that bothers me is that there are many good publications, but really very good and do not receive a fair vote, for example the great whale know that, but as they all help each other and do not lend attention to good publications, thank you for bringing this contest that to the small fish comes to us very well thanks @ bit.curious

@bit.curious greetings.

Well one of the things that bothers me about some users, is not oriented when renting bot.

the bots are a fantastic tool here in steemit, but everything has its rules, the bots have a suggested minimum and a maximum to be profitable, example; if a bot has a voting power of 10-sbd with a minimum of 0.5 for rent and a maximum of 5-sbd for it to be profitable to bidders, many people do not check this, and sometimes pay more than the bot can give, leaving others losing their investment,

It is not possible that if a bot pays 10-sbd per vote (of course this vote is divided among its auctioned) and the bot carries 7-sbd for rent, come a user renting the bot for 7-sbd plus leading to the that they had rented the bot (about ten people for saying a number) first to lose in their investment ,,, this bothers me ,,,,

I agree, the bots are a fantastic tool but should be used with caution and others in mind. I normally try to bid on bots when they have no other bids on them. As you said, others can ultimately lose out and not profit from not paying attention or overbidding on a already maxed out bid bot.

In part I think many do not pay much attention to the suggested minimum, as they just see the huge dollar amount of the bot and jump right in and bid.

People can be blinded by the almighty dollar sign.

Thanks @bit.curious for the contest..
I understand the fact people are complaining about posting a good quality content and nothing to show for it. I dislike the fact that steemit is turning to "who knows who", where I upvote my friends or those that am aspecting favour from, not minding the quality of their post. Someone will post one picture with little write up and get lot of upvotes while another will take his/her time to make a good post but nothing to show.
Sometimes we pay for resteem service just to get our post across but still its not recognised. It hurts but we just keep striving because I know we will all get there.

Like everything in life some pay to gain an advantage and some grind away and try to become something. From what I've learned visiting different countries is that whether it's online, or in real life, most people do not affiliate themselves with those they can't possibly gain something from. For instance, I highly doubt a lot of the engagement from users I received and the follows I've received wouldn't have happened if I hadn't held these contests.

Everyone seems to have an ulterior motive when it comes to friendships and relationships in life.

But how about those who find it difficult to make friends even with ulterior motive behind it.

Ya....in steemit we make friends here because we want something in return....its all about give and take.....but that's not a good reason to purposefully ignore a quality post.

I guess it all depends on the person and what they value most. Friendship or money. With that said you can literally make both here, friends who help one another make money. :D

Yes.....I know.
But how can you make from friends here...is it just by commenting on their post??

Have comment conversations. Join some Discord severs around your interests and talk to people there.


I have no clue to be honest, I've never been the greatest with making friends. :P

Yes.....I know.
But how can you make from friends here...is it just by commenting on their post??

Everyone is on discord, really.

First of all, I'd like to give thanks for your initiative to make such purposeful contest. And to be honest, I am still exploring the platform. But if there is one thing I dislike, well not literally dislike maybe the sad part (for me) is when you post full effort and quality content yet it doesn't get upvotes, while simple paragraph posts had tons of upvotes. It's upsetting somehow but I believe that whales have more opportunities to have more upvotes compared to us planktons.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for some whales who help minnows and discoved quality content posts. That's what I appreciate the most, great example of those accounts are @curie @ocd-witness and some minnow support accounts. Also looking forward for all the minnows who are working hard to reach the top and get what their posts deserve. ☺

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I don't want to create just any random contest, my contests are primarily for educating myself on Steemit, and getting user feedback on the platform. Whales will always have power and control, it's hard to find anything in life that isn't governed by those who have money. Aren't there users or bots that you can use for cheap that offer upvoting? I've only used bid bots thus far, but get posts on my "wall" all the time promoting voting services.

I attempt to support minnows with my contests, and I'm in the process of building up my SP by buying it... though I'm no whale and can only buy so much so often. At the same time I am spreading my voting value around as much as possible without it having to take forever to recover, so my votes will at least be worth something for those I upvote.

Well not just particularly on my behalf but also for some steemians. Hehe. I totally agree on you, and totally appreciate those people like you who support minnows. And by means of yoyr contest, I believe its's not just you who learned through it, but also those people who joined your contest. Big help! Thank you for that.

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How effective is the partiko app? I can see you are using it.

Hmm I am still exploring the app when it comes to points but i love the app when it comes to comments and posts. It's one of the fastest condenser compared to some app. But to see is to believe so I suggest you try it yourself. For me it's a 4/5. Yay

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In it, Steemit rewards the users both for posting their writings, as well as to provide voting posts of others who are considered interesting. Your post can be a blog post, as well as video content. This steemit, built using Blockchain-based technology. More precisely, using Blockchain Steem. This has become a new way in the social media world, especially its ability to blog and gain advantage in a system based on cryptocurrency.
Users can get two types of cryptocurrency. Ie Steem Power, and Steem Dollar. To get two crypto is the same way that is, just by posting, or giving a vote. In fact, no third party is required in it ...

Steemit is best social media platform. Steemit 40up reputation members are help there friends post only. Not support other new steemit member like me.

¿Qué es lo que más te disgusta de Steemit?

I am really new to this platform, but what really catches my attention is that many people including me dedicate hours to give their best, in contest or in publications and it is really sad to see that you do not have a vote. Of course it is understandable because maybe the person who makes the contest wants more than what that person is giving at that moment. However, I believe that, even with little votes, it would be very rewarding and would impel people to continue using this platform and to be better day by day in their publications.

Hi, I'm actually relatively new to Stemit, but one of the things I do not like is doing a publication and not receiving the vote that I would like, but I guess that's what it is, and so I can improve every day

trolling and ignorance. There are those that exist (some big fish) who are quite happy to make friends and talk themselves up and promote themselves and their own comment but when you ask what they think of yours you wont get a follow, reply comment or even an up or down vote. because they're too hot shit to vote for anyone but themselves. worst of it being why do they think they're too good for you. They're content couldn't keep your attention right through. and they talk about dribble.

Lo peor creo que es el uso multiple de cuentas! es obvio que los que comenzamos tenemos que generar contenido innovador, que llame la atencion, pero creo que igual hay mucha desventaja! tenemos que llamar la atencion de una ballena o alguien importante para poder sobresalir y no ay ayuda mutua con los nuevos y los que solo tenemos una cuenta para echar a perder la plataforma! Quizas somos tontos pero no esta bueno!!!

well, what i hate about steemit is, it really doesnt leave so much room for people that are starting from the scratch. some how, the phrase "the rich getting richer" stands.

the possibility of ammasing good amount of steempower when you start afresh is more of like a white elephant project

Yes that is one downfall, the lack of ways to get SP without having to purchase it. If I may ask, how long has it taken you to get where you're currently at?

I don't like steemit's bid bot system because of bid bots if you have good amounts of SBD then you can easily be on trending page in really few time. I am pretty new here I am struggling for getting good readers but I failed...
I don't have SBd to spent on promotion if you help me I appreciate your kindness =>@amar15
Thank you :-)

I guess I would go with the distribution of wealth it but, like you said steemit is just a reflection of the real World so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised there. Dope contest btw and great giveaway:)

Unlike the real world where ordinary people are bound to the country they were born in, people can freely choose to use other platforms, if we fail to retain and grow user base organically then platforms that understand how to appeal to the masses will edge us out.

Couln't have said it better myself! even now such similar platforms are starting to pop up here and there. But still, gotta give credit where it's due. If it wasn't for steemit many such as myself wouldn't have been able to afford to partake in the crypto World. So let's just hope that steemitinc actually is trying to find a way for newbies, whales and investors to somewhat equittably coexist before people start jumping ship. Cheers for passing by :)

The registration process. I dislike the fact that it takes weeks for someone to be approved. I introduced some friends to steemit over a month ago. Out of 3 of them, only 1 has been approved.

The variance in time is quite disconcerting.

It is difficult for newbies to understand how to grow. You almost need a mentor.

I hates curation.it eats my dollar.then i feel upset.

The first time I have used steemit, I was delighted. Because there are so many cool and beneficial stuff you can do here. However, as I become more into this platform, some things make my eyebrows meet.

  1. Steemit used to be an awesome site where good contents are being rewarded. In reality, good contents do not mean big rewards. Steemians have formed some kind of a cluster or group that will back them up, regardless of content quality. And I hate that. So unfair to steemians who invest time and effort in making posts. This resukts to steemians advertising their posts anywhere.

  2. Self votes. I mean this isn't bad, for me. And this isn't applicable to me. I just heard from some people that steemians above the dolphin trophic level tend to upvote each other's posts. Is this really what's happening in the real world? Worse, they really have no intention of helping other steemians below that level. I am so happy that some are not like that, like @surpassinggoogle.

  3. People tend to kiss ass hahaha. Because they like to be upvoted by whales or dolphins, they try to sugarcoat everything they wanna say to the higher trophic levels. As such, the true form of ourselves is kinda lost in the process. They do not want to hurt or annoy the whales, so they kiss ass. Flags from them are pretty scar, huh?

  4. Spams and a new method for scammers.

  5. Steemians value more the sbd payout rather than expressing their true self.

Thanks for this cool contest.

Everything is spot-on.

What is don't like about steemit is almost an endless list but to say few

  • Self vote:people tend to vote themselves an not think about other newbies
  • Feeling that I've got to give up:this always hit me anytime i make a post and get less than $0.30 all time upvote,or when i don't win in a contest
  • Also hate the fact that people tend to use each other by telling someone to upvote and resteem in a contest an then leave the winner hanging by not giving the winner anything

Maybe it takes some time to sort out some of the more complex contests, especially if rewards are divided by many participants. It is unfortunate that some will just take the upvotes on the post and never give prizes.

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