Devise any Unique & Interesting Contest and get it Sponsored

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I am going to reboot contest sponsorship which I started last year to get people more engaged. Previously it was restricted to Art category only but this time there is no category or langugae restriction and it could be more effective in NewSteem.

As it is obvious from title of post, if you want to conduct a contest and you are looking for sponsorship then I can do it for You via @appreciator. Think of any creative, interesting and thought provoking contest and contact me on discord BlueMist#7648, so we can discuss the contest's layout, rewards etc in detail.


There are basically none but would prefer weekly contest and if the idea is good enough then I can choose to sponsor it for a long time. Even ongoing contest can also participate in this support initiative.

If you think you have what it takes to conduct a contest and be a good Judge then you can drop your IDEA anytime by contacting me.



Ooh! Ooh! Me, me, me. I got one! Thank you for the opportunity @bluemist. This #newsteem thing sure is newgreat!

Myself, @jlsplatts and @idig have maintained the @foodfightfriday account since its creation 69 weeks ago and I’m not just making that number up because it’s 18 and over one more than 68. We’ve never approached anyone for sponsorship though we’ve often considered it, rather, we’ve funded the project ourselves by offering #steembasicincome shares to our weekly winning chef, like last week’s challenge offering a total of 21 shares. Have a look at this weeks contenders here.

It’s a weekly competition where anything food related goes flies. We’ve had multiple entries from various countries each week where chefs are doing restaurant reviews, steem meetups, recipes, ingredient discrepancies, if it’s food, it flies.

Your consideration is appreciated—thank you for the offer. We’ll make a mess with whatever you’re dishing out! Delegation—sure! @sbi shares—absolutely! Even a weekly upvote that’s solely in support of the competing chefs and we’ll continue the @sbi giveaways on our own would be appreciated bigger than THIS.

I’m @foodfightfriday and I approve this message.

Interesting idea, I do know some of the contestants which participated last week.
Will be glad to discuss it further

Abb dhhyyy gjkty <— first time my thumbs can’t keep up with my excitement. Thumbs, snap out of it! Great talk @bluemist. Talk to you soon. #newsteem.

18 and over hahaha

I run two weekly contests... and I would also like to plug @pifc!

A Question of the Week sort of thing where the questions can range from the mundane (What would your perfect last meal be?) to the ethical (How would you solve the Trolley Problem?) to the more Humourous (Favourtie Idioms). In order to not be judging from my own bias, I mark all valid entries with an upvote which gives them a share of the Steem-bounty, and then I use a random comment picker to pick the winners. I found at the start, I would be picking entries that resonated with me personally... but that wasn't the point of the contest... it was to try and get some discussion going! The last closed contest is here:
... and the current open here:

... I also run a Guess the Word contest. 3 photos from Unsplash that share a single search term. It's a bit harder than it sounds! Current open contest is here:

Lastly, but perhaps more importantly... I want to put in a plug for the @pifc (Curation Contest) run by @thedarkhorse. It is a way for people to get out of their silos and feature some interesting authors for others to discover!
The current open round is here:

Thanks for reaching out, I have selected few right now to start with and will definitely consider yours soon. Feel free to drop by in dm to further discuss anything

Thanks! @pifc is definitely something worth supporting!

It is a very good initiative by you.It will help #newsteem a lot.

Thank you very much.

@bluemist Hello dear friend. Excellent idea. Contests or challenges are the most effective in creating links between people.
Without a doubt you will get many proposals, there are very creative people.
I wish you all the success you deserve.
Have a great day

Thank you so much.

It's gonna be one year of my steemit journey in this 19th November. I had a plan to arrange a contest but didn't find the passion to run it. Maybe after reading this, I will think again. :)

Many congratulations on the way!
I do highly suggest to go with it, am sure you will have the killer one.

Really awesome Initiative. I have always wanted to do good and encourage others to do good.I wish everyone would write about the spot of his own country. They will present their country in front of everyone.they will represent there own country famous spot.

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Excellent initiative! There are many people going around in steemit with very good ideas that often go unnoticed due to lack of support to offer good rewards.

Surely users will come up that bring you a good idea that helps the interaction of users and motivates the creation of original content.


Thank you so much, I do hope so too.

@bluemist I have tagged you in @streetstyle's post about SPUD. I think this initiative to build Steem and keep it in the system is a great one. Perhaps you might consider supporting it?

Thank you for mention, will look into it.

Its great of you to be doing this, and I whole throw my hat ion, I currently run a Weekly contest the Wednesday Wal, where I ask people to get out get some exercise walking and share a few photos of what they see on the walk, I give out a few SBI Shares to a randomly drawn set of participants and would love sponsorship to be able to award more people who join.

And while at it there is another contest that we do in collaboration is a challenge hosted by @elizacheng called the Make me Smile Challenge, that's one that she may want some support for ther eis so much anger inthe world these days anything to make people smile is a good thing I think

I already love #WednesdayWalk, will also look into another one you suggested.

Thanks so much truly appreciated :)

Wow! @bluemist,
Completely agree with you...
It is the best way to contribute to the Steemit.Com platform, returning some of the favor it does for us day by day!
I would like to organize some kind of challenge or weekly contest, related to writing, to try to support the talent of the great authors that exist on the platform!

I hope in the near future, to be able to organize an event that brings us all together and is fun ...
Greetings, friend, it's a pleasure to visit your blog!
I will read you soon! :)

I agree and do hope the same.
Do share your idea via DM in discord

I started a Weekly contest for the last 4 weeks. I don't understand What Is the exact conditions you required. If you want, take a look and let me know if you can be interested. I published yesterday a new post about the challenge.

!giphy thanks

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Will check out the link to know more about the contest.

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