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Today is my anniversary. Me nd Mrs. Bunnypuncher have been married for 21 years (our marriage is old enough to drink lol). So today's suggested topic is going to be about marriage. See below for details.

Daily giveaway 6/27/2018.


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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Marriage is it still relevent in today's society or is it an outdated concept? Do people in a relationshipt need to get married and if so why? Should people get married for tax benefits, moral reasons, religous customs, etc? Or is just being a committed couple enough and there isn't a need for that piece of paper?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


Warm regards for your wife

Warm regards for your wife..😊

Good job

Are there memories when family are willing to buy the best food for us while they eat sober?

My wife and I got married because she is a German and we wanted to live in the same country. Now she's with me in the US.

Indonesia is designated as a developing country. whereas Indonesia has great potential to become a developed country.

Kehidupan yang Menginspirasi dan Membuat Hidupmu Lebih Bermakna

In Indonesia, marriage is the goal of life for almost all individuals, especially women. For women, marriage is an ideal

Glad to hear..

Wow! Happy Married life to Mr. and Mrs. Bunnypuncher. 21 years is not a joke. I wish You many more years to come and in good health and happiness. I told my husband just last week that I am only going to celebrate our wedding anniversary when we clock 10 years and 20 years afterward.

Marriage is a sweet and wonderful bond for those that are married and married the right partner can testify to it. Marriage is not an outdated concept but the views of individual depend on the orientation.
People get married for different reasons but when you are committed to a person, you are fulfilling the law of nature and creation when recreating. As a Christian, marriage is honorable and even in the society 9it depend on what kind of society you are). When people hear that you are married, there is a kind of respect that is attached to it.

The piece of paper doesn't really mean anything as people get divorce easily for the benefits in it. In a nutshell, Commitment to marriage is the best, commitment without marriage cannot become a full commitment. in fact, either of the partner or both will later want a marriage or separate.

My advice will be don't go into marriage for a certain benefit. what if the benefit did not come? Rather go for love and commitment then when the benefit comes, it will be a bonus. If the marriage is not going right and you have a child(ren) why not stay for the child(ren) and make things work because of the psychological effect it might cause for the child(ren). Seek for help in every area you think you can get help and be open minded for changes.

Life is sweet but it's sweeter when you are married to your life partner!*

I think you are young, it turns out you are married and entering 21 years ,, means your age is almost 50 years ..

Happy annyversary @bunnypuncher and your wife..😊

the number of cases that occurred such as systematic corruption and lack of attention to the poor and uneven national development

Hopefully your child makes you a role model

Congrats to the winner

Give your wife a kiss on her lips .😜

Hopefully you can be together with your wife to death, do not marry another woman before your wife dies .. haha

South Korea vs Germany 2-0..

There are many life lessons that we can get from how we are nurtured and raised by our parents.

Marriage solidifies the commitment. It has worked for you. Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.

The Indonesian government has wasted the lives of its own citizens


Is marriage still relevant in today's society or is it an outdated concept?
It's not old-fashioned, what happens is that each person assumes marriage from his or her own perspective, and with the idea that the solution if there is a problem is divorce.
Do people in a relationship need to get married and if so, why?
From my own experience it is not necessary to live with my partner and have a daughter without the need to get married, the only important thing is love and tolerance.
Should people marry for tax benefits, moral reasons, religious customs, etc.?
Not at all, living together is difficult when there is love, but it is difficult for another reason
Or is it enough to be an engaged couple and there's no need for that piece of paper?
I reiterate the importance of Love, tolerance and respect

It is not clear why people live within the free union if it is not to have freedom, without chains or ties and without responsibilities. Marriage compromises, at least morally, with a signed paper and a social expectation regarding the maintenance of the relationship, to form a family and to consolidate a heritage within a joint life project

Marriage is the best thing that ever happen between between couples so for me, it is a need, I mean necessary.

I have been married for 5 years on Aug 10th this year. I would say that people still should get married if they plan on having a family. Also if you plan to buy a house together it also makes sense for taxes. I really feel that parents of kids should be married. I grew up in a house hold with parents that did not get married. I feel like that lack of that special day. The lack of rings on there hands. Lead to many of the problem they faced. They didn't support each other they battled each other. The act of the marriage really pushes home your live is now part of that person's life and you will see that their pain is yours. This is how I feel.

Hello @bunnypuncher.
Marriage remains a social commitment.
Two people if they really want, can do an act of marriage, that's a security.
I tell you that I got married at age 24, and at 44 I got divorced, because the man looked for another, I got married in love, and supposedly he, but nobody knows the stones of the road until you live with the other person.
there are other stereotypes that go beyond paper, children born within a formalized marriage are legally recognized children, children who have unmarried marriages are recognized children, or if the father does not legally recognize it, there are many factors that the society imposes and when a house is formed, it is no longer the couple, which is larger than the family.

I give you this flannel so you can enjoy it with Mrs.Bunnypuncher. A hug!!

Hi dear @bunnypuncher,

My marriage was the 20/06/2018 (last week), and i feel happy toshare it with you :)

Best regards


Marriage is really important. Or is it only important to APPEAR A MARRIAGE?

Nowadays, it is good to maintain in public that marriage is only one option among others and that mere cohabitation should have the same rights. But social reality proves that marriage still makes a difference. In the book The Case for Marriage (1), recently published in the United States, sociologists Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher show with data the long-term benefits of marriage for couples and for society. Benefits that justify marriage being treated as a preferred social option.

I am not saying that a single-parent family is not capable of creating a happy home where children can grow up healthy and happy, of course it is something that can be achieved with effort, tenacity and a good attitude towards life. But when a marriage is not happy being together it will be very difficult to get a family together or with healthy attachment relationships, and that is why today I want to give you some ideas of how a successful marriage can create a happy family.

descarga (13).jpg

It is not just a piece of paper! We are ritual creatures.
Married people have a better chance of staying together!
Get married and have kids, you will be much happier!

Congratulations winners. I think so when you are in a relation you should not get married.

I think marriage is an incredible idea that individuals made before and individuals should regard it and tail it. Its an extraordinary method to bond our-self to our perfect partner till final gasp.

my dear bro @bunnypuncher first of all i would like say congrats you. And God bless you and your family, because Family is our real assets for us.
And just want your opinion over relationship??

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Jika kita belum mengusahakan sesuatu secara serius, mungkin kita menganggap hal tersebut adalah mustahil. Apalagi jika kita selalu menganggapinya dengan sikap pesimis.

Ada kalanya, kita harus bisa hidup secara mandiri dan melakukan apapun sendiri selagi masih mampu. Meminta bantuan orang lain bisa kita lakukan jika memang benar-benar dibutuhkan.

Many people say that happy is simple. When this time we are not happy, maybe we need to look back and remember what ever made us happy.

  • Marriage is important before society, because at the couple's level the most important thing is love, (without diminishing the importance of marriage)

The success or failure of marriage will depend to a large extent on the choice of the person with whom we want to share our lives, we know that marriage is a very important step since it is to decide to spend the rest of your life with the person you love


descarga (10).jpg

  • Represents commitment

images bodaa.jpg

Or is just being a committed couple enough and there isn't a need for that piece of paper?

If only reading the good pearl words but not offset by deeds, it will only end up useless. Because, there will be no significant changes that will happen in your life.

Kelihatannya semua itu mustahil sampai semuanya terbukti.

Banyak orang yang bilang kalau bahagia itu sederhana. Ketika saat ini kita tidak merasa bahagia, mungkin kita perlu melihat lagi ke belakang dan mengingat hal apa saja yang dulu pernah membuat kita bahagia.

I think Merriage is better then relationship. After a relationship merriage is good thing.

Should people get married for tax benefits, moral reasons, religous customs, etc?

Jika hanya membaca kata kata mutiara bagus tapi tidak diimbangi dengan perbuatan, hal tersebut hanya akan berakhir percuma. Karena, tidak akan ada perubahan signifikan yang akan terjadi dalam hidupmu.

We have many microphone marriage speakers but less in action.

When you're due and ready, it will reflect in all you do, character wise, reasoning, comments, manner of approach, self control, social life, etc.

It have been 21years already, this is wow I know it's not easy To win her heart, Because you must love her and target what you can do to bring out the best in her..
Positive impact is better than romance.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you couragei
always advice my friend To Get married and have kids, you will be much happier.
I wish you and your wife many more years ahead @bunnypuncher

remember rule No. 1: Love her with all your heart and Rule No. 2: Don't forget rule No. 1

kehidupan dari tokoh tokoh terkenal yang bisa kamu pahami maknanya dan dijadikan inspirasi. Kamu bisa menempelnya di meja belajar atau cermin agar bisa lebih meresapinya. Lalu, kamu bisa menerapkannya di kehidupan sehari hari.

okay i agree .. the question is amazing ..

Sometimes the meaning of happiness can happen because we see the past and bring it to the future to reflect on our current life.

Marriage is it still relevent in today's society or is it an outdated concept

In life, sometimes we need the word pearl or the wise words of life as a reminder to be a better human being. Nevertheless, we should be able to practice it with action as well.

I do not believe, when deciding to get married there is absolutely no such feelings. How can we decide to commit ourselves to a lifetime if there is no trust, comfort and safety?

Lastly, if you don't get married and start a family your children might do the same and you won't be able to talk them out of it.

Do people in a relationshipt need to get married and if so why

Life That Inspires and Makes Your Life More Meaningful

The piece of paper doesn't really mean anything as people get divorce easily for the benefits in it. In a nutshell, Commitment to marriage is the best, commitment without marriage cannot become a full commitment. in fact, either of the partner or both will later want a marriage or separate.

Dalam hidup, terkadang kita membutuhkan kata kata mutiara atau kata kata bijak kehidupan sebagai pengingat untuk bisa menjadi manusia yang lebih baik. Meskipun begitu, kita harus bisa mengamalkannya dengan perbuatan juga.

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

Marriage is created by God so that we may unite our life to a being we choose as our complement. Being married is the ideal condition of the human being, life in marriage is beautiful when there is respect and communication. People must marry for love, marrying with the wrong motives leads to marriage failure with deep emotional imprints. Legalizing the union of the couple is a divine requirement that generates great blessings if the couple makes the effort to honor the commitment.

Saya memang mengedepankan perasaan cinta dalam sebuah hubungan, saya percaya dengan adanya cinta dan kita mau terus menerus mempertahankannya, maka hubungan tersebut akan terus bertahan. Tetapi, saya juga percaya cinta akan hadir dengan sendirinya karena kita berusaha untuk menghadirkannya. Dengan syarat, modal awal untuk menghadirkan perasaan tersebut adalah dengan adanya rasa percaya, aman dan nyaman. Terlebih lagi, saya merupakan orang yang moody banget, sehingga sulit sekali dipaksa untuk menerima sesuatu bila hal tersebut tidak nyaman.

Marriage is an institution and the union of two families, that much is true. But the beauty of finally being able to be together with the one you've selected from millions and millions of humans is quite nice. Marriage is more than being in love with someone, is being able to trust your life to someone.

nothing like the free love to enjoy has been said, there is only one life and it is important to enjoy it with those who understand us and have fun with us

The importance of marriage is decaying, human relationships, especially between couples, cannot be based on the signing of a paper. Only Love counts and how much fun you can have with that person

Yes, I think so. i believe in marriege with love.

I am christian and I think marriage isn't outdated. No sex before marriage!

Congrats for your 21 years of marriage! Wish you a long time.
From my point of view I would not say that it outdated or still relevant. If both partners agree on the kind of relationship they want to have, there are a lot of forms and respect and love each other enough than a marriage is not relevant. Marriage is from my sight a way to tie the knots in front of both families though there are more intimate ceremonies where only Mr. and Mrs. are present the priest is not to be forgotten as well.
Your question actually deserves an answer in the form of a blog.
Sorry for the inaccuracy of my comment, using a smartphone is not really convenient.
Wishing you well for today's wedding 🎂

Marriage maintains the relationship and is a commitment

Wow that's great 21 years . Congrats
And hope next time I'll be winner.

Makin’ random comments.

It's a commitment you won't run away when problems arise.

love love love <3!

Financially speaking, marriage is still relevant for the large part of the society. Having two incomes in one household provides relative prosperity both to couples with or without children. This is why living with a stable partner is beneficial and marriage is the legal way to protect the rights of each partner. Without a legal status it is difficult to protect rights in case of financial disputes.
I just wanted to point out the financial benefit but that doesn't mean people are getting married just because of this.

El Matrimonio permite la creación de un vínculo entre dos miembros, que son conyuges, siendo una unión de reconocimiento social y contando con el sustento de Normas Jurídicas para su ejecución, sus Derechos y Obligaciones, además de ello contar con otra fuente como lo son las Costumbres y Usos de una sociedad determinada, variando en torno a la misma.

La unión mediante el Matrimonio permite hacer legítima la filiación de los Hijos que han sido concebidos o bien aquellos Hijos Adoptivos, dependiendo siempre de las distintas Leyes y Normas que posee una sociedad determinada, con sus respectivas Obligaciones y Derechos para con ellos.

Happy Anniversery !

The matrominio is an union estrablecida for God, is an important cuplir with the earthly laws, in this case to sign the record of matronio and to fulfill with the paraje brindanle eternal love.

Congratulations friend, have many more years together. Successes
I do not think I have not been lucky with marriages or formal relationships.

Hello, it is nice to see marriages so long lasting today, congratulations, may God bless you with many more years of union and love.
Society lately is very deteriorated in its base that is the family, I particularly believe in love, and if two people love each other and feel the need to grow together and form a family, what better way than to unite in marriage, not because it is a duty, but because they feel it. On the other hand more realistic, we must have a legal security in that union, which protects the heritage that both are forming.
I do not think that people should be married for any reason other than love, singleness is no longer seen as before, paradigms have changed especially for us women, and our main objective is to be independent and successful, then comes the couple and children and not necessarily as a plan of life that is sought, because it is no longer a priority.
I have seen couples of many years of marriage end their marriage for infidelity, for not respecting the commitment they made, and that is very sad and has led to the deterioration of the core of society that is the family.
From my heart I congratulate you and wish you all the best in the world, respect, communication, trust, love, passion, friendship...


I believe marriage is still relevant and should be done.
Social custom (natural law) and not statute (man's law) should be the reason behind it. Its needs to be a mutual agreement that fulfills each person and makes them better. Serving each other and serving together will make a marriage last.

Hoy día el matrimonio todavía marca la diferencia. A pesar de que el índice de fracasos matrimoniales es muy alto aun así, casi el 90 por ciento de los que se divorcian o separan continúa pensando que la boda abre un camino para toda la vida, porque el matrimonio es lo más parecido a un seguro de vida de largo alcance.
En conjunto, los casados gozan de mejor salud, tienen un estado emocional y psíquico más satisfactorio y están más estimulados a aumentar sus ingresos que los que viven solos o cohabitan. Estos efectos positivos sólo ocurren si la sociedad da un reconocimiento público al compromiso matrimonial, en las últimas décadas asistimos a un proceso de "privatización" de la relación matrimonial, que mina en sus mismos fundamentos el contrato más importante de una vida.
El Divorcio tiende a crear un desprestigio del matrimonio y del compromiso en general, en una sociedad que ya está bastante escasa de compromisos. Muchos tienden a unirse con miedo a una falsa estabilidad y así crecen las uniones en co-habitación. Sin embargo, la cohabitación aumenta el riesgo de ruptura (incluso si le sigue la boda) y, en cualquier caso, no es lo mismo que el matrimonio.

En los últimos años el matrimonio ha ido de capa caída. Si en 1995 apenas el 30 por ciento de la población optaba por este vínculo formal hoy solo lo hace el 19 por ciento. Mientras tanto, las uniones libres han ido en aumento y en solo 20 años pasaron de ser 25 a 33 por ciento, según cifras recientes de la Encuesta de Demografía y Salud. Y a nivel global las cifras de los últimos años evidencian el ocaso de esta institución en el mundo occidental, donde el número de parejas que suben al altar ha disminuido ostensiblemente. La mayoría prefiere cohabitar en unión libre o permanecer solteros.
Actualmente muchos piensan que el vivir juntos ya es suficiente para llevar el compromiso de la vida en pareja, incluso la legislación de nuestro país protege la unión libre y muchos consideran que una vez viviendo juntos no hay necesidad de casarse. Pero hay algo más allá que hace que las parejas den ese siguiente paso.
Uno de los fenómenos más extensos que interpelan vivamente la conciencia de la comunidad cristiana hoy en día, es el número creciente que las uniones de hecho están alcanzando en el conjunto de la sociedad, con la consiguiente desafección para la estabilidad del matrimonio que ello comporta. La Iglesia no puede dejar de iluminar esta realidad en su discernimiento de los «signos de los tiempos».

El matrimonio es la empresa más importante de nuetra vida. Es el lugar donde puedes no sólo realizar tu vocación al amor y al servicio mientras creces y permites crecer a tu pareja, sino también el espacio donde el amor puede abrirse al milagro de una nueva vida.
El matrimonio no es sólo un pedazo de papel. Es una promesa de vivir juntos fielmente, hasta la muerte, contra viento y marea, enfermedad y salud y es un beneficio para que los hijos crezcan dentro del matrimonio. El matrimonio es una manifestación de la bendición de Dios.
Desafortunadamente, el mundo se está alejando cada vez más de la pureza moral y moviéndose hacia lo que es ante sus propios ojos correcto. Uno de los síntomas de la decadencia moral es el incremento de negar la necesidad de casarse.
Primero que todo, necesitamos el matrimonio ya que Dios nos dijo que debíamos casarnos. El matrimonio no es sólo para el beneficio de la pareja, sino también para el de los hijos. Cuando un esposo y su esposa se vinculan en una promesa publica para permanecer fieles entre sí, para permanecer dedicados el uno al otro en enfermedad y pobreza, el lazo matrimonial es mucho más fuerte y el mismo es de vital importancia ya que el matrimonio es el fundamento de la sociedad. Es la base sólida del desarrollo moral de los hijos y el lugar donde la fidelidad y la integridad se viven en las vidas de sus participantes.

Si un hombre y una mujer viven juntos sin el beneficio del matrimonio, ellos están diciendo que Dios no está en lo correcto y que el matrimonio no es necesario. Si tienen hijos fuera del matrimonio están arriesgando la moral de esos hijos y su salud emocional ya que sus hijos aprenderán que los ideales particulares, la propia conveniencia y el egoísmo son más valiosos e importantes que la misma integridad moral. Aprenderán que las preferencias personales son de más valor que el beneficio del otro. Aprenderán que el egoísmo es el modelo por el cual vivir ya que el sacrificio de entrega hacia una persona no se ha llevado a cabo.
El matrimonio ayuda a asegurar la santificación misma de la relación esposo-esposa ya que el matrimonio es una declaración pública de dedicación exclusiva. Esto ayuda a establecer un fundamento en la relación, mientras que vivir sin casarse en un simple compromiso de palabra o conveniencia no puede tener verdadera confianza. Si por alguna circunstancia no es conveniente, entonces, la pareja puede fácilmente terminar; con hijos o sin hijos.
El matrimonio ayuda a asegurar los lazos familiares; por lo tanto, proveerá un ambiente más seguro en el cual los hijos crecerán para que así puedan aprender apropiadamente moral e integridad en la medida en que entran en la sociedad como adultos. Después de todo, esos padres que no valoran el valor del matrimonio tienden a no valorar la entrega y los hijos no crecerán en un lugar donde los padres no se han comprometido entre sí.

Happy Anniversary!!

I honestly believe it really depends on the person's beliefs and principles. No you shouldn't get married for a tax break, that's just dumb.

I've been on both sides. I have been with my husband for 15 yrs. We've been married 8 yrs. We had issues with doctors and insurance which is what ultimately pushed us to finally get married. We both were afraid it would change things. It hasn't. It's actually gotten better with age. The main reason we had held off was due to my ex-husband. I swore I would never sign my life over to another. Once I realized that it was actually about something much deeper. We made the right choice.

I am starting to become of the opinion that couples should live together for 3 yrs prior to getting married. Most marriages break up by then, they cannot learn how to live together. That is the single biggest adjustment. You go from being 2 different people living completely different lives then you try to throw that together you're asking for disaster. Watching my daughter go through all of this right now while both of them are in school and working. She's finishing her Masters degree and he just started this past fall, since he served in the Marine Corp until April last year. Although they have been together for 5 yrs now...they have actually only been together 2 years, due to his deployments. I wish they would have held off until they were more settled with each other, now the both have this stress in their relationship that doesn't need to be there.

I believe when you get married you do not do so lightly that it is for life. So when my first marriage ended after 10 years because it took me that long to stand up to the abuse, I started to change my thinking. Marriage is a crock who needs it. As I mentioned before, my views have come to change. I still regard it as a serious commitment and both parties need to truly understand what they're getting into. Divorcing is not easy and it shouldn't be. It should be a deterrent. Obviously abusive relationships, notwithstanding.

Congratulations :)

I think the main motive should be mutual love between the couple, getting married should be for love, not for pleasing society, not for religious reasons, for some couples it is one of the best things in life.

Congratulations for so many years of married. I wish when I got married, I managed to reach as many years as you

El matrimonio para mi es un formalismo, si la pareja se siente bien viviendo juntos sin casarse que sigan así cuando su corazón le diga o sientan que es el momento de hacerlo, ni lo piensen, que lo hagan

@bunnypuncher first of all congratulations on anniversary.

Yes I think Marriage is still relevant concept not outdated one specially here in India.

If relationship really worked out and they think they are the perfect for each other then yes they should do marriage.It helps keep your bond strong when there are bumps in the road of life.It gives couples a sense of security that they'll stay together no matter what.

I think people should marry not because of tax benefits, society or anything - only if they think they are the right one for each other.

Yes if there is true love there no need of any paper or anything to prove it, but as mentioned in the life when there will be up and downs this is the bond that bound you together and you always. have sense of security.

Feliz aniversario queridos amigos! @bunnypuncher

A lo que vinimos, hoy en día el matrimonio sigue siendo relevante para algunas personas, ya que en muchas familias es tradición así como en otras no lo es. El matrimonio es un sello, una confirmación de amor entre las parejas donde entregas y aceptas compartir tu vida con alguien más; pero la decisión de casarse ya está en cada pareja ya que hay muchos que prefieren vivir juntos sin tener que firmar un papel, eso no quiere decir que se amen menos que los que se casan o que su relación sea algo pasajero. No deberíamos casarnos por ninguna imposición o cualquier otra razón que no sea el estar completamente enamorados y querer hacerte viejito al lado de ese ser amado. Para vivir junto a una persona solo se necesita sentir amor, admiración y ganas de crecer junto a alguien más; y creo que eso no lo dictamina una hoja de papel! Feliz día.

In today's society I don't think it's neccesary to get married in order to show how much you love each other.

Many people who want to have an ideal partner, can build a family who live with difficult and happy to pass along

El matrimonio sigue siendo relevante en la sociedad actual o es un concepto desactualizado? ¿Las personas en una relación deben casarse y, en caso afirmativo, por qué? ¿Deberían las personas casarse por beneficios impositivos, razones morales, costumbres religiosas, etc.? ¿O solo es una pareja comprometida y no hay necesidad de esa hoja de papel?
La expresión “lo que Dios ha unido” no significa que él decide quién se casa con quién, sino que es el Fundador del matrimonio. De este modo se destaca en la Biblia la seriedad de esta unión. Las parejas que ven el matrimonio como algo sagrado y permanente se esfuerzan por sacar adelante su relación. Y las posibilidades de éxito aumentan si siguen los consejos de la Biblia para los esposos y las esposas.
Las personas que deciden casarse ven en la celebración del matrimonio, sea religioso o no, un ritual con el que formalizar su vínculo de pareja. Demostramos a los demás, y a nosotros mismos, nuestro compromiso y amor hacia la otra persona trasladando el mensaje de que es importante y con la que se quiere desarrollar un proyecto.

La Iglesia católica afronta actualmente retos formidables ante la erosión de la figura del matrimonio en diversas sociedades, sobre todo occidentales. De acuerdo con estudios sociológicos, “se ve una caída muy importante de la población que se casa, y un aumento importante de la unión libre. Hay algunos países en los que ya se ha invertido la relación: ya tienen más uniones libres que matrimonios.

Esta es una realidad muy importante ante cualquier decisión que tome la Iglesia católica sobre el matrimonio y la vida de las familias”

Lasting continuously yes mr. @bunnypuncher and mrs. @Bunnypuncher to be grandparents

I do not like marriages. But everyone decides their destiny. Congratulations, greetings and many successes.

I want marriage on the beach if married later to look romantic

I want marriage on
The beach if married later
To look romantic

                 - ruud-dinn

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Congrats to the winners and congrats to you my friend on 21 yrs of marriage. You're a stronger man then me :) Hope you have plenty more years together.

Married at the young age of my dreams because I want to build a household from the bottom