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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Cosmetic surgery- pros and cons.

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!


The biggest problem is that it looks fake. A survey of men showed a strong dislike of fake female breasts. Surgical facelifts done wrong look terrible. I had a girlfriend who I suspect had a nosejob, among other deceptions. Nonsurgical facelifts may not look fake, but they can't hide age-related bone changes.

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I'm fine with it, but when it's obvious or bad it looks like crap.

My natural beauty has made it unnecessary to consider this issue thus far...

each to his own, I suppose. But I do see examples of such surgery that is cringe-worthy. Everything that you overdo becomes harmful.

Pros - to correct cosmetic defects (such as hare-lip) to give a better quality of life.
Cons - to change the way you look, just because.

caveat emptor

Like all in this life it has problems the cosmetic surgery, but for me is good because you can better some parts on you body or face and looks nice and feel good with yourself. A cons would be that is a little dangerous


Pros & Cons associated with Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is basically an area of medicine focused on enhancing the looks or appearance of the human body. It is applicable in the areas of the head, neck, and the entire body as a whole. From recent studies, over thousands of women in europe desire to have new looks, appear younger via cosmetic surgery. It may sound interesting enough to be a victim of this medical practice but there are numerous problems associated with it which i am going to mention a few as well as advantages. Let's dive into the advantages of cosmetic surgery first.

Advantages of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Facilitates good health of individuals: Consider victims that undergo liposuction for instance, where body fats are being sucked out of the body. After this procedure, patients carry around much less weight. In return, pressure on bones and joints are relieved. Also patients experience improved breathing via rhinoplasties.
  • Increased confidence of individuals: Abraham Maslow, one sociologist ever made a statement which can be interpreted in my own words as, if one has an improved image, one get to feel better and participate fully in life. He/She gets more engaging than hiding from things. Cosmetic surgery can enable someone to feel better under his/her own skin.
  • Increased opportunities: This may sound a bit funny but honestly from society's point of view, attractive people always get the top positions in workplaces, offices and places alike. As cosmetic surgery improves one's image, it opens doors for more opportunities in life though, opportunities come but once.

Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Numbness: Did you know that some cosmetic surgeries may result in nerve damages? This can only result from careless or naive practice of this medical procedure. A damage to any of the nerves may be permanent.
  • Black sheep of the society: I come from a part of Africa where people do not play with their religious beliefs. To the religious people, one cannot decide to change what their supreme being has given them as a default feature. To them victims of cosmetic surgery are violators of a solemn vow between then their object of worship. Society frowns on cosmetic surgery victims. But are they right? The answer is with God.
  • Skin Breakdown: In rare cases, individual experience a skin breakdown post surgery. In this scenario patients have to undergo another round of surgery to remove the broken skin leaving them with visibke scarring and probably infections.

Natural beauty is also lovely


I perfectly agree with you.


Btw, for men goes the same. But then I have to ask my wife to choose a picture.

Wooww.. no. no.. I no like.

Not sure why not?

I guess you should post a natural male beauty.

I do not like them, only if it's necessary, because of an accident or something, but not to look better.

I do not know, I do not think about that haha I'm beautiful

Do thick sunglasses make you feel "cooler?"


If any revolution has happened in the last 10 years in the field of medicine, it is aesthetic surgery. Today, aesthetic surgery is considered as the paradigm of treatments aimed at not only looking younger, but healthier and more harmonious. The increase in life expectancy, the incorporation of women into the labor market and the competitiveness of our society characterized by the prominence of aesthetic values ​​and the desire to improve personal image, has led many men and women to consider undergo an aesthetic surgery intervention.
In most cases the surgical option is a personal choice, which aims not only to return physical health, but the preservation of emotional health and the increase of self-esteem. The reality speaks for itself, this branch of medicine is an invaluable aid for thousands and thousands of people every year in all the nations and cultures of our planet, since the eagerness to improve our appearance knows no borders. The procedures to rejuvenate or correct certain physical parts altered as a result of accidents, congenital malformations or simply by the passage of time, have become fashionable due to the benefits that aesthetic surgery offers today.

The most requested cosmetic surgeries by women lately are:
-Map of augmentation

images (3).jpgminoplasty

although I think that the natural we look more beautiful, nothing like the natural.

Hi @bunnypuncher
pros Some pretty tits
cons sometimes some pretty ladies die

We suffer from hiccups.

Hiccups are involuntary spasms in the diaphragm of the muscular membrane of the chest. This annoying phenomenon occurs when the muscle is irritated, often by the presence of too much food in the stomach, or too little.

images (64).jpg


Best thing I've ever read on this topic is Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Originally written in 1960 (later updated) Maltz, a plastic surgeon, noticed that with some patients the smallest bit of cosmetic surgery radically improved their lives, while with others a complete transformation of their looks did nothing. Some even swore they saw no change in their appearance. Maltz goes on to explore why this may be so and the results are fascinating.

I seem to remember reading the book he wrote (or on the same topic), he was saying that self-esteem was more important.

Yes, he goes into a lot of details and ideas to help with that, but that's basically it - that good self-esteem and overall happiness are an inside job.

Cosmetic surgery includes the procedure of choice and is usually not covered by health insurance.

pro - can fix some issues that make it easier to live
con - can be used for very superficial reasons, may not fix underlying self loathing issues

Not a fan of plastic surgery out of vanity or a lack of an healthy self conciousness.

I can see the need of it when it comes to drastic cases though.

oh great all so lucky

cosmetic surgery :-)
1.it makes you looks good if done rightly

  1. it gives the person confidence (debatable)

1.it's not good as it not natural

  1. it shows how much their image matters to them and not personality
  2. it's makes a person fake as they want to impress everyone through looks.
  3. it makes women more girly which they shouldn't be!

Uh... Not really a fan of cosmetic surgeries... The only cons for me is you will look fake if it's noticeable and your kids will not look like you if it's not too noticeable before marriage. 😂

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Cosmetic surgery- pros and cons... 💭💭

Cosmetic surgery:

  • You can get fixed up after having your face smashed in for getting to lippy at the bar.
  • if you were blessed with unfortunate features, they can be made more normal


  • People assume you get work done for vanity
  • Often the after pictures look worse than the before

Cosmetics that I use most are handbody lotion from beautiful picture with angrek


We all have one supreme personality of godhead. He is the only one who creat us,decide how we should look and give us what we deserve based on our precious karma.

So here we are talking about cosmetic surgery right??
Pros:: Nothing . It changes us from outside and what about the real nature, real character from inside. We want to go against law of nature?? ..We want to go against one who created us??..... absolutely not!!

Being like what we are is a great way to be.

Cons:: So many really. Sorry I cannot list them here. You guys know most of them.

I think that people who go to this kind of operation really need an operation on the brain! Surely you can boast of a good body and a better face, but at the expense of what? Exposing your life is a big risk you shouldn't pay for.

There is nothing to be upset if the mouth is defective,It can be removed through cosmetic surgery.People are doing a lot of things to be beautiful for being beautiful.Those who have the capability to afford, they have cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic operations are for those people who are looking to perfect or are not satisfied with a part that gave them the natural. It has many advantages, especially to increase your self-esteem and among the disadvantages I see, is the health problem you are facing.


I'm a young person, almost a child, and I can't see how positive cosmetic operations can be. I feel that those people who have them done can be tempting to death, they are people with very low self-esteem and these operations, in the long run, become a vice.

Hello. I would like to enter the contest today.
I do not think much about plastic surgery. People who want to look better should have the option I guess.

I did quite a detailed comment on here which I know doesn't even matter what I wrote as winners are selected at random so I am going to use my comment as a post on my own page!

We do read your comments.

Makin’ random comments and... looks nice, costs a lot.

When we talk about beauty it usually makes us remember being aestetique in shape and being young. So, cosmetic surgery looks like an golden cure for most. But in reality it is not a golden cure all. Cause human tissue is a living material and it feeds, changes and gain ages. And when we change the connection of that tissue it would not be able to feed and live properely.

Pro: it can give new life to soldiers severely maimed my IED’s!

Cosmetic surgeries are supposed to make you look better, obviously this is the biggest pro it has... but in my opinion it has so many cons that I wouldn´t ever subject myself to it.

Depends on the people making use of it. No particular cons if the result is fitting with what was expected by the person who made the request.
Cons: More likely when people who do not need to change a thing are looking uglier than they were before.

I do not know anything about that, I do not like them at all. I do not know why, but I do not like them: /

It can help to improve our appearance, and in cases where they are performed as a result of accidents or congenital deformities, can help to improve the quality of life of people.
They can help us overcome some self-esteem problem.

Risk of death in the operating room.
It can cause addiction, where people undergo multiple operations.
It distracts the patient's attention from the real problems he or she should face.

Hmmmmm....I am one of the few people you will ever meet who has been hit in the face with a running chainsaw. A plastic surgeon put it all back together and most can't tell. I actually would have prefered more of a scar as a conversation starter, or (with a snarl) stopper.

I do not agree with the surgeries, we are beautiful to the natural one.

In one line

Cosmetic surgery is beautiful but dangerous.

Congrats to all the winners!

In my own opinion about it.No to cosmetic surgery. pros it enhances beauty but cons you will pay or suffer later.” Natural beauty “ is the best beauty can a person possess because God made you and us beautiful just the way we are. And why changed it?

Everything has its pros and cons, but all those who are free to take that risk, sometimes a surgery is necessary, for example, I need it because I had a bilateral mastectomy, but I have to wait three years to do it.

In most cases, it is for people lacking self-esteem and confidence.

Hey this is truly original!

Is it just me, or are some of these people trying too hard to win a random contest?

Lol, I do like reading the essay answers even if it's not an area I have a strong view about. There is a comedy news show called the chaser who interviewed people in (Washington?) In the USA just asking the one question (What's your opinion?) The Austrian and the Canadian were like (On what?) Everyone else just started ranting on random topics. I'm sure the more out there comments are why this competition is still running.

pros and cons of cosmetic surgery should include the fact that nearly every surgery needed is considered cosmetic eg: cut my head open when I was a kid and needed 5 stitches. that is cosmetic surgery. if I didn't get stitched back up id not only have bled to death but you wouldn't be able to look at me in an open coffin without fainting. I have a half moon scar there.
another is that some cccosmetic surgeries are definitely elective an non essential and are more ore less thanks to the media the onl;y thing that comes to mind when cosmetic surgery is mentioned. for example my daughter had her earing ripped out of her ear in preschool by a jealous little girl. and her ear healed split. the gp wasn't covered to repair it by the time we could get an appointment. and my daughter didn't bring it up until it was trying to heal and swollen . he said I'm not insured to perform cosmetic surgery. Now my daughter is self conscious about her ears. and whenever I wear earings I have to go pirate style and share my earings to make her feel better.

Cosmetic from indonesia
Wardah lotion hand body

Good topic, @bunny
Cosmetic surgery:
Pros: improves the self-esteem of the dissatisfied with with his own body.
Cons: I think it can create the vice of continuing to be dissatisfied and there is no cosmetic surgery for the mind.

And remain ugly...

Cosmetic Surgery

pros - You can do whatever the fuck you want. I suggest trying to alter yourself to look exactly like your neighbor. Then start dressing like them. Then paint your house the same color. Then buy the same car. But deny any accusations made.

cons - later in life your skin will fall off and your neighbor will most likely laugh at you as you walk around skinless. But then you could skin them and reverse the accusations

Most cosmetic surgery is done in vain; to each their own. But what happens if that becomes an addiction? You don't know when to stop... or how?

Other cosmetic surgery could be done to hide a scar that brings back bad memories. Hide the pain away, remove the memory altogether.

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Different stokes for different folks! I believe in it for reconstructive purposes and medically necessary situations!

In simple terms, it is cosmic surgery is good if it succeeds. if fails it ruins!

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One of the biggest pros in getting cosmetic surgery is that your appearance can be improved
Along with improving one's appearance, one's self-esteem and self-esteem can also be enhanced as a result of getting cosmetic surgery.

For Cons because cosmetic surgery is still surgery and shouldn't be taken lightly.The potential for complications exists, just as for any other operation.

Most women would agree that plastic surgery can improve self-confidence and because they feel more beautiful.

For women whose physical appearance is primed into the spotlight, such as a movie player, or model, plastic surgery is essential to be able to support the appearance.

Plastic surgery is also very beneficial for those who experience health problems related to their physical appearance. Suppose a patient is born with a cleft lip and indeed should be in plastic surgery to improve the patient's lip shape.

Pros: people look better.
Cons: it's all fake. Simple.

Unfortunately we are living in a very superficial society and that's why cosmetic surgery is a must.

Lemme be quick about this

Dont know about cosmetic surgery

cosmetic surgery is good think because ugly people can be beautiful and famous.

As long as it's done with responsability I can't see anything wrong with it.

cosmetics of the skin smooth and that beautify the ugly

I will simply comment each to their own.

cosmetic tools such as talcum powder, handbags, perfumes and so on are a necessity for every human being to beautify themselves.

For me the simple answer to not getting into controversy, everything in excess is bad.

Pros: it means that you have a lot of money.
Cons: you keep ugly inside.

I think the problem is not surgery as such, many people have changed their lives modifying imperfections in their body of different nature. The problem lies in the abuse of these surgeries that fall even and unnecessary, becoming antiesteticas for those who receive them. As many of these surgeries are unnecessary, there is a great risk of suffering complications in vain surgery. I think it is a great tool that changes lives, as long as it is used when it is really necessary.

Pros: you get your wish of looking beautiful
Cons: you eventually get ugly at the end.

Pro, It helps some people to live normal lives
Con, It also helps once normal people to look like freaks

Congratulations to the winners. Still Hoping to win

Age gracefully and you won’t need to go under the knife.

A pro would be that you look better, of course depends on the cosmetic surgery you do and one cons would be that you had problems with cosmetic surgery.

its a topic to write an essay!

Should only be used if necessary. If you end up looking like a distorted cartoon on purpose, that on you...

Some people really need a cosmetic surgery very hard 😅

count me in

Pros - improve self-confidence of some people
Cons - you could die from it, sooner or later there would be side effect

congratulations winners

Las cirugías cosméticas mas solicitadas por las mujeres últimamente son:
-Mamoplastia de aumento

images (3).jpg
Aunque yo pienso que al natural somos mas lindas ,nada como lo natural.

@bunnypuncher congrats to all winners.
as today's topic is pros and cons of cosmetic surgery so first of all i want to say like every coin has two side so it is also just like that only.
but i think it is risky also . and useful also. so favouring on one side is too difficult for me.

Thanks a lot! ***Being Greatest is to remain smallest.***

This is my first time to join in this contest!

Cosmetic surgery- pros and cons

pro: looks like you want
cons; its a bad desicion for your body

Well, I had a bit of work done. The doc was so good you can't even tell I had it done.....

Legit Cosmetic Surgeon
Pros - Good Results and Safe
Cons - Expensive

Fake Cosmetic Surgeon
Pros- cheap
Cons- Not sure for the results, not safe.

Hoping to win this time.😊

No mather what ppl will do it from vanity point.

Why change how you look?

One may look good at the beginning (or not if the surgery went wrong) but as you grow older, all will sag and deteriorate. Lines and patches will show even more than before the surgery. We should let nature take its course or improve ourselves naturally through exercise and natural remedies.

Cosmetic surgery makes you pretty for some years

Cosmetic surgery can be awesome but the disadvantages may be life threatening or cost one alot.