Bunnypuncher's What is your favorite T-shirt contest. Top 5 winners will each get 1 STEEM.

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Here is a contest I haven't had yet. What is your favorite T-shirt? Post a picture of the t-shirt, bonus points if you are in the t-shirt.

Also show love for others favorite shirts with comments and upvotes for posters.


  1. Take a picture of your favorite t-shirt.
  2. Tell us why it is your favorite t-shirt.
  3. Winners will be selected by me about 7-8 days after the post pays out.


  1. I'll pick 5 t-shirts and award the posters 1 steem each.


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Here's one from my son's collection:
One day, I'll have to test it!

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An idea whose time has come can not be stopped. INFOWARSARMY. I'm wearing it but cut out my head. Liberty on the Blockchain!

I am not sure why my jpg is broken.

Edit1 Apparently busy.org didnt want to work correctly. I am working on rotating the jpg at least.

Edit2 Now the photo looks better. I had to crop it a bit.

Looks good now and a great saying. Nice shirt.

Wow! I just came across this. This is my @actifit T-shirt. FYI @actifit is an SMT dapp for rewarding fitness activity. It rewards you for moving around. See how cool it is. I take full pride in this T-shirt and wear it whenever I do something for my body. Isn't that cool!!

In case you want to know more about it you can check out at @actifit and also check out latest announcements from a actifit-lot of updates on features and financials. It is also witness now officially- running as witness since last 3 days.

Hope I win. If I win I use reward for buying some delegation so that I can make more and more comments. Thank you.God bless and have a nice day!!


I have a shirt like this one and it represents the despair because they help us to go forward to venezuela. To be free as we were a while back, we were


images (16).jpg

Thanks @bunnypuncher

Simly because I cry a lot lool.
A bit old picture from my instagram


Photo a year and a half ago, Only for @bunnypuncher

images (59).jpg

I had a shirt like this but my rabbit broke it. Which is too much for me. The main character is a Beautiful Rabbit. And the rabbits are my favorite animal. Thanks @Bunnypuncher for this contest.

images (16).jpg


This is my favourite t-shirt because my boyfriend gave me it and this t-shirt represents my dream and goal to go to Japan someday(I hope that! ;3).
This clothe is the only about Japan that I have, so, is very special to me.




A collection of my favourite sweaters for the team I’ve supported since I was a boy! The mighty arsenal


Bloody Arsenal fan! Here's what I bought for my son:

Come on you Spurs!

You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @rufusfirefly

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Lol I get enough stick from my family about my decision but if Wenger can’t stop me from being an Arsenal fan than nothing will

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I like these type of t-shirt but unfortunately I don't have but I am sure I will buy it soon.

Greetings, this is one of the favorite flannels of a Nike race of 10 km that participates in Caracas, Venezuela, where 8500 runners participated en el año 2012

This is my 1st hand~painted UV-reactive T-shirt, which I gifted to a friend owning a shop named "Crazy Mushrooms".

He was happy to wear it on EarthDay :)

Here is my entry photo.


In this photo ,there is written
I'm not addicted,
You can see there is Facebook,youtibe, WhatsApp,skype, Viber,yahoo,email,android and dropbox logo, again the colour of this t-shirt is also attacking.Again this is fit with my body.That's why i like this t-shirt a lot.

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looking nise.

I like this one.

Here is one I get a kick out of since my oldest son loves ketchup.

Lol, not mine but I want it :)

I also would buy this is they sold it at a shop near me.

Photo that I would give to my dear @bunnipuncher with a lot of love, is my favorite shirt dear friend.

images (61).jpg


I Love my skeleton Shirt!!!

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