Discussion: thoughts about HF20, contests and/ or bunnypuncher? 3 commenters will win 1 steem each.

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It has been a while since I posted. I figured I would let the HF20 settle down before starting to post again. I'll be coming up with a new contest soon I might go back to a favorite like food / drink /activities/ etc.

Discussion topic

I was wondering what everyone's thoughts on HF20 are? How has it been working for the last few days. It's been hard for me to stay away but I figured I would let things settle down before doing a contests. So share your thoughts on the Hardfork, on future contests, or just tell me I shouldn't be punching bunnies anymore :). I'll pick the winners about 7 days from the post date.

Rewards for commenters

I'll give 3 commenters 1 steem each for leaving comments. They can be on the HF, contests, bunnypuncher, or anything that gets the bunny ears perked up.


I am appreciative of everyone who has been using @bpclan. The bot has returned to working now since the HF it was a few days before it could vote due to the platform issues. @bpclan is running smoothly now so feel free to use for an upvote boost.


First I could not comment at all - now I have more RC than I could ever use

{Now it's hard for me to give one concentric thought on the matter, so lemme split it into the reactions I had throughout the implementation to now.}

Day One

This is a clear cut case of a clear fuck up. I mean, how can you fuck up when you know everybody's accounts are at stake. Now I like to clear up one thing: I was technically taking a day-off. Awesome, but not awesome for those that have to deal with contests, wanted to post or even just interact with people in general. I mean, they said they tested this or not? In any case, it's implicit that if you implemented code, that you then checked it so minimal amount of errors to none will show up on the first DAY! But this, as aforementioned, wasn't a mere fuckup on a small scale - this hurt even raising and existing whales, the big accounts that probably be bruised and be able to limp along. No, everyone got screwed up by this.

Everyday since Day One until the "Continuity"

To call this as a fuckup was a mistake, no it was a bloodbath of complaints, memes, outlashes and hyperconservative posting. For the days Steemit had been effectively down, communities freaked out about the RC system and if they could manage on with the community. Not only that, but those that work as minimum wage (like the ones in Africa) had an embarrassing period of time where they couldn't do anything and not earn any extra income to stave off this website depression. I'm sorry not sorry, don't tell me this was a success.

"Continuity" Day

Finally, the HF20 system had been updated to overcome these issues and finally everybody can get back to their normal posting. But now we had the slow grind to get the gears back at it with the grinding and rotating to keep the Steemit machine going. And for this time when it got the recent update to now, every contest to the biggest whale had to do a self-reboot to just get back at the groove of posting. This day, regardless of one's perception of the matter, should be remembered and we should pose this bad memory every time they post about a new update that is to come. To ensure they won't forget to not fuckup.
Honestly my mood about HF20:

You didly darn screwed up..gif

Thank you for sharing @bunnypuncher
The system was thought to be nice but the error was made in the application part. Steem and sbd swap were ridiculous. Most people didn't understand RC chat. There are still gray areas. Good promotion is a must.

That was the reason I choose to close my eyes and try and stay away for a few days. I tend to get aggravated with issues that I can not do anything about and it seemed to be a bit bumpy. I think things have settled down so I'm back baby LOL .

You did the right thing. I guess everyone's acting this way @bunnypuncher 👆

I am new to steemit so the hf20 was a bit of an upset but now it seems to be settling down. I wasn't making much before on my post and now seem to be making even less. Hopefully this will change soon. Steemit in theory is a great platform and I do believe the platform will eventually live up to expectations. I will continue to invest to help it grow.

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I was doing much earlier in my publication and now it seems to be doing even less. I hope this changes soon. Steemit in theory is a great platform and I think the platform will live up to expectations
It was thought that the system was good, but the mistake was made in the application part. Steem and sbd swap were ridiculous. Most people did not understand RC chat. There are still gray areas. A good promotion is essential
I just hope that a site update is implemented to make it easier to use before the next big release

I have to agree with @turkishcrew. I did find that my abilities were restored yesterday. One difference I've noticed is that RC is continuously replenished. Voting power still seems to be restored daily. The information about abilities provided by steemd.com is interesting. I don't remember seeing anything like it.

One strong downside is the arbitrary reduction in SP delegation for new users. Let's face it, people are not going pay to post to a platform that poses a lot of uncertainty

I liked the classic favorite this and that giveaways a lot.

While trying to recruit more steemians, the HF was a huge setback. For both my drive to get ppl on steemit and for new people to be interested. I just hope an update to the site to make it more user friendly will be implemented before the next big deletefacebook push. We need more open minds and independent journalists on here. Steemit is for uninfiltrated info.

I hear you. I was a bit discouraged with the HF and the down vote attack I received. But I love the platform and think it will be a social media force in the future. Some growing pains are to be expected. At least these changes came before 10s of millions of new accounts were added. So only the early adopters will remember some of this pain. I'm still rooting for Steem 110% and I think it will make it with the great people on here.

First of all there was no clear indication as to what the hf20 would bring and second it makes it really hard for minnows and below to have a good time on steemit and by the way following someone also uses up rc i was really disappointed i still am not as much as before because now i can comment and upvote normally and i dont think the limit will bother me because of the way i use steemit but it will affect those who have little sp and comment a lot like in forums

I have read that they seem to be aware of those issues and have some patches coming. It was a little rough but I have high faith in Steem to be an awesome platform.

yes i think it has arrived as comments used to take as much rc as posts but now it looks to be a little lower for comments

Still havent been able to post anything on dtube
hopefully that will be resolved soon...

but for now although im sure HF20 was a good thing overall my initial experience with it and thus my current feelings about it have been negative

btw used @bpclan today it is really good

Thank you for the support. Glad it worked really good. I'm around if you run into any issues.

HF20 has not given the expected result ... the Steemit page has had many errors and in my case it does not let me publish or just make comments. Instead of helping to strengthen the community, it is sinking where we all lose. Platform updates are fundamental, always with a view to becoming better every day. I'm not excited about the new changes, in fact, fewer publications, fewer contests, which can trigger the migration of users to other social networks.

Actually I do not like at all the new Steemit platform. It has many drawbacks and errors! It is slow in everything! Really very detrimental to all of us and more so with the low value of the Steem and SBD coins. That way it does not prosper ...

It's been interesting to say the least. I worked on a post that would usually bring in anywhere from $5-$10 from my follower base.

People have had their confidence shaken, they have seen their voting power go from 100% to 23% with a single vote.

That post netted $0.06, including my own $0.04 upvote.

I like that we are getting SBD as reward again, in the past I have used SBD as payment for rewards and will be able to do so again more easily.

Photos are still being difficult to upload, often uploading sideway unless you screen shot it first.

I'm still watching and waiting and hoping that people will come back and bring the platform back to a community again. So many voices are missing from my life right now, it's disheartening.

I have made the jump to opening an account on WeKu as well, a lot of people did, kind of a "jump ship" type thing during the HF.

hello very good night. At the beginning, of the new currency in my country venezuela, confunso. I do not know if for good or bad. But happy that we can use the platform again, and your great contest, thanks.

thank you so much for sharing about this useful thing @bunnypuncher

I have been meaning to thank you for this but HF20 got in the way when I was about to do so. Anyway, it's better late than never. Thank you! :)

Glad you got it. No worries I understand HF20 has gotten the way for a few days. But the bunny is back now and I'm glad you are back too.

Thankfully HF20 and my writer burnout happened at the same time, people on steemit are very different from the regular social networking crowd. Every day people want to chat, share pics and links, but nothing that requires critical thinking skills, if steemit blew up like FB all the original Steemians would be so offended by the riff raff they would leave and start a new network, its just my observation as an outsider, for content creation this is incredible, for people who want to throw up one pic, or one simple comment they would find it overwhelming. Im happy with the way it is. I did find it odd that for HF20 they just flipped a switch and let anarchy rule considering how many cryptophiles have a lot of bank locked up in steemit.

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