Introducing Bunnypuncher's new vote bot @bpclan

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New Bunnypuncher Vote Bot

Help support bunnypuncher and make some money in the process.

I'd like to introduce my new vote bot:

@bpclan - Bunnypuncher clan

You can find it on

I've set the max ROI to 20% so it gives a bit better return than most of the other bots. Right now it doesn't have a huge upvote but I'll be adding more power soon.

I've set the max bid to 0.3 it was 0.1 which caused some of the issues. Any invalid bids should have been refund today please check and let me know if not. I'll make anything that didn't work as expected right as I'm not going to steal money or upvotes from folks. Thank you for being early users of my bot. Also I'm going to write a check and restart script in case of a crash of the bot which will fix some of the other issues.

I'm also programming a community bot that I hope to have out in the near future. The community bot will take investments and give upvotes to people that are members. Stay tuned for that.


Great initiative brother to help the minnows struggling through the tough phase👍

Hello @ bunnypuncher, good idea I hope to use it at some point, I still have to accumulate the SP.

A very good bot born from a @bunnypuncher clan ,, I hope someday be able to use it when I have a capital ..
Sorry, if I don't have anything to promote my writing now, I should be able to use your bot when I first make a promotion like this ...

Oh wow 🤩!! Amazing...eager to see them live soon . You are such a nice guy giving away and helping out minnows day. This would aslo be one of such helping bot and also 20 percent ROI is very very tempting.

Awesome. For sure will use it in the future!

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Nice to hear..
@bunnypuncher Have you decided the bid-prices??
If prices will OK, then defenatly I will use..


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I’ll check it out.

hi @bunnypuncher, Do you remember me? what happened to the logo contest?

I need a logo my self you got discord ?

Sure @emwalker, we can work on it. Discord: @arun5866#9149

You made the logo I'm using for bpclan right? I'm trying to go back and load the page to see but I'm having hard time getting posts that old to load. I'm going to send some Steem for using your logo for my bot.

no problem.
Thank you for selecting my logo. I really appreciate the way you are engaging people and supporting them in steemit. Definitely, I'll do my part to support @bpclan.

That's amazing. It's very helpful

Any return for delegating to this bot dear sir?
And by the way... awesome news!

I'm working on a community bot that is going to have that feature. I'm still working on mastering the bot programming, but I'm getting close.

Thanks, though it doesn’t affect me a friend of mine has been looking for bots to use and experiment with @crypto.piotr

Thanks bunny - I'll use t to promote my new video - posting soon!
Dont have much sp but ill delegate when / what i can.

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Hello, dear UpMe. Yesterday I conducted tests, and I made a mistake, and your bot did not vote for my post, but at the same time took money for the vote. Tell me, do I have the opportunity to return the money spent promoting the post?

I'll fix any issues don't worry. Oh this was addressed to Upme not me oops. Guess Upme needs to fix it.

Hi! So I decided to try out this new vote bot and made a transfer of 0.2SBD with a link to the post in the memo, however I cannot see that a vote was given. I looked for a min/max accept value but could find anything so that's why I ended up with trying 0.2SBD.
Thanks for all your effort!

Detail of the transfer:

Hey dude - still waiting on my vote


I had bug but I'll make sure everyone gets voted.

All good man - thank you for taking care of it.

It looks pretty interesting and could increase everyone's income.

Buen día, felicidades.

nice to hear this @bunnypuncher
best of luck for this. i will definitely use it in future.

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Nice initiative my friend. I will buy from it to encourage you and ask my friends to do same.

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This is good initiative from you. I checked the steemit account of the bot but I could not find much detail about the bid process. I want to know : min ROI, max ROI, Min bid amount, Max bid amount. You mentioned that the max ROI is set at 20% but what is the min ROI? Please specify.

min RO1 is -5%
max ROI is 20%
min bid amount is 0.02
max bid amount is 0.57

Ok bunny . I will try.

I've been trying to find your vote bot on the exchange to give it a try and haven't seen it yet? What name is it listed under?

Tried it, works Brilliantly! Good Job.

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